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Before He Cheats  by Booklover082
Before He Cheats by Booklover082
A story in which a woman tries to move on after leaving her cheating husband. *She does not take him back*
Perceptions by the_green_woods_qw
Perceptionsby Shaswati
Naina's mom wants Naina to share her room with her cousin for two months. But Sara's not the only one she has to share her room with. Little did she know that she also n...
Paris Malady (#1 in The Billionaire Series) by YvieOluoch
Paris Malady (#1 in The Yvette Anita Oluoch
Lisa Williams is used to things turning South instead of North and it's why she always has a back-up plan. When she catches her three year boyfriend with cabin staff, he...
Deductions and Stuff by The-Cerulean-Lily
Deductions and Stuffby Cerulean
This is a collection of deductions, methods of manipulation, body language meanings, and other things of the such that I either discover myself or find of others and vie...
Warmoon [ONC 2020]•[Shortlisted]•[Honorable Mention List, Stunning Worlds] by AEPennymaker
Warmoon [ONC 2020]•[Shortlisted]•[ Anna
Witchspawn. Rotbringer. Child of Darkness. There are many names for someone born under a Warmoon, and Rhoa Strongcastle has heard them all. It doesn't help that on the n...
Different (a NF FANFIC) by KIT002KAT
Different (a NF FANFIC)by Kitkat
ON HOLD In which a girl hits the jackpot and goes on tour with NF. Love blooms. The struggles of fame catch them both. Will their love survive?
DXD : Assassin's Death Preception by WriterEvan12
DXD : Assassin's Death Preceptionby IvanCruz
DXD and Nasuverse Or Fate I don't own it owns by the creator of the team and manga creator Assassin or Codename Mystic Eyes was recruited by the Neutral Party called Ass...
Firefly (Short Stories) by MysteryGirl18Love
Firefly (Short Stories)by Jill
The dynamic of being in love is one that never comprehends to be understood, but rather to be felt. Love is a leap and along that leap comes bounded memories, instances...
Their Freedom by mahl123
Their Freedomby Maheen
Guys it is my first story I'll try to make it as interesting as possible and i would try my best not to do any grammar and English mistakes and English is not my mother...
1:11  by Sunlets
1:11 by Sun | Shams
Between sunsets and sunrises are a bunch of poems that may mean nothing or may mean everything. Between sunsets and sunrises I am not afraid of the dark, I am fond...
The Penteract Factor (Science Fiction - Short Story) by jcs023
The Penteract Factor (Science James C. Stewart
Max Allan’s déjà-vu leads to a comprehensive reality re-write. "The Penteract Factor" appears in the short story collection Night Alleys, recently published by...
The Corn from the Field (Short Story) by Cornfantasy
The Corn from the Field (Short Penisica
This is a short romance fantasy created straight from my heart in the corn field. This has made my perception on life change dramatically. This is vey personal so it is...
The Tiers by Coltonr47
The Tiersby Lilith Empire
This is about the Deepest Spiritual Matters, How to Overcome and Address Them, along with any other Earthly perception.
Perception (ONC 2021) by keepthywits
Perception (ONC 2021)by keepthywits
Forewarning. This was my first time doing a paranormal kind of story so it is VERY rough around the edges. If you can tolerate a confusing plot that goes somewhere but n...
An Eye That Sees by rhymesbeyondtime
An Eye That Seesby Rhymes Beyond Time
Short story on the idea of perception where it is most needed.
Their True Identities by Fading_Shadow
Their True Identitiesby Rani Dome
- A Percy Jackson FanFic - Will involve several people, not just the seven - This will basically be one-shots - This will most probably feature no mist, hence the title ...
Qarma's Odyssey  by fetishxqarma
Qarma's Odyssey by Mcpraise Airohi
️️ ️️️️ ️️ The things I write they can't truly see ️️ ️️ ️️️️ ️️ ️️️️ ️️ ️️️️ ️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️ So I compose poems for only me ️️ ️️ ️️️️ ️️ ️️️️ ️️...
From My Point Of View by BeTheCreative
From My Point Of Viewby B.E. Williams
We all have our own hell. In this horror short story the protagonist finds his when consequence and fate intertwine to create an unspeakable existence. Find out what hap...
Trip (Only On Your Own Side) by tonyarab
Trip (Only On Your Own Side)by tonyarab
Quick writing regarding what we think is right, and what is actually "right".