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MARRIAGE by KinnlovePorche
MARRIAGEby vaishu lg
kinn's family and porsche's family are friends since childhood. they want to make their friendship stay they decide to make their sons marry to each other. I...
My boyfriend is a killer | VegasPete AU by TastelessMocha
My boyfriend is a killer | certifiedho
❝Why do you keep pushing me away?❞ ❝Because you keep on getting close.❞ Pete built up a wall. A wall that separates him from the world. A wall that keeps him from gettin...
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Inhumane k.p (DISCONTINUED) by whosmickey
Inhumane k.p (DISCONTINUED)by m🧸
" He doesn't talk much does he?" " Sadly no, he became mute his sophomore year. He was and still is being bullied because of his dyslexia and stuttering...
Rewrite ( VP x Venice) by anzyxyz25
Rewrite ( VP x Venice)by anzyxyz25
Venice found time machine and decide that he will solve his parents quarrels occurred in past... because they are getting divorce just because of their past. "I hat...
Kaiju Paradise- Bored Mercenary by Lilbebeisded
Kaiju Paradise- Bored Mercenaryby E Eg
A mercenary named Twelve decided to try out a different job. He discovers a place called Laminax Labs, A new facility nearby, He decides to get the job and then chaos ha...
KimChay: Restart by annabellfiegel911
KimChay: Restartby Kims_Strand_Of_Hair
This story continues after what we saw in the ending of KP. KimChay legit is my comfort ship, so to ease the pain of Kim breaking my bby Chay's heart I shall gaslight my...
Keith Powers & Algee Smith Imagines by LeenahAriane
Keith Powers & Algee Smith Imaginesby LeenahAriane
Short stories about this goof Keith Powers and the man with the beautiful god given voice Algee Smith.
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catte fic by theourple
catte ficby theourple
this gives off major abandoned story vibes you're a catte. you're not getting any more information lmao i write these during those sleepless nights where you lie on your...
Hell Bound by bluevelvet36
Hell Boundby 💙Blue Frost❄
Keith Powers imagines by entanglism
Keith Powers imaginesby 🦋🖤
Imagines For Everybody's Favorite Daddy Keith Powers 😌
It's Love Or Destiny ? (Completed) by sidnaaziology
It's Love Or Destiny ? (Completed)by ANANYA CHITRANSH
first of all i would like to thank @awesomeshivu for this amazing cover it's a story about love marriage of a playboy and an innocent girl how hatered of both turns into...
MY CRAZY by KinnlovePorche
MY CRAZYby vaishu lg
Kinn x Porche (Completed ❤️❤️)
VegasPete: Elusive Target (COMPLETED) by lightlessboy
VegasPete: Elusive Target ( Darknessboy
First rule: trust no one. "Main and minor family never trusted each other, but this time it seems different, it feels like we have reached a breaking point..."
The fated Devils (Stockholm syndrome 2) by Thissbabyslayy
The fated Devils (Stockholm Kqueen
Tw! SA! Trafficking! Voilence! Smut! Leaving the Underground boxing, Pete enters the Mafia world. In a hope to be able to give his Grandma a better life. In a hope to li...
external 2 by tylerperrybxtch
external 2by Heavenly✨
- improved , but short version of 'cravingz'
The Infectious Deathzone - Kaiju Paradise by apexhxund
The Infectious Deathzone - Kaiju apexhxund
Your name is River Gray, and you just started working at a facility that goes by Laminax Laboratories. Turns out they only wanted you to try and contain the animals that...
 •  Dr. L  •      (A kaiju paradise story) by Dude98362
• Dr. L • (A kaiju Dude98362
Dr. L is a senior researcher for Laminax Labs. He knows pretty much all there is to Laminax. Sometimes danger arrives, and he has to stop it. Age Rating: 13+ (Violence...
Call Back - Kaiju Paradise by w1lted_sn0w
Call Back - Kaiju Paradiseby w1lted_sn0w
Credits to who made the cover, I can't find them Sonar, a 19 year old unemployed drop out who seemed to have found herself stuck in some strange facility filled with ant...
Opposites in Love [ COMPLETE ] by mitskihater2
Opposites in Love [ COMPLETE ]by INACTIVE
A nightcrawler quietly stumbles upon somebody in the middle of blackout, slowly each fall in love. Forever soulmates, slaying whoever says they can't be with eachother.