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That time I got iseki'd again and met a slime friend by N3therman
That time I got iseki'd again and...by Netherman
After escaping the Demon Lord, Kumoko the unnamed spider found herself in another world, again. After some time she meets a certain slime and they become quick friends...
Rimuru Back 100 years by NullAzatoth
Rimuru Back 100 yearsby Null Azatoth
in the void we could see the strongest fighters of the cardinal world facing off against 2 dragons. A firce battle considered as the fight among Gods(Capital G) In the m...
The Colorless One(Hiatus) by Ciel_303
The Colorless One(Hiatus)by 𓆩Thℭ ℭvadℭr𓆪
Before the world was created, God felt that there was an entity more powerful than Ivaraj, the world-destroying Dragon. The entity was accidental and self-created throug...
"Fine" ||Langa x reki  (renga )|| by Karmassimp
"Fine" ||Langa x reki (renga )||by •Sour Lemon •
¨I'm fine. ¨ that's what he says. but it was obviously not true. He says he's fine but he's not. but what's better than faking it till you make it. if you make it. ⚠️...
What if Rimuru went to other undiverses. (Black clover x tensura) by TheEpo_s
What if Rimuru went to other undiv...by Epo_s
I made it really long ago, and I'll fix it up later, don't worry. I post 1 chapter per day for 12 days. All the chapters are around 1k words long.
Friend of the slime by AgentOO9
Friend of the slimeby AgentOO9
When Akari met up with her friend and co-worker that day the last thing she expected to do was die. Only she didn't die, not fully. Instead she was thrown into a world o...
Our Godlike Abilities: A COTE x Slime Fanfic [HIATUS] by Nekoramara-senpai
Our Godlike Abilities: A COTE x Sl...by Neko-paisen
Warning‼️ This Fanfic will follow the Light novel, ONLY SOME of the scene will be canon. So if you have never read the novel, please be aware of major spoilers along the...
Let's Practice Again by kaiwaii599
Let's Practice Againby kai waii
Let's Practice Again
⟨⟨Rimuru's Conquest⟩⟩ {Ended} by Cloudnine69
⟨⟨Rimuru's Conquest⟩⟩ {Ended}by Guts n' glory
1400 years has passed, After the subordinates of Rimuru was bored of Conquering planets. RIMURU WENT MISSING????.
Spin-off Stories by Bahubalifan
Spin-off Storiesby Bahubalifan
Hi Darling and Sweety fans !!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Here's a treat for all Prabhas-Anushka movie fans! Do you adore this perfect pair onscreen but felt that there could have been mo...
Origin of the Death Goddess  by NullAzatoth
Origin of the Death Goddess by Null Azatoth
what if Rimuru was Olivia's Father, what if Olivia valedstorm was actually a Princess and the daughter of the Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest and Testarossa the Killer Lord, T...
My Isekai (Rimuru Tempest X Serena) by KurapikaLover06
My Isekai (Rimuru Tempest X Serena)by KL
I have no clue why or how. I just woke up in a pitch black dungeon in Tempest, chained to a wall in the body of an assassin from Falmuth and was deemed an enemy till Rap...
Our Red and Blue Dynamic by Skelepunk
Our Red and Blue Dynamicby Skelepunk
Langa has known since he first met Reki that he wanted to always be by his side, no matter what that meant. Unfortunately, with deep attachment comes deep connection, an...
That Time I got reincarnated as a slime x Modern Fem OC  Discontinued by Akariqueen16
That Time I got reincarnated as a...by Ishikawa Akari
It is a story of a 25 years old woman who is working in the hospital checking in on her patients as her shift was finished she signed out and went out of the hospital to...
True Star Dragon Queen : Re-written by ImJustLazyy
True Star Dragon Queen : Re-writtenby ImJustLazyy
This is an Improved version of the old book. -possible harem -AU -Fem!Rimuru Little heads up there will be cringe moments and some events will happen differently. Lets...
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken | Crystal Heart | Rimuru Tempest x Reader by Valora_Pandora
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken | C...by Valora
A village full of people with fox features and transformation exists. A small One-tailed fox child was among all people in the village. This child is special, but she do...
Tensura Reacts: Regarding The Reincarnated Slime by TheLoverOfFluff
Tensura Reacts: Regarding The Rein...by MizuAki
Rimuru Tempest and the others get teleported into a strange theatre... Just to react to a reincarnated slime. Now once that the theatre lights up, everyone looks at the...
'Devour Everything!' | Tensura X Bofuri Crossover by Yufee4
'Devour Everything!' | Tensura X B...by Yufee4
Theres a new rewrite || Instead of doing paperwork, Rimuru and the others decide to hop into another world (Made by yours truly, Ciel). Since it doesn't affect the timel...
Miss Slime and Mister Dragon[Rewrite] by jun_Beul
Miss Slime and Mister Dragon[Rewri...by Junjun
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime in a little bit different. Satoru Mikami and her best friend were on their way back home from their workplace. They never thought...