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The Void Dragon: Rimuru by ChaosDragon06
The Void Dragon: Rimuruby Letter Chain
gsudnsmsidbsmkzjd hqbzbofns x Many grammatical error and Wrong spell all spelling.
Rimuru: Veldanava's right hand by AYANOTEMPEST
Rimuru: Veldanava's right handby KIYOMURU
****** ****, the right-hand man of the "Star King Dragon" Veldanava, died after battling the "World Destroying Dragon", Ivarage. However, what the ot...
Tensura pirates adventures! - The Beginning by DarkFighter_
Tensura pirates adventures! - The...by Dark Fighter
Rimuru and co are bored and want some fun. They decide to visit the one piece world as a source of entertainment. And of course since its one piece world, what better w...
Tensura : Reaction Time! by ChaosDragon06
Tensura : Reaction Time!by Letter Chain
I don't know why am I doing this..... I'm already busy with my first story, for god sake! Anyways, I hope you like this shitty reaction Fic! HAHAHAHAH
*_True Demon Lord_* by TURN_NULL
*_True Demon Lord_*by CHAOS TEMPEST
In this timeline, Rimuru Tempest will arrive to the cardinal world 300 years early... The "FATE" of many people will change and new characters will be introduc...
Tensura Pirates Adventres! - Interlude by DarkFighter_
Tensura Pirates Adventres! - Inter...by Dark Fighter
Join the Stardom pirates in their adventures as they shake up the one piece world! The world is going to be engulfed in a great war, and no one will be able to stop it...
Octagram back in the past by golen_phoenix
Octagram back in the pastby Just That
follow the octagram as they compete to change the timeline to their liking. after his fight with Yuuki, the world was destroyed. Rimuru and the other awakened demon lord...
The Void God!! by He_Who_Remains
The Void God!!by Joker
The Concept of God and Will of Veldanava is explained in the fanfic. Its not the type of fanfic in which Rimuru is big brother of Veldanava or something.
Isekai Quintet - Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken x Isekai Quartet by Sluggish042
Isekai Quintet - Tensei Shitara Sl...by PositiveFlight
(The characters will be from LN 16+ of Tensei shitara Slime.) SLOW UPDATE As the history of Isekai quartet already shows, well, the main block, this one will be focused...
Rimuru the primordial demon silver by Rapheal_3
Rimuru the primordial demon silverby Rimuru
Some day after Veldanava creating primordial angels and demons known as The 7 primordial of demons and angels. One day Veldanava was messing around with creating more sk...
The Older Brother Of The Destroyer (AU) by ily_gc
The Older Brother Of The Destroyer...by obsessive_reader
Cringe Story +Bad grammar Staying in another dimension for 1960 Years, A Beauty.. No.. A Goddess King... A Male Who's Beauty Is Above All, Rimuru Nava, The Chaos Creator...
demon lord from another world ( momoshiki ) by otakucrow690
demon lord from another world ( mo...by momoshiki
after momoshiki's figh with boruto , right before he was about to die he got teleported to some other world same world as rimuru he crashed into tempest forest rimuru...
The Great One's Journey by TheLiar23
The Great One's Journeyby Aleth, the Liar
A story in which Rimuru runs away from his responsibilities: Waking up after a five-hundred old year nap can bring up a lot of surprises. "Ciel, how many errands do...
「TenSura」That Time I Got Teleported Just To React! by ChoChosDiary
「TenSura」That Time I Got Teleporte...by Daily Rimuruism
❜ Both a Crack Fic and a Tensura React Fic. ━ The majority of the Tensura cast members (actually 1/20) were teleported by an unknown girl who was bored, and lite...
Velsura! - That Time I Got Sent Back in Time as a Slime! by Lobotomiskii
Velsura! - That Time I Got Sent Ba...by Lobotomized_Cunt
**NEW CHAPTERS ON SUNDAY** "It is I, the Great Storm Dragon: Veldora Tempest! Now, uhm- you see, I may have caused a few problems in Tempest, and now Rimuru is mad...
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime-Visit to the Unknown by SMDV13
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A...by SMDV13
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime- Visit to the Unknown: Ramiris, Veldora and Beretta get Isekai'd into a new world after trying to find culture. This happens afte...
Tensura Reacts: Regarding The Reincarnated Slime by TheLoverOfFluff
Tensura Reacts: Regarding The Rein...by MizuAki
Rimuru Tempest and the others get teleported into a strange theatre... Just to react to a reincarnated slime. Now once that the theatre lights up, everyone looks at the...
Tensura high school by tadija2
Tensura high schoolby t
World without magic, the tensura characters go to high school. Spoilers. I don't own any of these characters
Rimuru Love life by A_Rimuru
Rimuru Love lifeby Deeno
This is gonna be a short story of one chapter explaining in my view of a love life for our lovable Slime Rimuru