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Safar E Zindagi (The Journey Of Life)  by HayaHashmi
Safar E Zindagi (The Journey Of Haya Hashmi
Hayat Hashim Is the Daughter Of Ibraheem Hashim, Her father is a very close friend of The Current prime minister of Pakistan. Ibraheem is one of the biggest supporters o...
Sadqay Tumhare  by ThatPakistaniGurl
Sadqay Tumhare by Mari.
For your sake. The story of Prime Minister Zaydaan Ziagil and his first lady.
What A Girl Wants: With A Twist (BWWM) by imziamandnarryasf
What A Girl Wants: With A Twist ( imziamandnarryasf
A modern twist on the early 2000's movie What A Girl Wants with a interracial and cultural twist. "In an effort to meet her father, a black girl from Oakland travel...
The Sweet Family (Season 2) by ahaddiyanplays
The Sweet Family (Season 2)by Ahad Diyan
The family went on vacation with Joe and Bugs to Spain. Thomas meets one of brothers at Spain who is running for Prime Minister of Spain. humor, action and adventure. ...
The Destroyer of corruption by JakTsu3
The Destroyer of corruptionby JakTsu3
(Y/N) was giving a second chance after his life was taken by a corrupted officer. Tsukasa kadoya graves him a second chance and sends him to another world as Kamen Rider...
Sweet and Sour [An OHSHC Fanfic] by UnchainedHeart
Sweet and Sour [An OHSHC Fanfic]by Kat
Candelaria Castro, or Cande as she insists on most people calling her, has a rather strict outlook on life. "Life is too quick, too fleeting. It's better to do thi...
A blast from the past reappears -- lol I can't believe I'm making this i'm trash
Eminence Ga Kill by Anime0CC0Manga
Eminence Ga Killby Anime0CC0Manga
A World Of Shadow's & Assassin's ~
Simpler Times by CanadianSlushy
Simpler Timesby CanadianSlushy
⚠️Kinky⚠️ A 22 year old woman named Isabella Reid who works as a waitress at the Café Fuel in down town Ottawa, Ontario. Who gets with the Prime Minister of Canada Justi...
Can't get you out of my head. by StandStarmer
Can't get you out of my StandStarmer
You are a woman named Hannah Clarke working for Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer. You can't stop thinking about him. Dreaming about him. Thinking what it would be like to...
rishi sunak x dominic raab by medievalwretch666
rishi sunak x dominic raabby esme
with his lover in the depths of a bullying scandal, and his ex-boyfriend out to get him, Rishi fights to balance the governance of a broken nation with his own personal...
How To Save A Queen by chelsieuchelouis
How To Save A Queenby Chelsie Uche Louis
Aretha Socrates, after the sudden death of her parents, is thrown into the world of monarchy, prime ministers and bills. Now, she must decide what kind of king she inten...
General Chang's Revenge - Boy's Love by LimitlessNL
General Chang's Revenge - Boy's Sarah Patton
The prologue and first chapter are basically a resume, what happens after is described with more details My name is Zhang Chang and I'm a general serving under Emperor S...
Pseudo by KimEnola
Pseudoby 𝙴𝚗𝚘𝚕𝚊
ကျုပ်​ဘေးမှာရံ​နေတဲ့အရာ​တွေအကုန်လုံးက အတုအ​ယောင်ဆိုတာသိတယ် ခင်ဗျားကိုပဲအစစ်ဖြစ်​စေချင်ရုံပဲ ၀န်ကြီးချုပ်ဆိုတဲ့ဂုဏ်ပုဒ်သာမပါရင် Parkဆိုတဲ့မျိုးရိုးမဟုတ်ရင် မင်းဆိုတဲ့​ Ji...
Whatever It takes by Black_Culture
Whatever It takesby Definitely Sweet
Justin Trudeau, Currently the 23rd Prime Minsiter of Canada. A loving father to Three children and A Prime Minister wanting to led his county to a btter place to his cou...
When He Met Me - Justin Trudeau by piscesgalpals
When He Met Me - Justin Trudeauby pisces gals
Loving someone means seeing them for who they truly are, accepting all there is to that individual and all they can give you. But loving someone means you have to know w...
Until We Fall [BL] by VocaElai
Until We Fall [BL]by ☙Elai❧
The esteemed Prime Minister Fan Jun of the Great Huan Dynasty fathered a healthy boy who was named after his unusual sea blue eyes. The boy, fondly named Fan Hai by his...
Power Position by daddyllonglegs
Power Positionby daddyllonglegs
Justin Trudeau stumbles into you at a climate change protest and you lock eyes. His dark, flowing hair and aqua-blue, somewhat green, glowing eyes enchant you and sparks...