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THALIA by awmhei
THALIAby hihihi
THALIA When a woman dressed in a black suit approached me on a train track, whilst I was holding a bottle of blue spray paint in my left hand and a face covered with pa...
17 years ago by Hannahbg26
17 years agoby Hannahbg26
17 years after threatening his pregnant girlfriend that she can't give birth to their baby, saying he'll kill it, his whole office building gets hacked and on his person...
My Twinnies by Crystal_Roses30
My Twinniesby Crystal_Roses30
One girl. Raven Wilson. Two Boys. Ryder Denmark. Ryan Denmark. She loves peace. They loves parties. She is innocent. They are bullies. Yet, she is strong. Yet, they are...
Kara by shreyaio
Karaby Shreya s.m
Kara is a 16-year-old businesswoman, assassin, Street Fighter and racer not to mention the donna of the French Mafia. Her name is enough to make anyone shiver, she is kn...
Cosabella by Kiaplusbooks
Cosabellaby Kialele
Wheres home? Cosabella O'Teagan She is a naive young girl, navigating life's challenges. Growing up in modest circumstances with her devoted mother, tragedy strikes when...
Meeting your real brother's after 25 Yrs. by BERRYLUMFICS
Meeting your real brother's after...by Ggukie's Bananamilk
Y/n and BTS are Siblings, they can't even live without each other for even a day , not until thing's get messy between their parents and they decide to take a divorce, Y...
Always With You by SNRI6002
Always With Youby eclipse
A girl who struggles with her own life but suddenly everything change when she meet a man who became her life changer.
Torn by fuckedup-foxx
Tornby fuckedup-foxx
Frankie's life changes when her stepfather dies, and she finds out that her life has been a lie. When she has to move in with her 4 brothers and she finds out something...
Dangerously Beautiful Scars by SophieSwan3925
Dangerously Beautiful Scarsby Lizbeth Sophie Jakes
she is back but is it too late? what happened to the family she fought for what happened to the twin she cared for where is destiny leading her book 2 of dangerous se...
Carlos De Vil's Long-Lost Sister by JazzyVenecia46
Carlos De Vil's Long-Lost Sisterby 🦊Jazmine🦊
We all know Carlos De Vil, son of Cruella De Vil. But what if he wasn't the only child Cruella had? Yeah, Cruella had a daughter born 11 years after Carlos named Ella. C...
Princess Returns by AngelbabeLove
Princess Returnsby Writing_Forever_Infinity
She has fought countless battles, she calls herself a fighter, a warrior, for surviving what she went through. Never once she has called herself or by others, Princess. ...
The Long Lost Asahina || A Brothers Conflict Fanfiction by vaninihead
The Long Lost Asahina || A Brother...by 𝚅𝚊𝚞𝚐𝚑𝚗
Published: December 25, 2018 -*-*-*-*-*-**-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-**-*-*-*-*-*-*-**-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- This story centers Mikoto Nakamori as she discovers the truth. Knowing that s...
A Fresh Start by forfuckssakeman
A Fresh Startby ohforfuckssake
"We've found some relatives of yours. You have four brothers that are more than willing to take you in. They live in the States, New York." "Bloody hell...
Hwang Jeong Pavinkit or JP is the son of Hwang Geum-joo ,a powerful business woman and CEO of Gangnam pawnshop "Gold Blue". His entire life , everyone in his...
Vaders Daughter (Raven) by kekekaka22
Vaders Daughter (Raven)by kekekaka
A Star Wars story. When Padme has another child but is captured by the newly born Darth Vader, will her fate be different than her siblings. Will she be stuck with this...
Midoriya SIblings by kairiiqlima
Midoriya SIblingsby Iqlima Kairi
Izuku Midoriya. Who would've thought he had siblings? A little sister named Ika Midoriya. Inko, his mom, came to U.A to asked him to take care of Ika so that she and his...
The Betrayal of Lily Potter by Bloodelle
The Betrayal of Lily Potterby Bloodelle
"What if everything we knew about Lily Potter was a lie? Is she the sweet, innocent and naive girl she claims to be? Delve into the surprising and tumultuous life o...
V's by chubabs_mo_po
V'sby Fini
Viva Blancas!!
HIS CHATTER BOX by 13chimmie
HIS CHATTER BOXby park jimin
he is mafia..........................kidnapped y/n ............she is yoongi hyung 's long lost sister..............kim namjoon and kim taehyung find there long lost br...
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the life of a desi by Teddybear_78
the life of a desiby teddy
Thayana is a young girl who lives with her family in Sri Lanka. She is 17 years old and goes to high school. Ash is a mobster who has lost all emotion. He is a 21 year...