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Lone Idol by Chou_Main
Lone Idolby Dark Mode
S.W.O.R.D Series #1 Jung Woo Jin is a 30 years old orphan that likes to be a star more than anyone else. Ever since he was a kid, he likes to sing and dance, he likes pe...
Becoming a K-Pop Idol by TwiceAndMeSabie
Becoming a K-Pop Idolby Chipmunk❤🐿
Kim Min-jae always dreamed of becoming a K-pop idol. He tried everything: taking acting and dance classes, becoming better at singing and rapping etc. He had been a trai...
The Kpop Gamer by LimpingChicken
The Kpop Gamerby LimpingChicken
Author's Note: This story is a bit slow-paced since I'm trying to build his character. Please be patient with me Y/N lived a miserable life. He is always being bullied...
Cross The Line [RED VELVET KANG SEULGI X  Female/Male(N) READER] by Kfanficlover247
[YOU ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER] [KANG SEULGI X READER] (Hello!I am back with another reader fanfic.It's like a Korean drama view.The videos or photos I'm using in the chap...
Yandere! Mafia! Johnny X Reader by kristynaka1
Yandere! Mafia! Johnny X Readerby :3
You owe a debt to a mob boss. But what if he falls in love with you? And he starts feeling like he has to protect you.
kpop idol (popxkpopxreader) by i_got7_army_belieber
kpop idol (popxkpopxreader)by i_got7_army_belieber
Kim y/n one of the richest and prettiest woman in Korea born in LA best friends with so many popular celebrities and ideal type of every k-pop idol read to find out mo...
Unexpected Destiny (Kpop idols X Reader)  by RandomFanGirrll
Unexpected Destiny (Kpop idols X RandomFanGirrll
When a famous YouTuber and Kpop idols comes across each other's way.
Yes My Dear Mistresses (male reader x twice)  by mangolisaa
Yes My Dear Mistresses (male mangolisaa
Song Hajin was born in a family devoted to raising butlers and was trained to protect his master. Finally, Hajin is presented with an opportunity to make use of his skil...
Chances With You // Jennie X Reader by dnalmighty
Chances With You // Jennie X Readerby dalmighty
When Tyler Park, the school's well-known naughty boy encounters Jennie Kim, will he be able to win her heart or will he only become a dog on a leash? Jennie X Reader
my type | j.jk by tae-verse
my type | j.jkby love urself ˖⁺⑅♡
"Do you have an ideal type?" the MC asked. He raised his microphone to Jungkook's lips expectantly. The maknae bit his lip, and looked directly into the camer...
Carefree Youth   Hyunjin x Reader  by -SEOKMINLATTE
Carefree Youth Hyunjin x Reader by 水
You run an Instagram account where you post pictures of carefree nights and having fun, to the point where you became famous for them. It was a regular day for you to p...
Love is Game [RED VELVET] by JU2TJIHY0Z
Love is Game [RED VELVET]by ♘
"I loved her first." --- There is something about the women in your family. You've heard rumors; little whispers at family reunions. However, you've never thou...
GXG Idol One Shots by burrito_bitch
GXG Idol One Shotsby burrito_bitch
GxG :)) Requests always open brethren 🤙🏼 ~V & G Co-written by @burrito_bitch & @Yoonzlxf
Aegyo King by LeyCupofTae
Aegyo Kingby 🌻 Danny 🌻
Bts x 8th male member SLOW UPDATES LMAO RIP OC belongs to me, I own nothing else besides some of the story
[♡] Me an Idol?! by hndryzen
[♡] Me an Idol?!by min
[ yasmin is typing... ] " Thank you for being you " ---------------- 🌿 ongoing grammar mistakes here and there (i'm sorry huhu)
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Not So Cold-Hearted by mywonuderful
Not So Cold-Heartedby mywonuderful
Y/N, a member of a popular newly debut girl group and Wonwoo has what some may call a relationship with emotional ambivalent. Will their relationship remain cold-blooded...
COMFORT PLACE  |  bang chan. by blushymess
Scared and desperate, a girl rushes up to a group of boys with a camera crew in hopes to ward off a stalker. Chan takes it upon himself to make sure she's okay. 𝘣𝘢𝘯𝘨...
I fell in love with an Idol |RED VELVET KANG SEULGI X  Female/Male(N) READER| by Kfanficlover247
I fell in love with an Idol |RED LM
[YOU ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER] [KANG SEULGI X READER] (Just letting you know,It's like a Korean drama view.The videos or photos I'm using in the chapters,I DO NOT own the...
Like the title suggests: a collection of fem!reader SFW scenarios & imagines for the lovely ladies of Blackpink. Requests: OPEN [Note: No smut and no triggering topics]...