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The Experiment [Build a Boyfriend Series Part 2] by PandoraButler
The Experiment [Build a Boyfriend...by Death Themself
Albedo is the little-known C.E.O. of Liyue (the famous company for making android lovers) and he stumbles upon Kaeya by accident...asking him for one small favor, to tak...
I can't get you out of my head. || Kaebedo Modern au                           by kaeyafrommonstadt
I can't get you out of my head. ||...by Kaeya Alberich
modern au :) kaeya x albedo fanfic (not kazuha and albedo 😃) story cover is not mine! credits to them :) characters belong to mihoyo (genshin impact) lmao I wanted to d...
The Science of Falling in Love by IsThisEvenGood
The Science of Falling in Loveby Raven
A Kaebedo AU where Kaeya is a daycare worker and Albedo brings his daughter Klee to that daycare. Mentions of some side Xiaovenluc, Zhongzu, Rannett and Xingyun. I will...
Academic Rivals: Kaeya x Albedo by Sunefwer
Academic Rivals: Kaeya x Albedoby Sunefwer
modern AU High school art credits : X @max_eera Warning I am not American and I am setting this fanfic in an American highschool so if I get stuff wrong sorry 😞
The coffee shop by m1lkd0m3da
The coffee shopby Sage
When kaeya runs into a cute boy at the coffee shop he works at and catches feelings what is he to do? Kaebedo fluff Discontinued
Genshin Impact reacts to stuff by chargersgirl63
Genshin Impact reacts to stuffby Sinja lover
Genshin Impact characters reacts to stuff. * My AU* P.S I don't own Genshin Impact
I have to bunk with him?!?! - A Kaebedo Modern AU Genshin Fanfic by KysToes
I have to bunk with him?!?! - A Ka...by Ky's Toes
Albedo's school is implimenting a dorming system now... and Albedo just wants a good roomie. Who he gets may not have been his first choice... but it might have been the...
Ice and Chalk (kaebedo) by zignog
Ice and Chalk (kaebedo)by amy
COVER BY @/xiaocsm ON TWITTER modern au highschool stuff kaeya is a player bla bla bla SHIPS -kaebedo -xiaoven -bennyrazor -xingyun -ChiLi -YanTao -ganqing -barbyan -sc...
If I Had More Time. || Kaebedo by kaebedo10101
If I Had More Time. || Kaebedoby kaebedo
Take this cover I made myself until I find a real one
School bully (IDK WHAT TO CALL THIS) by Toyaaaa24
School bully (IDK WHAT TO CALL THI...by Lol.
This is rushed and full of drama but yeah I gave up on it
Why him | Modern Au | by ventis_lyre_
Why him | Modern Au |by Venti's Lyre
Art on the cover made by @its_spec on Twitter! I don't own any of these characters! Side ships include: Zhongchi, Xiaother, Cynari, Kavetham, and Xingyun! I might add...
Mellifluous  by littlemissmoonjelly
Mellifluous by littlemissmoonjelly
I had a dream about this! cover cr: tsarlikestea on twitter!! This story is just how I see the progression of their relationship! :) No beta!
Love Experiment (kaebedo) by NataliaMostratou
Love Experiment (kaebedo)by Natalia Mostratou
What do you think will happen if a man already in love drinks a love poison? a small kaebedo story it has light smut i guess, i would recommend 13+ yo but do whatever...
The King of Hearts  by littlemissmoonjelly
The King of Hearts by littlemissmoonjelly
(photo creds. to rinrin on twt!) "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" Or so they say, but what happens when your actions follow you? They do have consequ...
Genshin!!! |WLW, MLM,|  by Lukiluki-story
Genshin!!! |WLW, MLM,| by Lukiluki-story
A bunch of Genshin ships COVER BY @Nalamicha on Twitter!
Talk to You || Kaebedo fanfiction  by yogurtbitez
Talk to You || Kaebedo fanfiction by alec
Kaeya Alberich, one of the most socially popular kids in highschool. In fact, maybe the most popular kid in highschool. Everyone enjoys spending time with him, whether f...
Hopeless by -lemonboiandme-
Hopelessby lemon boi
It felt good, loving him. Even if he only thought of her as his apprentice... everything felt right in the world when it was just the two of them. Sucrose fell hopeless...
I really hate you || Kaebedo  by Brokenshelf_
I really hate you || Kaebedo by Jay!
Credit to @max_eea on twt for the cover!
The Artist and His Masterpiece [Kaebedo] by TheFlyingJaybird
The Artist and His Masterpiece [Ka...by Jay
{ON-GOING} One day, Kaeya just so happened to stumble across a flier on the schools billboard, tiny scraps of paper carefully cut to be torn off. [Nude Models Wanted], w...
Albedo x Kaeya fanfic by VENT1TH3B4RD
Albedo x Kaeya fanficby Mars
i dont even know this is my new story i wrote