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Clumsy by -vantaeluv
Clumsyby B.
Where Jimin can't stand his cold and rude husband
Never Again || Jikook by Ggukie_meanie
Never Again || Jikookby Rixm
Jikook lovestory~ Jungkook break ups with Jimin, because Jungkook didn't trusted Jimin as he was a flirty guy but loved Jungkook with all heart but Jungkook didn't want...
FOREVER: JIKOOK AU ✓ by minjiggukkook
FOREVER: JIKOOK AU ✓by aimee mary
[ORIGINAL STORY] You ready baby Yes . . . Credit to owners of pictures used. Where Supermodel Jimin is afraid of revealing his relationship with Global Idol Jungkook of...
ٱنـْظـُـر إِلــيّ  + 18 || تَّ،كُ by Illyana_vjk
ٱنـْظـُـر إِلــيّ + 18 || تَّ،كُby 𐤀 إيــلْـِـِِـِِـِـيـانَـِِـ...
" أعْـلمُ أنِّـي أنَـانـيٌّ و مـِزاجـيٌ ، لـدرجـةِ فُـقـدانِ الجَـميـعِ الرغْـبة بالتَّـحدث مـعِي .. أنـْخدعُ بالـمَظاهـرِ حَتـى تشعـرَ أنـِّي سـَاذجٌ ، مُـنـطَوِي...
Something's Wrong With My Wife, Jeon Jimin [Jikook || Kookmin ] || One-shot by ChimchimzKookie97
Something's Wrong With My Wife, Je...by ChimchimzKookie97
A short story about Husband Jungkook and his cute wife, Jimin.
his chosen one | jjk (long hold)  by jeonserai
his chosen one | jjk (long hold) by jeonserai
story may (or may not) be taken down. it's currently on long hold and won't have an update till late. ❝Well I can see something much more beautiful, and the best part;...
တိမ်တိုက်တို့၏ဦးတည်ရာ by Iris_MinII
တိမ်တိုက်တို့၏ဦးတည်ရာby Iris Min
"တိမ်တိုက်တွေက သိပ်လှသလို နားလည်ရခက်လွန်းတယ် အကိုရာ အကိုနဲ့တူလိုက်တာ"
INSTAGRAM | BTS💜 | by Mid_Bean
INSTAGRAM | BTS💜 |by I_Love_Dark
Just another Instagram story with BTS but with more than one twist... Maybe like seven (; I hope whoever you are that you enjoy this💜 ( A/N: I made the cover)
გამტაცებელი/KIDNAPPERby .
ფიკში არის ისეთი სცენა რომელიც არ უნდა წაიკითხოთ თუ გაქვთ სუსტი გული. (+18 არ ვგულისხმობბ) აბა აქ რას ელოდი სპოილერს? არააა აქ სპოილერი არ იდება❤
jྂiྂkྂoྂoྂkྂ iྂsྂ rྂeྂaྂlྂ💖"📌بەردەوامە" by KaniKoey
jྂiྂkྂoྂoྂkྂ iྂsྂ rྂeྂaྂlྂ💖"📌بەر...by مـــێـــڵســـن"مـــ❤
+14 🐥💖🐰 ئەم کتێــبە تایبــەت بە جــیــڪووڪە ئەگەر جــیڪووڪ شیپەرێکی تۆخیت ئــەم کتـــێبە بۆتۆ دروست ڪــراوە💖 نووسەر::کانی بێکەس🚬 کاتی دانان::9/8/2021̷ j̷i̷k̷o̷o̷k̷...
I'm A What?! || JungkookxBTS(discontinued) by KimmyJeon13
I'm A What?! || JungkookxBTS(disco...by Cherâme P
In which Jungkook got a pair of cat ears and a tail when he woke up.
JuSt fRIenD💔 by jeonklx
JuSt fRIenD💔by Jeonklx ♡
ဘယ္လိုပဲျဖစ္ျဖစ္ငါကမင္းအတြက္'just friend'ပဲလား Jimin............. ေတာင္းပန္ပါတယ္ ငါမွာလက္ထပ္ရမယ့္လူရွိေနၿပီ မင္းနဲ႔ငါနဲ႔ကထာဝရသူငယ္ခ်င္းပါကြာ Tae.......... 💔 #71 in jko...
💜mY LiTtLe bOoBoO💜 by mrshtparkjeon
💜mY LiTtLe bOoBoO💜by mrshtparkjeon
ka phur thut a ka ziak thut a.. nangni pawn chhiar ve thut mai ru 😅 Ka hman changin tah hian one.shot ka rawn dah thin ang..
MY STEP BROTHER by liddltrinbrown
MY STEP BROTHERby liddltrinbrown
" we can't keep doing this" " but I love your touch" "but it's wrong" "but I love you" love smut and 18+💦💦❤
Depressing  thoughts || Taekook  by Taes_bunny
Depressing thoughts || Taekook by Taes_bunny
Most of us have them, these thoughts . life is full of depressing thoughts- kth you said you love me that made me crazy.- kth Is it wrong to love a man who's already ta...
BTS ships Oneshots by SpectacleButler
BTS ships Oneshotsby Jin Boi Bitch (JBB :3)
Just some oneshots of Bts ships, Make some suggestions for what type of oneshots you'd like to see.
Bye love "message not sent"
Shorts of BTS by BeckyStamp
Shorts of BTSby Becky Stamp
A collection of different short stories involving BTS **Some 18+ chapters - explicit sexual content**
+20 more
Submissive can be sassy by BarbiesBadSis
Submissive can be sassyby BarbiesBadSis
"I can't wait for you to fuck me daddy" Jimin murmured while slinging onto the other males neck from behind. "Jimin, stop calling me that name it's Mr Jeo...