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Sienna Asma by bokloverrs
Sienna Asmaby Niya
Sienna is free. Or at least, she thought she was. But now with a new, yet familiar voice in her head and ghosts of her past rising, the freedom she believed she had is s...
affection• Steve Harrington• by igottagetinthere
affection• Steve Harrington•by igottagetinthere
Steve Harrington meet the mysterious Danielle Henderson. Will his charm work or will he be left in the dust?
No Ordinary Exchange by Secret_Faeri
No Ordinary Exchangeby 1-800fangirl
Rayla Moonshadow is the first Xadian exchange student at Katolis State University in over a century. Will she make it through the year, or will the hateful whispers beco...
A Court of Dreams and Phantoms by EstelleAnniki
A Court of Dreams and Phantomsby EstelleAnniki
Azriel notices there's something wrong with Elain. She's trying to hide something from him, and has been pulling away from the Inner Circle for months. Before he can fin...
Winds of Change (A Pitch Black x OC story) by 12opossumsinahoodie
Winds of Change (A Pitch Black x 12opossumsinahoodie
"A Spirit seeks freedom from the consequences of his sins. Darkness will awaken once more, to be guided by the winds." Five years ago, the Guardians defeated P...
shh! it's a secret! | reki x reader by casper_am
shh! it's a secret! | reki x readerby <3tokyorevenger<3
after childhood friends, Reki and Y/n suddenly get together, they have to keep it a secret thanks to a strict rule of 'S' they get together pretty quickly, and there's c...
can't sleep love {Bruno madrigal x reader by earthycarpet_grass
can't sleep love {Bruno madrigal earthycarpet_grass
Being a Nanny of the madrigal kids was always a challenge for y/n. Y/n a headstrong woman knew Mirabell better than even her mother. will she believe Maribel when Casita...
Claws of Truth by Galvanion
Claws of Truthby Galvanion
The past few years have been kind and favorable to Eda. Steal, sell, teach; it's been a wonderful life. But word has gotten out that she knows a secret which could shake...
I met a demon and took him home by galaxysushuuu
I met a demon and took him homeby Chex
What can I say? I gave in and decided to write a little story for beej. I'm really not good at this yet but I decided to put what I have out there The cover is by me >...
Fallen Prince  (KaeyaxReader) by Littlevamp1564
Fallen Prince (KaeyaxReader)by Littlevamp_1564
You, an Arcadia, the newly appointed head of the Arcadia Dukedom, were granted a servant from the king. The servant in name was a captured prince, Kaeya Alberich, from a...
My Lost Devil by IceQueenOriginal
My Lost Devilby Call me Ice!
What brought them to this moment? Destiny? Dumb luck? She didn't know. All she knows is that she loves him.
The Coach's Daughter by WrittenInTheStars_13
The Coach's Daughterby \_(~o~)_/
Emma Smith is the football coach's daughter. She is very quiet and isn't very social at school, always working alone and wearing baggy clothes. Recently, the football te...
shockwaves by reylorights
shockwavesby jacq
Kaede Matsuoka has been waiting her entire life for this - to begin her journey as a heroics student at UA. With a kick-ass quirk and determination beyond all belief, sh...
A Forbidden Love Story(DISCONTINUED)  by Squid_Vomit
A Forbidden Love Story( Squid
(Only cover art is mine the rest I found on Pinterest) William decides to hopefully find someone of interest after his ex wife at the one and only Pizzaplex; that he jus...
{ repeat that ? } by tartagliagetsgirls11
{ repeat that ? }by Tartaglia ;&gt;
my ocs mel, the girlboss shemron.. honestly who knows
Can't Keep My Eyes Off You by DriveMeMadTonight
Can't Keep My Eyes Off Youby Fern Gareson
Growing up with a separate group of friends you never really saw much of Kenny McCormick after elementary school, until your freshly divorced dad took it upon himself to...