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Tensura react to Rimuru by Crest_Void
Tensura react to Rimuruby Crest_Void
All the character from tensura verse like The Octagram,The Primodial Demons/Angles,The 12 patrons,Veldanava and Lucia.
Rimuru in the new timeline (On Hiatus) by UncreativeNoName
Rimuru in the new timeline (On UncreativeNoName
Rimuru tempest travels back in time, what will happen, when little stays the same
me who manipulate and control Yggdrasil and all spirits realm under my order by userNron1
me who manipulate and control UserNron1
fire,water,earth,wind,,space,time those elements surrounded us for centuries and one to hold all those together is told to be stronger then an awakened demon lord but...
The Mother of All by Weixian_Yu
The Mother of Allby Weixian_Yu
Rimuru who's known as the creator and mother of all monsters and humans, creator of the world who was dead and finally humans and monsters decided to cause trouble when...
That time I got reincarnated as a true dragon  by nautymanu
That time I got reincarnated as nautymanu
After achieving peace rimuru was stuck doing papaper work for last few centuries was stuck with boredom . Ciel seeing her master's state suggests going back in time to t...
The Blank Primordial by Kischur
The Blank Primordialby Kischur
The Blank Primordial - The Oldest Primordial, with her being first one to be created by Veldanava, with the sole purposed of having fully control Turn Null But after hav...
TENSURA: Primodial fox by evren_astra
TENSURA: Primodial foxby Roland Aromin
gay man got reincarnated to tensura as an op and when I meant op I meant op from the beginning
Reincarnation Of The Star King by Tiamat-Tempest
Reincarnation Of The Star Kingby Tiamat
Satoru Mikami dies but while getting his skills he merges souls with the Star King
So I'm Rouge, So what?  by SageX27
So I'm Rouge, So what? by Touji Nanaya
It all started during my Classical Japanese class. I was listening in, as usual -- and then the room suddenly exploded! I thought I was a goner, but nope! I've been rebo...
A Slime's Journey ( Guy Crimson x Rimuru Tempest ) ( On Hold) No inspiration  by HanaTay9
A Slime's Journey ( Guy Crimson Hana_Tay
From the manga, Guy Crimson chomps on Rimuru's ear that is where I get my inspiration. This is a Guy Crimson x Rimuru Tempest. English not my mother tongue. I don't own...
Rimuru Goes to Sleep for 1000 years!?  by Lelillmake
Rimuru Goes to Sleep for 1000 Lelillmake
Rimuru Goes to Sleep for 1000 years... let's find out the development of the world after he woke up.. is it still in peace or its chaos~
Guy Crimson in My Hero academia  by SomthingWindow
Guy Crimson in My Hero academia by SomthingWindow
A man? Women? A beautifull person with crimson hair was standing in an arena, facing towards a student with green hair. "You may be strong Midoriya, but your nothin...
Mimicry | Guy Crimson by momoftheweens
Mimicry | Guy Crimsonby Morgan
A majin with the magical power to copy another's abilities, her special ability being mimicry. Cyan always could survive using someone else's powers against them, it was...
Mixed Tensura Gallery by SefkanTemel
Mixed Tensura Galleryby Rimuru Tempest
Any image that I will upload all kinds of things in my gallery does not belong to me ❗ ... Have Fun ♥️
Guy + Velzard = Rimuru? by V3Veriza
Guy + Velzard = Rimuru?by ( – –)
... Yeah it's a bit weird I just have a sudden idea about it when I write the other story so here we are Guy and Velzard has been together for millennia and suddenly a U...
Rimuru: Veldanava's right hand by AYANOTEMPEST
Rimuru: Veldanava's right handby KIYOMURU
****** ****, the right-hand man of the "Star King Dragon" Veldanava, died after battling the "World Destroying Dragon", Ivarage. However, what the ot...
Tensura Reactions, One Shots, Parodies  by Rafael-sensei
Tensura Reactions, One Shots, Rafael-sensei
yo reader author here this book contains one shot,short stories,reaction,ship,etc. some of my story is inspired to another fanfic and same are My original story. this's...
The Void God!! by He_Who_Remains
The Void God!!by Joker
The Concept of God and Will of Veldanava is explained in the fanfic. Its not the type of fanfic in which Rimuru is big brother of Veldanava or something.
guy crimson x rimuru tempest  by manb00bs
guy crimson x rimuru tempest by As-As
all im saying is read my other story and boost it a little bit please and there will be smut