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The Wandering Ronin N  by WolfSama8
The Wandering Ronin N by Wolf Sama
Óbito's attack to the leave turned into a failure as Minato managed to kill him, but when one problem is solved another one comes to takes it place. In order to save the...
Naruto: Alternative to the Last by sidena
Naruto: Alternative to the Lastby Toni.Ro
Naruto has finally found the answer to the question his father, teacher and sibling disciple had entrusted him with.He is now considered the Saviour of the Ninja World...
NaruSaku : Naruto Returns (Ongoing) by jcmcintyre
NaruSaku : Naruto Returns (Ongoing)by jcmcintyre
When naruto return the village after training with jiraiya, does sakura still have feelings for sasuke or will she give naruto a chance
The Narutoverse  by SAPwriter2005
The Narutoverse by Sergio Paredes
I see alot of dekuverse or MHA multiverses but not alot of any other anime so I decided to be different. This is the narutoverse !!!
Narusaku drabbles by not_a_girly_girl
Narusaku drabblesby ✨Melanin Queen✨
Series of one shots about narusaku All of them are in third person Highest ranking, #1 in Narusaku ranking 7/20/20 😭 #1 in drabbles 01/13/24 All the pictures I use are...
Little Sunflower (SASUHINA) by aylensimagination
Little Sunflower (SASUHINA)by aylensimagination
It was a normal day, until Hinata came across a boy who claimed to be her future son, Suki. Yet his last name didn't seem to please Hinata. What will lie in Hinata's fut...
The Cycle Of Hatred: Alternate World by DavidkylePrimacio
The Cycle Of Hatred: Alternate Uchiha DK23
In Naruto Shippuden, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze hated by everyone and shunned by the village, he had enough so he decided to left the Village in gaining power to Orochimaru...
Uchiha Brothers: A Naruto Uchiha Story Book 1: Beginnings  by MightyBrand3464
Uchiha Brothers: A Naruto Uchiha BrandonH99
Loosely based on the "What if Naruto was an Uchiha" by Youtuber Nemogz. This my interpretation of the brotherly bond between Naruto and Sasuke as twins. Naruto...
Ship Or Skip by fachigo
Ship Or Skipby Favour❤
Naruto in highschool. What if Naruto fell for Sakura instead, what if Hinata liked Sasuke instead? What if Shikamaru and Ino were to fall in love? And Neji with Tenten...
New Feelings  by Bxxstt
New Feelings by Connor
Sakura had always thought of Naruto as a brother, she could never date him... or so she thought.
look out Konoha here comes Amazing SpiderNinja  by capzica28
look out Konoha here comes Blake Foye
. After failing the Academy exam for the first time, Naruto wanders into the forest in a rage. There, he is bit by a strange spider, which grants him amazing powers but...
✓|NaruSaku One Shots | Naruto x Sakura  by xXxSeraphinexXx
✓|NaruSaku One Shots | Naruto x Aria
Just a bunch of one shots I come up with when I'm bored. Requests are welcomed. I've had these first two one shots for a few months now, but I wanted to share it to th...
Wasn't Love at First Sight Ya Know by not_a_girly_girl
Wasn't Love at First Sight Ya Knowby ✨Melanin Queen✨
Story Naruto uzumaki was a successful business owner. He worked very hard at his job as he owned five law firms. He was taught to always be kind to people but ruthless i...
Baby sakura and akatsuki by Deadly_Narcissus
Baby sakura and akatsukiby Narcisuss
Sakura was from the haruno clan witch was massacred by pein and konnan so pein. Sorry guys i cant do the I'm Bad...
Letter by may46117
Letterby May🌺
A Narusaku oneshot.
Naruto Senju x Sakura  by Ravenzawa12
Naruto Senju x Sakura by
this is a what if style story so follow Naruto as he learns and master's his chakra and make friends or enemies.
THE LAST KISS by drunklazystrawberry
THE LAST KISSby drunklazystrawberry
In fighting against Toneri Otsotsukis Naruto gets injured. Sakura healed Naruto and spent all her chakra. Now Sakura is lying tired and Naruto decides to confess his fee...
F*** you both by animeloverp
F*** you bothby animeloverp
Naruto love sakura and asked her to be his gf she says yes not having the same felling for him.... bt just wanting to be a hoe. So when naruto sees her flirting with a r...
hoodie talent || sakura fanfic UNDER CONSTRUCTION  by teenyweenee
hoodie talent || sakura fanfic >.<
"Everyone is born with the same talent; people just choose to show it differently." ~Kia Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO!!! KISHIMOTO DOES!!!
Amor en la aldea de la hoja by Rocio-valdes777
Amor en la aldea de la hojaby Rocio-valdes777
Esta historia se trata de Naruto Uzumaki y Sakura Haruno dos jovenes personajes principales de el anime Naruto, los cuales en el anime no se llevan muy bien y mucho meno...