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My Name Is Naomi by gingerbread250
My Name Is Naomiby Rosanna Parker
In Germany, Wolfgang Braun is forced to join the Nazis. He isn't sure he believes anything Hitler is doing is good, but he doesn't have a choice. When the most powerfu...
Star Crossed Enemies - *Published and Updated* by anmendezbooks
Star Crossed Enemies - * A. N. Mendez
NOW PUBLISHED! Find it on Amazon (paperback and ebook) and Barnes & Noble (paperback and hardback). TOP 100 in Barnes & Noble's Romance Bestsellers List! This is an exce...
Amit & Adam by SarahGarvey95
Amit & Adamby Sarah
Amit Gypps was just a normal high school girl, when the new politcal party, the Nazis came into power and began make life misery for the Jewish people in her community...
[eng]⫷Between the war and my enemy⫸ (T-34) by ArgentaPelotuda
[eng]⫷Between the war and my ɭศ_℘σгtεñศ
After that confrontation Nicolay is stunned by the fall of Klaus, to clear his mind he decides to go for a walk with the excuse that it was a reconnaissance of the land...
The Crew Reaction to the Henry Stickman Collection (Collaboration) by godzillahalofan
The Crew Reaction to the Henry Semper Fi!!!
A Collaboration story with @JuanDelon198. The crew from Team Fortress 2, Harzin Hotel, other characters, and some of our OCs react to this amazing, hilarous adventure of...
OP-DEC: Operation Deceit by KellyWilliams701
OP-DEC: Operation Deceitby K. Williams
It's 1933 and the height of Boston's social season. Claire Healey overhears a terrible argument between her industrial-tycoon father and her socialite mother. Claire's f...
RWBY Fanfic • |Chokepoint| Finale To The Nazis In Remnant Series by BillNyeTheRWBYGuy
RWBY Fanfic • |Chokepoint| Just A Man
November 1946... He survived, somehow. But he lived, and now tries to live a normal life in Remnant. But the last thing expected was Oskar Dirlewanger and his SS Divisio...
Red Winter // [ONC 2019] // Longlisted by Spruce_Goose
Red Winter // [ONC 2019] // Amelia Harper
A blizzard. A tree. A secret. Three things that will change fifteen-year-old Halina Steiner's life forever. (c)Spruce_Goose Cover by @HeartlessVibes
Why u Stalin? by stressedghost
Why u Stalin?by ghostly
My friend and I wrote this as our English final. I promise you it is worth the read. There's meat fights, geese, Nazis, and more!
Canción de Cuna de Auschwitz - Mario Escobar. by kathyy483
Canción de Cuna de Auschwitz - Kathy
Entre los papeles encontrados del doctor nazi Joseph Mengele hay un diario escrito en cuadernos infantiles de una mujer llamada Helene Hanneman. Se trata de una enfermer...
año 2021 , EEUU y Rusia han llevado al mundo a un punto muerto , cuando todo el mundo pensaba que la guerra empezaria entre estas dos superpotencias , todo dio un giro i...
The Secrets Of The German Brothels (On Hold) by slimshadygirl7717
The Secrets Of The German slimshadygirl7717
In this book we will look into the eyes of 10 women. All from different places and different backgrounds. This is to show you of the untold stories of the brothels. The...
Halo (Currently on Hold) by ElenaSenecal
Halo (Currently on Hold)by Elena
When Martin Althaus is injured while fighting in England in 1940. He runs from his German fleet, only to later be found by a wealthy Englishman named Lawrence Rennoll an...
I Don't Want to Burn (A PruAus Holocaust Fanfiction) by ArtKirklandIsStress
I Don't Want to Burn (A PruAus RomanoVargasIsACoffeeholic
The Holocaust was a mass genocide event, the worst in human history. Many unlucky people lost their lives in it, and those that lived through it are not always considere...
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark by paulbat1234
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of paulbat
The race for the Lost Ark of the Covenant is on! Join Indiana Jones, an archeologist who has been asked by the U.S. Intelligence Army to track and locate the Lost Ark be...
The Woman Who Killed Hitler by monochromatic_void
The Woman Who Killed Hitlerby Zoë Lopez
Heidi was just a regular woman living in Germany during World War II, that is until she developed mind control powers. Read to find out all about her journey and how she...
Swing Band (War Shadows: Book 3) by SicSemperT-Rex
Swing Band (War Shadows: Book 3)by Hannah Bishop
1939, Poland. Germany has invaded Poland and captured Krakow. Some are hopeful that things can continue the way they were. Others know that things will never be the same...
Through Darkened Skies by MrEDK1985
Through Darkened Skiesby MrEDK1985
After the tragic passing of his wife, Mark Myers ends up enlisting in the Army. At the height of World War 2, he crosses paths with Scarlett Franks, an Army nurse, who...
Drown the future by fxheemx_j4
Drown the futureby 千αн𝑒𝑒мα. ₭ 🪷
The dystopia of the average person is the utopia of the psychopath. You've only got to look at the general direction the world is heading in to know who is in charge... ...
My Soviet Nazis (Nazi Germany x innocent reader x Soviet Russia) by Pokemonia-chan
My Soviet Nazis (Nazi Germany x HeavenlyAristocrat
I guess I never really understood war, death, or disease. I can't, yes I am a country. Yes I have been around for awhile. But, I have been in a war or had to see death o...