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Hứa Với Em Mười Năm Tình Thâm | CHAELICE | [Cover/Edit][Hoàn] by n_bian
Hứa Với Em Mười Năm Tình Thâm | I8ian
Tác giả: Tây Tây Tiểu Lâu Thể loại: Ngôn Tình Nguồn: Diễn Đàn Lê Qúy Đôn Trạng thái: Hoàn Cảm giác yêu đơn phương một người mười năm sẽ như thế nào? Việc này rất đơn giả...
behind the stars // chaelisa + hints of jensoo by myfatratt
behind the stars // chaelisa + myfatratt
chaelisa convert, hotel owner and celebrity au By the time she runs out of songs to listen to and the interviews start with Chaeyoung charming the entire audience with a...
Vợ Cũ Kiêu Ngạo Đến Đòi Chồng | CHAELICE | [Cover/Edit|[Hoàn] by n_bian
Vợ Cũ Kiêu Ngạo Đến Đòi Chồng | I8ian
Truyện Gốc: Vợ Cũ Kiêu Ngạo Đến Đòi Chồng - JeTi Cre: mi_yeonie Thể loại: girl love, kiều ngạo giảo hoạt thụ, nhu nhược lạnh lùng công, truyện ngắn.
Lock & Key (Chaelisa) by Dreamofshadows
Lock & Key (Chaelisa)by MMC
The most wanted woman in town has announced she'll only marry one who can open her front door with the key around her cat's neck. A Chaelisa AU ft. a smidge of Jensoo **...
love me like you mean it // chaelisa by myfatratt
love me like you mean it // myfatratt
being in love was never a problem for chaeyoung and lisa but life had plans of their own. au converted from clexa au // credits to faithangel_3, archiveofourown a chaeli...
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Cùng Lắm Thì Ta Cưới Ngươi [COVER] [CHAELICE] by HuNguyn229775
Cùng Lắm Thì Ta Cưới Ngươi [COVER] Quoà
EDITOR: TIEULAOBAN108 Nếu đã đọc 1 trong những truyện edit của tuii thì hãy ghé wall tui để đọc những truyện cover còn lại để ủng hộ tuii nha 🤍 Độ dài: 22 Chương Thể lo...
Chaelisa "Enough" by nthv_z
Chaelisa "Enough"by NotRoseanne
[COMPLETED] She stared at me weakly, she caress my both cheeks and began to speak. "Yeah i admit, i like you so much and you know that, but that doesn't mean, i'll...
LICHAENG - Dư Tình Khả Đãi by ctlnas
LICHAENG - Dư Tình Khả Đãiby mangoavocado
Ngày ảnh hậu Chaeyoung cử hành hôn lễ, các trang blog trong nước bùng nổ thông tin "tân ảnh hậu Lisa say rượu qua đời". Ngay sau đó, tin nóng tiếp theo nhanh c...
The Tiger King (Chaelisa) by Dreamofshadows
The Tiger King (Chaelisa)by MMC
Fight for glory. Fight for honour. Fight for Love. Lisa is a competitive boxer and reluctant pilates student who falls head over heels for her instructor Rosé, a gorgeo...
This Feeling by jsgshks
This Feelingby Tanashiii
edited August *, 2022
Story Of Another Us (Chaelisa) by unholysanji_
Story Of Another Us (Chaelisa)by unholysanji
I do not own this. This is a converted story, all rights belong to the original owner.
The Hot New Teacher - Chaelisa by AnnieCecece
The Hot New Teacher - Chaelisaby Annie Cece
The Hot New Teacher - by x_writer23 Lalisa Manoban had never aspired to be a teacher, yet she finds herself at her 3rd year teaching at Rainbow High University. What wi...
Can I Be Him? by babylichaeng
Can I Be Him?by babylichaeng
Lisa goes to a new bar that her friends forced her to go to where she hears Chaeyoung sing and for some reason her black and white world had suddenly had color in them. ...
fake rose // chaelisa  by saltedcake
fake rose // chaelisa by moon
a world where twenty-two-year-old lisa is not a member of blackpink. instead she's a famous solo artist who met park chaeyoung of blackpink in a slightly deserted street...
Songs For Chaelisa by lalalalisaaaaa
Songs For Chaelisaby lalalalisaaaaa
Chaelisa one shot stories inspired by songs. Open for song request. :) [This work may not be copied/reproduced/translated without explicit permission from the author]
Perfectly Scarred  by moonlune05
Perfectly Scarred by moonlune05
I can't be flawed neither a failure, I'm bound to be perfect. Until I met her and my perceptions altered. Rosie's journey, not your lovestory.
Certain Things | Chaelisa & Jensoo by somefunnyusername
Certain Things | Chaelisa & Jensooby Katie🐣🦖
Rosé knows how she feels about Lisa, she knows her feelings far exceed those of just a friendship. But does Lisa feel the same or does she see her just as a friend? Is s...
Be Mine by chaelisabestgirlsx
Be Mineby 𝓟𝓪𝓻𝓴 𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓮𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓰
Lisa Manoban is in love with her co-star, Roseanne Park. Of course, it's a disaster. // This is converted only. All credits belong to the rightful owner.
Bữa Trưa Tình Yêu [ Cover ] [ Chaelisa ver ] by HuNguyn229775
Bữa Trưa Tình Yêu [ Cover ] [ Quoà
Nếu mn đã đọc 1 trong những truyện cover của tuii, thì hãy ghé wall tuii để ủng hộ những truyện còn lại nha 🤍 Đại boss bá đạo và thỏ trắng ngây thơ. Đại boss vừa kì cục...
restaurant wars // chaelisa +  hints of jensoo + seulrene by myfatratt
restaurant wars // chaelisa + myfatratt
Lisa Manoban is the Head chef of Lilies Restaurant. Chaeyoung Park is the Head Chef of RosesandSunflowers Restaurant. Both of them hate each other due to the fact that...