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Rehearsals With You ✓ by stirthestars
Rehearsals With You ✓by ρꫀꪗꪖ
April Stewart and Grey Collins have been at each other's throat since eighth grade. Putting them within reaching distance of each other doesn't exactly call for an amiab...
It's All Fake by tidalwave_
It's All Fakeby rain
It's all fake... or is it? Nothing good usually comes out when two people start a fake relationship. Everybody knows that... Well, maybe except for two arch enemies; Cla...
Camp Rickfield -COMPLETE- by Calma2016
Camp Rickfield -COMPLETE-by Calma2016
When my filthy- rich- but -best- Dad -ever came to my room, three days before the summer holidays, I expected him to offer me the same as the last five years of summer...
My Seven Brothers by charIiequinn
My Seven Brothersby charlie
Summer Tuckerman is the only and youngest girl in her family with seven older brothers. After their parents abandoned them four years ago, Summer's oldest brother, Adam...
Alpha's mate by Music101011
Alpha's mateby Music101011
Nikola is your average werewolf. Looking for her mate, but what she didn't expect was that he was a protective alpha who don't like people touching his property. -Mine...
Nuestra Estrella  by Bubble_Heart215
Nuestra Estrella by Vidhi Jain
"Kiddo he is your biological dad. He wants to talk to you and take you back to Spain." Those few words changed Vivian's whole life. Those words led her to beco...
JILY - AN UNEXPECTED RETURN by the_maniacaldesigner
JILY - AN UNEXPECTED RETURNby Jhyothsna R Giridharan
Set from the third task of the Goblet of Fire, Read more to know how Harry reacts to seeing his family back from the dead nearly fourteen years after getting hit by the...
The Marauders' Future by vesta_fromfandoms
The Marauders' Futureby vesta
When the Marauders, Lily and their rival, Severus come in contact with a cauldron that sends them to the future, hell brakes loose! Sirius Black is on the loose, spreadi...
COLBY BROCK IMAGINES by mirandaxxcolby2
Imagine all of these stories coming to life . Cause they are real 🖤and you're in it . Read this book to find out more about your life with your boyfriend Colby Brock
Are You Okay? // Colby Brock by thatonewriter365
Are You Okay? // Colby Brockby thatonewriter365
Basically a bunch of one shots about Colby accidentally getting hurt or being hurt. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any ideas!
Percy jackson truth or dare, and more... (A Percy Jackson fanfic) by c_nicole47
Percy jackson truth or dare, and Colleen
What happens when percy, annabeth, frank, hazel, Piper, Leo, Jason, nico, and talia have a friendly game of truth or dare. And a prank war. And dates. And more games? CO...
Sam and Colby Oneshots/Imagines  by joinafandomsar
Sam and Colby Oneshots/Imagines by Sarah
***Slow updates*** This is a collection of stories where you can imagine yourself in situation with Sam and Colby and their friends! (NO SMUT) If you ever have a suggest...
Wait! Werewolves? (Complete) by musicgirl2465
Wait! Werewolves? (Complete)by jrdnmoysepoole
Tyler is the typical 18 year old girl. She goes to school. Hangs out with friends. All the normal things a teenager does. Until newbies Logan and co join school. They ar...
DING DONG DITCH, apply fic. by voguewons
DING DONG DITCH, apply viv
❛ ding dong, you can't keep me waiting, its already too late for you to try & run away ❜ ❪ an open 𝒙 apply fiction ❫ ...
Protector's Bond (Two-Shot) by AgentBlueStarRebel9
Protector's Bond (Two-Shot)by The Little Infurnus
Part 1: Of Wristblasters, Infurnus Slugs and Pranks Set between Return Of The Elementals and Slug Fu Showdown What started as a simple joke turned into a fight that resu...
What Lies Ahead [Mako Mermaids] by TheyCallMeSpeedy
What Lies Ahead [Mako Mermaids]by They Call Me Speedy
Rey, Lucy and Ella were the three best pranksters in all of California only because they has a huge secret; they were mermaids with incredible powers. They could cloak t...
Our Destiny by Itz_Aneesa
Our Destinyby Aneesa 🌹
DISCLAIMER: hi guys I'm going to be editing and rewriting this book completely so if you don't see the chapters or if you see a notification saying I've updated the book...
Prank War by hope1299
Prank Warby kk.slays
Dee started the war and I am going to finish it.~nova (7/29/18)#27 in prank war (8/23/18)#15 in prank war
Bat Boys/Young Justice prank wars!! by CheshireCat927
Bat Boys/Young Justice prank wars!!by CheshireCat927
What happens when Robin brings all his brothers to visit Mt Justice? Major prank war! That's what! Takes place in season one. Minor shipping (maybe)
prank wars // steve x reader by yelenabemylova_
prank wars // steve x readerby pupper potts
When Steve, y/n and Peter are left in the Avengers Compound alone, an epic prank war breaks out.