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These Tiny Ninja (Ninjago x Reader) {COMPLETED} by Honey_Blossom70
These Tiny Ninja (Ninjago x 🌸 Honey_Blossom 🌸
You are an average teen in high school who has a pretty decent life, all is normal until you encounter talking legos! What will you do with these tiny new friends? Find...
What's Wrong...|Cole x Zane|Glacier Ninjago|FINISHED by DontFallAsleep250
What's Wrong...|Cole x Zane| AGlacierShipper
WARNING THIS IS AN OLD BOOK/FIRST BOOK. THE REMAKE IS ON MY ACCOUNT :D Cole paid a lot of attention to the quiet boy, Zane. He never talked often and was very secretive...
Burden of Fallen Masters by Rose_Z_NinjaMystreet
Burden of Fallen Mastersby LunaRoseZ
after nya, cole, zane, lloyd and master wu get cursed during a fight with a villain, they are sent to limbo. A place in between realms. Though it only felt like 10 minut...
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Reunited - Ninjago (Lloyd X Reader) by PandaPoodle
Reunited - Ninjago (Lloyd X Reader)by Amanda Panda
As the sacred daughter of Acronix, a certain Green Ninja stole your heart. He was your first ever love, his friends had all became your family. But, perfect things don't...
Rewind the Past (Futureshipping) by just_valesh
Rewind the Past (Futureshipping)by just_valesh
Nobody is lost, until you don't forget them. You can always find them, in your heart. That's my first Futureshipping Fanfiction, I hope you like it.
What's Wrong....|Glacier|DISCONTINUED by DontFallAsleep250
What's Wrong....|Glacier| AGlacierShipper
This story has been discontinued to the fact that I dislike how I remade it. Everything is explained on the final chapter of this book. Although for others enjoyment it...
Amends - a Ninjago fanfiction by stormysky-
Amends - a Ninjago fanfictionby 𝐬𝐤𝐲𝐥𝐚𝐫
a·mends (noun) to correct a mistake. - Milton Dyer --- Making amends with others and making amends with yourself are two rather different things. Unagami messed...
Ninjago: Rise of the Purple Ninja by Siriusaboutmione
Ninjago: Rise of the Purple Ninjaby Tom Talon
(Each book is 1 season). Ninjago is once at trouble when Forito an evil Samurai wants to take over! When they find a pre recorded message where Sensei Wu explains about...
Flumptober I Ninjago Fanfiction Challenge I 2020 by WishFountain
Flumptober I Ninjago Fanfiction ✨Wish✨
This is the Flumptober challenge by @LuckyBugBooks. Thirty-one Ninjago fanfiction prompts for all thirty-one days of October. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ninjago, or the Fl...
Master of Air [Ninjago Fanfic] by raintail234
Master of Air [Ninjago Fanfic]by Pretzel T.
All of Ninjago has been receiving horrible nightmares, which then causes them to eventually slip into a coma. Nobody knows what's happening except Sensei Wu, but he has...
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Number One Crime: Copyright Infringement by BionicStars
Number One Crime: Copyright BionicStars
The police haven't done anything about him. The ninja sure haven't managed to take him back to Kryptarium. Skylor is done waiting for something to happen. Tonight, she d...
katy's life by popstarnat
katy's lifeby Parker Lynn
mash up with young justice chat noir and ladybug ,ninjago. Caitlin is dick greyson's little sister as she thought. she's a neko (a cat human)
Jump up.. kick back?. /Ninjago fan fiction\  by eeveelutionsstories1
Jump up.. kick back?. /Ninjago eeveelutionsstories1
This is a Ninjago fan fiction! All the characters aren't mine! Same with the cover, I'm not the artist. Who are you.. what are you.. a ninja they say.. You were in a com...
Daddy Issues (Lloyd Garmadon) by citrusdarling7
Daddy Issues (Lloyd Garmadon)by meg
"My dad left when I was seven." I spoke softly; I supposed part of me still felt as if it had been my fault. He raised his brow and let out a deep chuckle. &qu...
The Last Genie by JMR1998
The Last Genieby JMR
There's a new threat in Ninjago City. A samurai that steals things. When he takes a very rare prize, a new challenge presents itself for the ninja. This time, they have...
Ninjago: The Master of Body by XxDevilDeadlyxX
Ninjago: The Master of Bodyby Peter
☣️ TW ☣️ This story has themes of horror, blood, gore and body horror. If you don't feel comfortable by these topics please don't read. Thank you for reading. ☣️ CREDITS...