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Make Me~an MLBxMarvel Crossover by Kakabear808
Make Me~an MLBxMarvel Crossoverby Kakabear
This is a Marvel/MLB crossover. Ladybug is sixteen now, and Lila hs ruined her life, not only in school, but in her superhero life as well. Hawkmoth has gotten stronger...
The Shrink Program by Shayni
The Shrink Programby Shayni
Maddison Tramph makes terrible life choices and is shrunken as a result. To return to normal, she must reform her behaviour with the help of an estranged best friend. R...
Cyborg Luz by Jss2141
Cyborg Luzby Jss2141
When a little girl is placed into a coma, her father does whatever it takes to save her. No matter how extreme or how changing it would be. I do not own The Owl House Co...
Miraculous Oneshots by Kakabear808
Miraculous Oneshotsby Kakabear
Just a series of oneshots including salt, maybe ¿death? and crossovers from both Marvel and DC only. Future chapters include: A good old classic trip to Gotham, with a...
Second Nature by MarkCanter
Second Natureby Mark Canter
2012 SILVER MEDAL WINNER in the Indie Awards (from the Independent Publishers Association). When the heart sees more keenly than the eye, beauty is unexpectedly found. G...
Depth Of Sacrifice by -NikaRave-
Depth Of Sacrificeby -NikaRave-
by @RavenRock67 What can one man do when Earth is the target? A story of Sacrifice... and Love.
alien nano tech deku ( DISCONTINUED)  by murasama
alien nano tech deku ( murasama
during the nine fight ofa was transfered to bakugou and aster that a video destroyed most of his classes trust in him what will happen when deku will be dying in 10mins
In For Pound, In For A Penny by Anime0CC0Manga
In For Pound, In For A Pennyby Anime0CC0Manga
A Sensational Girl And Salutation Boy Having A Lot Of Fun Together~
Shattered Stars by thebigeasy66
Shattered Starsby Connor Gaymon
Connor didn't remember alien abduction being a part of his college schedule. He doesn't know it, but he's about to learn a whole lot more than what he paid for. Disorien...
The Chimera: Dawn Of Heroes by x_X_DarkPrince_X_x
The Chimera: Dawn Of Heroesby x_X_DarkPrince_X_x
When he was a child, his parents were killed in their home, before the attackers could get their son. The boys father gave his son a chance to escape. 16 years later the...
Radioactive Evolution by Balr0g
Radioactive Evolutionby Richard Hummel
The world as humanity knew it was gone. In its place was a radioactive wasteland, scorched by nuclear furnaces. The third millenium passed unmarked and uncelebrated by t...
Robot by Aurora808
Robotby Aurora
A scientist works to develop a harmless robot designed for industrial work in a factory, but something goes wrong and the robot created is a deadly machine with only one...
First drop in the sea by WolfSeraphin
First drop in the seaby Nikoletta Frühwirth
Az első csepp a tengerben angol nyelvű változata. My story, Első csepp a tengerben's english version. "I'm Tristan Shaw, and this is the real world." It is 224...
Index Casualty (BL) by ruyilala
Index Casualty (BL)by Ruyi
Space. Humanity's cradle after 20,000 years. Starships litter the skies as stars as mankind strives to survive in the abyss of unforgiving eternity. Earth is but a dista...
Chip Off The Old Block by Purplebootgy
Chip Off The Old Blockby Purplebootgy
A gorgeous but homophobic bully is forced to change his ways when a microchip is implanted in his body. originally written by Purplebootsgywr on, a story w...
Drabble, Drafts, and Cockamamie Ideas by sleepingdraco
Drabble, Drafts, and Cockamamie Søvn Drake
Exactly what the title says. Commentary and additional cockamamie ideas welcome. Includes work from Urban Fiction's #UrbanFridayPrompt, #MicroBytes Contests and Challeng...
Harvest of Betelgeuse Crystal by Black_Bakonawa
Harvest of Betelgeuse Crystalby Mark Ramson M. Glovo
This serves as a historical prequel of Betelgeuse Series soon to be published in Amazon Kindle and here in Wattpad. Recorded by a Maharlikan Scientist and researcher H...