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Tris Pedrad-The Dauntless Born Prodigy! by Midget_2704
Tris Pedrad-The Dauntless Born Midget_2704
Ok guys so this is the story of Tris Pedrad she is Uriah's Twin but younger than him. She is also Zeke's younger sister. In this Hannah is their Mum and Max is their dad...
Dauntless Born by nicollison
Dauntless Bornby idk
So Tris Prior you all know her story. Well how about Tris Pedrad? The Pedrads are all Dauntless and even some divergent. What happens when the girl is forced to date sec...
Tris pedrad by Gamerqueenstar
Tris pedradby 💦K I L L M E💦
Tris pedrad and her twin Uriah and her older brother Zeke live in the Dauntless Compound. Their parents are Hanna and the leader of Dauntless, Max. All together the thre...
Divergent- if tris was a Pedrad by insurgentbaby
Divergent- if tris was a Pedradby Alexis
In this story tris is a Pedrad. Her older brother is zeke and uriah is her twin. She is dauntless born and can't seem to keep her eyes off of the legendary four who just...
Another Pedrad: Initiation by aswordofwords
Another Pedrad: Initiationby ˗ˏˋ ari ˊˎ˗
"What if Tris Prior was dauntless born? What if she was the sister of Uriah and Zeke Pedrad? What if all this, came true? This is the story of Tris Pedrad, beautifu...
Tris Pedrad • Dauntless Prodigy by sagesam1328
Tris Pedrad • Dauntless Prodigyby Sage
what would happen if Tris was born in Dauntless? (I know OVERUSED) In this story Tris is the twin of Uriah and younger sister of Zeke, their parents are both Dauntless L...
Dauntless Born - Tris Pedrad by barelyalive01
Dauntless Born - Tris Pedradby barelyalive01
Hi... First ever fanfiction here This is a 'what if' Tris Prior was instead born into the Pedrad family. Twin with Uriah and younger sister to Zeke. Hope you enjoy!
Dauntless Born by hx7680
Dauntless Bornby divergent
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Tris was born dauntless instead of abnegation? Tris Pedrad, a dauntless born. Brown hair, tan skin, and cloudy grey eyes. Sh...
•Tris Pedrad•  by Divergent_love234
•Tris Pedrad• by Divergent_love234
What if Tris was dauntless born? What if her twin brother was Uriah and older brother Zeke? Join the exciting adventure of the dauntless crew. //All rights go to Veronic...
Tris Pedrad by hailey_roo13
Tris Pedradby Hails✨♓️🦥
Tris Pedrad is a know prodigy in dauntless. She could fight her brothers by the age of eight and had a record breaking amount of just 6 fears. Her brothers are very prot...
Power Is Given To Those Who Do Not Seek It- Divergent by Dauntlessrose46
Power Is Given To Those Who Do Squenzie46
Tris lives with her brothers Uriah and Zeke. They found out that they have super powers and have to go to a secret school to help them control and learn how to use their...
Uris: A Twist {Divergent} by DivergTHG
Uris: A Twist {Divergent}by Tragic Survival
Welcome to Club Uris. Pain is what we experience most of the Divergent book series. This is our choice. It can transform you. It can destroy you. It can define you. *Com...
Tris is no longer a prior but a Pedrad. She is dauntless born with Uriah and Zeke as her over protective brothers. Will they let her find love? Tris's life as dauntless...
Together divergent by HChap171606
Together divergentby Lollypop
Tris is in constant danger and trouble yet she doesn't understand why but she always has her brothers, Zeke and Uriah, there to help her along the way. But will she be a...
Dauntless Born  by katie9454g
Dauntless Born by Grace Kellerman
What if Tris was a Pedrad and the twin sister of Uriah What would happen what would be different This is a divergent fanfiction no war
Tris Pedrad dauntless leader  by sawamuradaichi
Tris Pedrad dauntless leader by sawamuradaichi
All characters and people places and names are owned by Veronica Roth unless specified. After initiation tris becomes a dauntless leader with Uriah and Chris. There is n...
Divergent high school by ladybug118
Divergent high schoolby ladybug118
Divergent high school with the rest of the gang. Divergent high is a boarding school. In this story will be the regular high school experience. Everyone is in the same...