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Obligated Ambitions ( Pokémon Sun and Moon Anime x OC/ Male reader) by zer0420
Obligated Ambitions ( Pokémon Sun...by Zer0420
To have a ambition, is to have the drive and determination to make something a reality. Everyone at some point in their lives will one day have an ambition. But what if...
my wanna be self (Shugo chara x Reader) by klvur3
my wanna be self (Shugo chara x Re...by TheAdmire
"Help me please.. she's crazy!" A little girl yelled as she escaped a house.... This is Y/n L/n... a unloved child.... or well at least her brother loves her...
[Ikuto x reader]  by leon0writer
[Ikuto x reader] by Leon 🦁
(Y/n) (L/n) is 16 years old and has returned to Japan to be met with Amu Hinamori and the guardians, Ikuto and Utau Tsukiyomi, Kazuomi Hoshina, and Hikaru Ichinomiya. Wh...
Number One (Souma Kukai x Reader) by Pegachu_cat
Number One (Souma Kukai x Reader)by Pegachu
So! Hi! This is in my old account PegasusGirl or something. I don't remember my password for that one so I made a new one. Here!
Born of Ocean Swell | Shugo Chara by yumenary
Born of Ocean Swell | Shugo Charaby Reiyun
Sogano Suiko. Named after the first empress of Japan. Therefore a lot was expected of her. She was meant to make waves in the the course of history, achieve great things...
A lost shugo girl (Shugo Chara fanction) by micthell773
A lost shugo girl (Shugo Chara fan...by micthell773
A girl had been sold to the company called "Easter". Several years later the girl woke up in a strange room only to end up escaping the room with no memories o...
Shugo Chara Next Generation (Editing) by animefreak12
Shugo Chara Next Generation (Editi...by Lettie
It's been three years since Ikuto took his journey in searching for this father in America, leaving Amu behind with only a promise to hold to. Will that be enough to sat...
Shugo Chara Crossover Pretty Cure ( Fanfiction ) by Modmag
Shugo Chara Crossover Pretty Cure...by Junko Enoshima
Cure Love: hurting someone who trying to heal the X-Egg , that unforgivable !! Utau: I said who are you ? Cure Love: the Pink Rose is the symbol of Hope and the Red Ros...
Behind the nerdy appearance by KamisamaKissFreak
Behind the nerdy appearanceby Kamisamakissfreak
Ruined by her past Amu Hinamori, a girl with gorgeous honey colored eyes, a sweet like honey voice, and bright bubble pink hair, hides herself behind a nerdy disguise. W...
Embryo, thats me. by cuttlefishchameleon
Embryo, thats me.by Ele
The embryo that everyone's after. That's me. I'm yue and I'm going to the same school as amu and tadase. This is going to be a long year if I even survive until then.
The Beauty and The Geek by AmethysToriii
The Beauty and The Geekby AmethysToriii
Nerd girl, Amu, starts her second year at Seiyo Academy. She meets hot playboy of the school, Ikuto. But nerdy Amu is actually dayum hot behind those big baggy clothes...
When Love Lies by FairyLetters
When Love Liesby FairyLetters
Hinamori Amu, 23, gets hired in Seiyo Academy as the substitute chemistry teacher. On her first day, she learns many lessons. For starters, reading terms and condition b...
Shugo Chara Key K! by SparklezClem
Shugo Chara Key K!by SparklezClem
What if there was more than one key and lock but they where hidden? All of those keys and locks are protected by Tomoyo Takashi, a girl who moved from USA State NY to Ja...
Finding your heart [ON HIATUS] by brabbit714
Finding your heart [ON HIATUS]by Alice
My fanfiction of shugo chara i honestly don't know what to write for this description but please have a look and see my Oc's life in shugo chara.
Shugo Chara: Truth or Dare (New) by MysteriousGal2004
Shugo Chara: Truth or Dare (New)by Anime is Awesome =3
This is kind of the continuation of my previous Truth or Dare book. I decided to end it because I was busy with stuff. Stuff you don't have to know.
Amu's best friend (Shugo Chara) by TheAnimeWeirdo
Amu's best friend (Shugo Chara)by TheAnimeWeirdo
What happens when Yuki Amu's best friend in the middle school division ends up getting her own eggs to appear.
My Love Letter To You by FairyLetters
My Love Letter To Youby FairyLetters
Throw in Hinamori Amu, high school hierarchy, her obsessive love for Ikuto, a little white lie, a manipulative bastard, a supportive but perverted friend into a blender...
The Princess[Shugo Chara fanfic] by Princess_kyasarin
The Princess[Shugo Chara fanfic]by Princess_kyasarin
An ordinary girl who didn't know that a special egg was in here heart..the egg who hold the greatest power.. But again she's an ordinary girl who have an ordinary life...
Angel From Below (Ikuto x Reader) by thatblackkittycat
Angel From Below (Ikuto x Reader)by Winter Rose^.^
(Y/N) is a singer from America who was a cheerleader at MCPA* she started her career n YouTube and grew from there to be one of the most famous singers in America. Durin...
My Shugo Chara (Shugo Chara x Reader) by Skelegurl
My Shugo Chara (Shugo Chara x Read...by Skelegurl
Today was the day! You were going to Japan to start a new life with the inheritence that your parents left you and you were going to start a new! Unfortunately, you are...