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Azur Lane: Evil Rises And Destiny Of The Reich by AleonCybrium
Azur Lane: Evil Rises And AleonCybrium
"Once a nation that was weaken by the great war, mock by there former rivals as the nation is on the brink of collapse one man stands up and brings hope to many as...
reich x ussr / hate by fuhrer_brot_
reich x ussr / hateby sad fuhrer
Lots of porn angry to be exact for a friend enjoy/ war für n freund gönnt euch TOP!REICH X BOTTOM!USSR HAHAHAHAHAH
3000 Meters (T-34 x Male!Reader) by Getthisbread420
3000 Meters (T-34 x Male!Reader)by Machiavellian B*tch
A 3000 meter strip of plains and forests separates Thuringia S III Concentration Camp from the Ohrdruf Army Airfield. It is not a convenient arrangement for you. *** Nik...
Can't let go - T-34 by Gomatsukki
Can't let go - T-34by Matsu™
[ Jäger x Ivushkin ] And as he holds his bloody hand in his own, Ivushkin can't bring himself to let go. ⚠️ slow burn & slow updates ⚠️
Deception - WWII Resistance / Holocaust Novel by historicole
Deception - WWII Resistance / nicole
Holland 1943. Mieke de Jong is tasked to lure German officers to their deaths. She changes her identity. Infiltrates the enemy. She must lie to live. Fight for her freed...
A Soldier of No Importance [ Band of Brothers ] 1 by Silmarilz1701
A Soldier of No Importance [ J | Julianne
NOW Included on the official Wattpad Historical Fiction reading list for Fanfiction. WWII Historical Fiction / Band of Brothers Fanfiction #1 in World War Two, #1 in Ban...
Countryhumans x Reader (Slow updates/Old) by Icefang11
Countryhumans x Reader (Slow End mii
All by yourself, at the age of 18 you moved out. At your new place you start to notice something strange. Little flickers happening in the corner of your eye every now a...
CountryHumans Headcanons and More by space_yyyy
CountryHumans Headcanons and Moreby hellø-łhere
Just some stupid headcanons or other things that my brain comes up with. Can range from shitposts to depress. Enjoy. P.S. You can leave requests for countries you want s...
The Pilot by AlexisG1984
The Pilotby Alexis Garrison
Just before World War Two in Europe, young Marion Ludwig, a German girl, finds a crashed U.S. plane in Germany and an intriguing American pilot with it. Suspicions arise...
A War We Fought In The Past But Never Now by USMCGamer101
A War We Fought In The Past But ∆|Locus 2-1|∆
(This books contain plenty Sensitive Topics about the 2nd World War, The Holocaust and many more. I do not support the actions of the Germans during WW2, I Don't support...
A Hell Of A Time {CountryHumans X Reader} by L0CAL58
A Hell Of A Time {CountryHumans fr; care/tom🥀
I read some, surprisingly popular, X Readers with our favourite E-Boys and E-Girls we know as countries. So, y'all with Countryhumans, enjoy getting yeeted by the "...
Countryhuman oneshots by The_Echo_3721
Countryhuman oneshotsby The_Echo_3721
This will be a book like one with one-shots but yeah.. I can't promise I will update it often but I'll write when I feel like it, I hope you enjoy!
Izetta the Last Witch: Nazi encounter  by RadityaFajriRamadhan
Izetta the Last Witch: Nazi Raditya Fajri Ramadhan
this story is not related to another Izetta story What if... The German found a mysterious gate to another world and in the brink of the end of World War 2, Nazi Führer...
Azur Lane: The unknown forces of "Neuschwabenland" by DailydoseofAdler
Azur Lane: The unknown forces of " Für die Kaiser
Recently, there were sightings of unknown ships in the seas near Antarctica but 2 months later, those ships are now nearing the main Azur Lane base, their movements chan...
The P 1000 back in time by Boah63784
The P 1000 back in timeby Boah63784
Germany was on its last legs but when the P 1000 rattle was done being built Germany was able to turn the tide of the war. But when the P 1000 ends up in the past it mus...
Why Me? - A Countryhumans CanAme Fanfiction (Discontinued?) by UpInSaturn
Why Me? - A Countryhumans CanAme You Look Good
School. Why school? Some people love it. Some hate it. Especially when you are a monster. Contains: - Incest - Fluff - Some smut - Harsh language - Sub!Russia
(Slow updates) The Cursed Princess V2 (Original Series)  by M1SSSTARLIGHT
(Slow updates) The Cursed M1SSSTARLIGHT
Introduction: She died and was reborn into a time where the idea of vampire was first introduced. The Medieval Times. But the world isn't like her old world at all. How...
Addison by theartofhearts
Addisonby C.🌙
[COMPLETED] During World War II, the world is suffering. Her husband is a Nazi, and she's a war spy - living under a fake identity in Occupied France. For Rhea Brandt...
WW2 by CubicGamingYT
WW2by CubicGamingYT
The world is as the brink of Axis invasion as it seems. A task force comprising of only the best soldiers are scrambled to bring the head of the Axis powers; Only to fin...
The Adventures of the Axis Powers by wordsperminute
The Adventures of the Axis Powersby wordsperminute
Ahhh, you know, this is another causal story about the most causal worst countries in history, but it's okay because I'm prepared for the hate coming my way. Anyway.... ...