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His Young Mate  by roserunner97
His Young Mate by Emma
COMPLETED "I- I..., I don't understand.." "We were made for each other, we're mates.., although I wasn't expecting my little mate to be this young...&qu...
No No Vito  by madkyra
No No Vito by OC-almost-everything
Vito Udonta, usually a stubborn boy, has been living on his father's ship a while now. However, he's started disobeying direct orders until his father finally has enough...
BTS Sickfics by LxbraChimmy
BTS Sickficsby Vie :D
Not your average sickfic XD -Updated daily/every 2 days -Requests open! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Enjoy!
Save Point (Sans x Reader) by JuniperJoy101
Save Point (Sans x Reader)by 🍑 Peachy 🍑
(Sans × Gender-Neutral! Parent! Reader || Slow Burn) Moving from a backwater town to a city bustling with human and monsterfolk alike, some things begin to change both f...
Momoku no Kitsune- a Naruto fanfiction ON TEMPORARY HAITUS  by Babywolf-Lover
Momoku no Kitsune- a Naruto E.O Wolf
When Naru was 9 years old, she went completely blind because of an attack. Sarutobi found and got the girl training so she could still be a ninja. How much different wou...
Our Differences (Eddsworld TomTord) by Swingster_13
Our Differences (Eddsworld TomTord)by 3 AM Fanfics
After Tord was reunited with his giant robot he thought that he'd be able to take over the world, he believed he wouldn't regret his decisions. Oh how he was wrong, when...
"Right By My Side." by Hey_Adora_
"Right By My Side."by Hey_adora_
After failing to defeat the Rebellion again, Hordak is fed up with Catra and nearly kills her. This finally pushes Catra over the edge to leave the Fright Zone for good...
The Holy Bible of Naegami by shslmint
The Holy Bible of Naegamiby naegami
Just a place for Naegami stuff. Oneshots, pictures, headcanons, you name it! Anyways, I take requests! _____ So I've been getting really interested in this fandom, and...
Under My Command (TomTord) (DISCONTINUED) by Swingster_13
Under My Command (TomTord) ( 3 AM Fanfics
Tord finally fulfilled his dream after three years with the red army in which to take over the world. Though in the process of world domination, skilled gunman and fight...
Still A Black  by DailyDoseOfGenie
Still A Black by DailyDoseOfGenie
Skull handed Sirius his piercings "Hold these for me star child, I'll be back" he told the child, big stormy blue looked up at him "What are you gonna do...
Gold Foil by Vhaenya
Gold Foilby Vhaenya
"Marry me." Gojou hoarsely whispers, pleading with him. Suguru's eyes widen as he's overcome with shock and confusion. Suguru had been expecting a lot of thing...
She's A Lady by boyloveangel
She's A Ladyby Angel
Erin's boss won't leave her alone, so she does what any girl in her position would do... she gets him fired. Then she has the idiocy to fall for his replacement. But she...
a boondocks baby by APoetNamedR
a boondocks babyby APoetNamedR
This story is about the sweet innocent Jazmine that's got a world of crazy coming toward her
Denny has a Wife?! by EliseRogersBarnes
Denny has a Wife?!by EliseRogersBarnes
a different take on denny duquette what if denny was married? what if things where a bit diffrent and the others didnt help izzie when she cut the Lvad wire, what will h...
Bad Enough for You (BoyxBoy) by YERPaDERP
Bad Enough for You (BoyxBoy)by Allison
Tyler is the preppy, wholesome football star who is friends with everyone, gets good grades and is adored by all. While Jeremy on the other hand is the druggie, pot-head...
Beyond Here by XiSmudge
Beyond Hereby Benny Boo
Jonas may be young and naive, but he will not ignore his community slowly dying because of some mysterious force. From what he knows, it's huge, it's the worse possible...
The Koopa monarch ( ⚒️update soon!!!!!⚒️) by Jay_productions
The Koopa monarch ( ⚒️update Jay_productions
conflict, destruction, Power, conquering, and Kingdoms. In this story expect a lot of wars and tragic pasts. Discovered the backstories of over 48 Koopa kings and Queens.
Atem X Reader ( The Pharaoh And The Slave)  by Yugioh_Lover12
Atem X Reader ( The Pharaoh And Dragonwolf24
You are thrown back in time for a purpose..... all is confusing until you gaze upon the prince Atem... and your story begins. (again i'm bad at intros! bare with me! ^-^)
Temporary Puppet (Ultron X Reader) by StarryShodow23
Temporary Puppet (Ultron X Reader)by StarryShadow23
After Ultron's defeat and failure of world destruction, a question arises; what is love? He sets out to find someone perfect for his mission, as broken as he is, and wha...
My Little Garbage Bunny 2 (Springtrap x Reader) by StarryShodow23
My Little Garbage Bunny 2 ( StarryShadow23
After Fazbear's Fight burns down, Springtrap now lives with you! A few weeks later, some people come looking for their bunny animatronic. How long can you hide him befor...