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The youngest Cassano by celestia1789
The youngest Cassanoby celestia
Natalie is a 15 year old girl living with her abusive stepfather. One day he dies and she gets told her older brother has taken guardianship of her. But what happens whe...
Bella Sprouse by Hoot-Hoot-1999
Bella Sprouseby that owl
Meet Bella Sprouse, long lost sister of Cole and Dylan Sprouse. Until she was 14 she had no idea she was related to them, she didn't even have a family. But when Cole, D...
Little sorella  by multi_fandom205
Little sorella by multi_fandom205
"Lana is there anything else, other then playing the piano that you like doing?" We all studied the way she fiddled with her fingers and bit her lip slightly...
Their Little Saviour by GuruGirly
Their Little Saviourby Lucy
Being given away as a child had some major effects on Sofia's life. She could never really understand why her parents didn't want her. But what happens when she finds ou...
Dylan: (preview) by MissSecret247
Dylan: (preview)by aadalia <3
FBI: FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Home to Nicholas Sinclair, confident calculated and controlled. These characteristics only made it easier for him to be recognised...
Finding Her! 🥀 by itanyakataria
Finding Her! 🥀by Navya ❤️✨
'FINDING HER' is a story about a man who is Finding his long lost sister from years. When Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania a secret agent came into his life as Ray of hope w...
The one that got away by mult1fanf1c
The one that got awayby Multifandom ://
This story is about a y/n who is Andy Herrera's long-lost sister. Y/n description: 18 years old Bisexual They/ Them pronouns In training to be a firefighter Long lost si...
Alexandria by tristan_is_cool
Alexandriaby Tristan
She is the devil disguised as an angel. Alexandria is what you would call a badass. She's a street fighter, street racer, hacker, doctor, and the most dangerous assassi...
A Psycho's Diary by storiesbygracelyn
A Psycho's Diaryby Gracelyn
A normal high school girl named Scarlett,suddenly gets kidnapped without a trace or any clues.After being missing for a week,she randomly appears,but lacks the knowledge...
BTS long lost sister by Nashalena
BTS long lost sisterby natasha allena tjandra
LisKook JiRose JinSoo YooNie TaeMi Stephen x Y/n
The other D'Amelio sister [DISCONTINUED] by -urgfdya
The other D'Amelio sister [DISCONT...by @sonicsgf
POV : Trixie My name is Trixie Jones, I was apparently adopted and have a twin. A lot of people told me I look like Dixie D'Amelio and I was confused at first... read t...
Not knowing ( diabolk lovers ff) by anime_manga_fangirl
Not knowing ( diabolk lovers ff)by Abi or gabby
This book is a story of which yui is oblivious of the fact that she has a identical twin sister with a stronger personland the only reason why she doesn't know of this i...
Long Lost by allyssa_is_a_penguin
Long Lostby Unknown Identity
Vannessa Ramirez is just a normal girl with a little, annoying sister, an older brother who is over protected and a perfect mother and father, but what happens when Vane...
My Nightmares Are A Reality by waitwhattttttttt
My Nightmares Are A Realityby v.e.s claire
England painswick, 1996. Eleven-year-old Avery Lizette, had to watch her new born baby sister get taken away to who knows where, but the night before Avery turns 16 she...
Long-Lost Sisters by TheJamlessKid101
Long-Lost Sistersby TheJamlessKid
This is a story about a girl named Claire. Her father died when she was young. She was exploring the woods like she usually did and she met a girl named Olivia. They bec...
Philadelphia by unicorn_17_30
Philadelphiaby Violet
The prince of narva kim Taehyung had a sister who was lost when she was a new born baby. Taehyung starts searching for her what do you think will he be able to find her...
A Duellators Chronicle - Beginning Paths by AriaZanders
A Duellators Chronicle - Beginning...by Dora Anderson
The beginning of this story starts with a young woman who was forced to flee her country, to disappear supposedly forever as she runs from a man who wants her to either...
My bad boy Alpha by Kannchu_2368
My bad boy Alphaby Kannchu_2368
Ariella Walker is not an ordinary teenage girl instead she's a werewolf. Having to hide at home for 7 years of her life due to her tragic past this 18 year old hopes to...
Golden Flower by HuskyWaves
Golden Flowerby Husky
Warning This story contain mature content please read at your own sake (there will be this mark 🔴 before any chapter if it contains mature content your welcome) Heya! S...