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Sweet Gogy: GeorgeNotFound X Reader by CreaWasNotFound
Sweet Gogy: GeorgeNotFound X Readerby Crealyn
Title: Sweet Gogy George NotFound X Reader. Chapter 1: You're a new member/player of the Dream Smp. Your friends with Badboy Halo since you and Badboy Halo are neighbors...
Soulbreak - A MCYT 3rd/Last/Double Life FanFiction by WiseWing77
Soulbreak - A MCYT 3rd/Last/ WiseWing77
They've all suffered... they've all lived through the great war... they've all lost loved ones to the watchers. But it's over now... and Mojang has defeated the watchers...
The Art Of Minecraft by Minecraft_Lexi
The Art Of Minecraftby Lexi
An art book filled with nothing but Minecraft stuff (maybe more). Also take requests so don't be afraid to ask. Just- No asking anything drawn about dark morbid and sens...
My Dear Ellie [Minecraft: Story Mode] by BlueGirlStarlette
My Dear Ellie [Minecraft: Story The Magnugaard Princess
WARNING: This short fanfic song contains FEELS and a lots of MAGNUGAARD MOMENTS This short story is Magnus and Ellegaard on how they met each other before the events of...
The Uprising (Hermitcraft AU) by MusicalRomantic
The Uprising (Hermitcraft AU)by Eddie Spaghetti
Xisuma has just become the king of his small country. Unfortunately, due to a fatal mistake on the part of his most trusted mystic, Tango, his plans go awry. Grian, the...
My Book of Shipping : Minecraft Story Mode (My opinions) by _Miss_Raffa_
My Book of Shipping : Minecraft Miss Pixy
This is a book about my opinion on all ships from the game Minecraft Story Mode (Probably you guys can hate me with most ç-ç and one of the ships of the characters, I sh...
Die for Me, Kill for You (Herobrine has a bunny) by CocoaBunnyWrites
Die for Me, Kill for You ( Cocoa Bunny
Steve is adventerous, fidgety. He neets something to do, needs a story to fulfill, needs a place to go. What if he's on one of these adventures, and he gets trapped? Wha...
DreamTeam X Reader Oneshots + {Bad & Skeppy} by DreamTeamwriter
DreamTeam X Reader Oneshots + { DreamTeamwriter
Dream, George, Sapnap, Bad, and Skeppy.. pls don't read this lmao Just OneShots of your favorites. I do take requests. I write OneShots about: Dream George Sapnap And...
Bricked Up  by Spicey_MemeZ
Bricked Up by Nathaniel B
I love making cursed ships Minecraft Steve x Billie Eilish
My Love For You Exploded- Enderman x Creeper Yaoi by TheYaoi-bulance
My Love For You Exploded- Mikey
Ender, aka Endy, is in love with his best friend Carter Ex. No one knows he's bi except Carter and his fathers, who being gay themselves, supported him. But since no one...
A Minecraft novel by Kayla_writes2
A Minecraft novelby Kayla
Lucy's parents starts a rebellion- against Notch himself, minecrafts creator. His mobs are controlled and won't stop anyone or anything. (Read this before reading Storm'...
Steve x Alex MINECRAFT FANFIC (SFW) by Rowonald_Mcdowonald
Steve x Alex MINECRAFT FANFIC (SFW)by Rowonald_Mcdowonald
Steve and Alex have been best friends for years when suddenly romance sparks between them, watch as their relationship develops followed by adventure and drama to go rig...
Win this game,for us - F.Jesse x Lukas by _Miss_Raffa_
Win this game,for us - F.Jesse x Miss Pixy
For whom shipp Lukesse,This fanfic is for you! (WARNING! This fanfic there will be spoilers of episode 8!) Created by: Raffaborboo Minecraft Story Mode © Telltale...
Blocks | A Minecraft RP | *OPEN* by LuckyBaton6590
Blocks | A Minecraft RP | *OPEN*by LuckyBaton6590
Lucky was the average person. That was, until she somehow got transported into one of her favourite games. But Lucky wasn't the only person there, as she will soon dis...
MineTales (Minecraft story/Minecraft lore) by FoxyKraft
MineTales (Minecraft story/ FoxyKraft
This story is a Minecraft story that is being worked on. And one of the most favorite story I have ever written. Minecraft tales, is a original written story that make...
Gen-Z's religion by WeAreTheBread
Gen-Z's religionby Bread Slice
The Gen-Z religion is a congregation of fandoms, gays, geeks, and dorks looking for some fun, but without the risk of being judged for stuff they like. Here, we worship...
Let's Talk! by Alex_Of_Minecraft
Let's Talk!by Alex Miner
Talk about whatever is on your mind. Anywhere from life to issues to....Whatever. You name it, I got you. Just please help me help you if help is needed. Okay? I can onl...
Minecraft Imagines, Meta, News, Etc by The-Man-with-No-Name
Minecraft Imagines, Meta, News, Etcby Grissom
HAPPY TENTH ANNIVERSARY, FELLOW BLOCKHEADS!!!!! In celebration of ten years of Minecraft, here's a book full of blockiness, pixels, and fun! I'll be writing fanfiction...
Minecraft: Story Mode (Season 3) by Minecraft_Lexi
Minecraft: Story Mode (Season 3)by Lexi
(Cover edit by me) Wither storm defeated, Order of the Stone reunited, Admin defeated, lost ones avenged, Jesse moving on and the blocky world of Minecraft is now finall...
Minecraft Story Mode | The Last Attacked by _Miss_Raffa_
Minecraft Story Mode | The Last Miss Pixy
► Plot: "After Jesse have returned from their adventures, it started happening strange creatures attacks all over the city, until they found out they were vampires...