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Cheated by flowerbug
Cheatedby Ali James
S O P H I E D A V I S never imagined she'd have to endure watching her mate cheating on her. On what was suppose to be the happiest day of her life, she couldn't even...
Doctor ~ G.Blythe [1] by -SunsetSky-
Doctor ~ G.Blythe [1]by sunny
When Kate moves to Avonlea from Australia, she isn't particularly impressed with the small farming town, but when she meets a boy that fits her like a jigsaw puzzle, wil...
Addicted to You by iamlovey123
Addicted to Youby iamlovey123
Y/n's trauma leads to her fallout and Spencer's relapse. After an altercation at work Y/n decides to disappear, leaving Spencer alone. After years of recovery Y/n is off...
My Ex (Chris sturniolo) by Corpses_Bitch2000
My Ex (Chris sturniolo)by Corpses_Bitch2000
Astrid and Chris get into a huge fight and break up, but somehow keep running into each other. Coincidence?
Random America Oneshots ★  by amernova
Random America Oneshots ★ by nova
Oneshots mostly around America's personification, Alfred. Open this book and find chaos, angst, fun, humor, and enjoy! most of these depend on how i'm feeling lol cover...
MY IDOL HUSBAND by clicheau19
What happens when a Rookie Idol is involved in a convenience marriage , would it affect his early state of Idol career or will he be able to find the love of his life in...
The Attraction at Downton by ElizabethSmith260897
The Attraction at Downtonby Way2Geeky
The lady Y/n Crawley is known throughout Downton, as a sweet, helpful, strong headed independent girl. Her beauty is talked throughout people, giving her many suitors wh...
Butterflies~~ Shirbert by Awaereads
Butterflies~~ Shirbertby Awaereads
"That Gilbert Blythe, he has the audacity to never leave my mind, to try to be the prince in my daydreams, well no, I won't allow it," said Anne stubbornly. &q...
matty healy, falling in love over night by the1975stories
matty healy, falling in love april x
when you're 17 and not looking for love you find it in the most unexpected places at least that's the case for grace. meeting a stranger at 3am with dark eyes and curly...
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IMAGINE • SHIRBERT by ColeMackenzie1865
IMAGINE • SHIRBERTby ColeMackenzie1865
(modern day awae) "If you reject him now, he's gonna.. Make it his life's mission to go out there and meet the most perfect, beautiful girl in the world, just to tr...
My Sister's Husband by OliviaMarie97
My Sister's Husbandby OliviaMarie97
Felicia's whole life she has been second best to her older sister Molly, never good enough for anyone. Finally she meets a guy who actually cares about her. To bad he's...
ZB1 Oneshots ~ENGLISH~ by MokSeungJin
ZB1 Oneshots ~ENGLISH~by 0_1
Oneshots of Zb1 that i get to write when I am bored or don't have inspiration for the book I am writting. -Haobin -GyuvinxRicky -MathewxJiwoong -Maybe some Yujin and Oll...
Remember The Time by lolchick9
Remember The Timeby Destiny
Someone wants Jennifer Jareau dead, who could it be? When JJ is kidnapped and held hostage by a masked man she has to dig deep inside her past to figure out who he is an...
Lady ~ G.Blythe [2] by -SunsetSky-
Lady ~ G.Blythe [2]by sunny
Finishing school wasn't exactly where Kate expected to end up, itineraries surrounding tight corsets and tiny teacups now rule over her life, and it can't be further fro...
Change Isn't Always Bad {A Y/N X Mathew Sturniolo Story,} by I_like_writing_xo
Change Isn't Always Bad {A Y/N X I_like_writing_xo
Fem reader x Matt sturniolo This one is for all my Matt girlies out there!!! In this story y/n moves to a new state to help her grandmother who was recently diagnosed w...
Golden Boy | Gilbert x Reader by rainywashere
Golden Boy | Gilbert x Readerby rainy (:
What to expect from this: ♡ Cuteness ♡ Romance ♡ VERY mild swearing ♡ Chapters at least 500 words long ♡ No update schedule 😅 And that's it really!
The Kissing Booth 2.0 by osnapitsari_
The Kissing Booth 2.0by osnapitsari_
Continuing from Elle arriving home from dropping Noah to the airport. Why can't she shake off the horrible feeling of nausea.
Gyujin One Shots by gyujin_0_0
Gyujin One Shotsby gyujin_0_0
This is a gyujin one-shot only. Requests are open, just comment me it and yeah hope you enjoy! Also please don't copy my work, and if you get the idea from mine or somet...
Mutant is the new normal (boyxboy) (shaylor) by Dalton159
Mutant is the new normal (boyxboy) Dalton159
Shawn has had an....interesting life. He has powers that he doesn't understand. When he turned 13 years old he started to develop his powers and now 3 years later has al...