Realdaughter Stories

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Mafia Connection [ON HOLD] by seokmykim
Mafia Connection [ON HOLD]by Joonie
16 years after running away from Mexico and The Mafia King, Sebastian Guadalupe. Ann Josè gives birth to the Mafia Kings child, the reason she ran off, changed her name...
chased her around after breaking off the engagement  by ReignOrolfo
chased her around after breaking Reign Orolfo
****this is for offline reading purposes**** After staying with the Brown family for eighteen years, Isabella learned that she was a fake daughter. When the real daughte...
Maganda sa kalooban ang nakakatulong ka sa magulang sa pamamagitan ng pagtatrabaho ngunit pano kung ang trabaho mo ay maging "Baby Sitter" ng isang pogi at hot...
Step Lover by cheffyvanilla
Step Loverby Lewinskie
what if malaman ng guy na meron syang step sister.. what will happen and what will his reaction and feelings toward the lady.. may mabago kaya kapag nalaman nya na hindi...
Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again by Diavola1235
Madam's Identities Shocks The Shivanshi Rathore
(Note: THIS WORK IS NOT MINE!! Credits belong to the authors, translators and editors. This published work is only for offline purpose.) ... Qiao Nian lived in the Qiao...
Transmigrated As The Ex-Wife Of A Phoenix Man by MissEnigma128
Transmigrated As The Ex-Wife Of Miss Enigma
Upon waking up, Su Man became a second generation BaiFuMei in a book. It is a pity that she is the wife of the dog man who climbed up the branches to become a phoenix. ...
Life Observation Of The Rich Giants (MTL) ✓ by CN_SweetSmile
Life Observation Of The Rich Sweet Smile
NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 豪门生活观察日志 AUTHOR: 十六月西瓜 In the third year of wearing the book, Su Wan became popular. The reason was that she and her wealthy husband merged toge...
Sweetest Love by Kajana22
Sweetest Loveby Kajana
He might be the idol in everyone's eyes with heaven defying looks, but he's also the most intelligent yet troublesome student is somewhat a delinquent who gives the most...
Switched at Birth  by romanceQueen2Dend
Switched at Birth by RQ2
______________________________________________ Wang Ming fell asleep reading 'The real swan princess ' and was angry about the death of the villainess, who had been spoi...
Mine by flufflovewithHE
Mineby C Kuttan pillai
It's a story about two girl's with different behavior and likes, got exchanged since they were young. The life were they both are like soulmates, doesn't allow anyone to...
Real or Fake Missy : I Have a Piece of Godly Land by Qwinesty
Real or Fake Missy : I Have a Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
The Cheng family finally found the real daughter who had been wandering the streets. Cheng Ling, the fake daughter who had been wrongly adopted for eighteen years, insta...
Seventies Days Of Blessed (MTL) ✓ by CN_SweetSmile
Seventies Days Of Blessed (MTL) ✓by Sweet Smile
NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 福气包的七零小日子 AUTHOR: 林阿律 Tian Xiao is the real daughter who was replaced at birth. Before, there was a reborn girl who wanted to take away her rea...
Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World by Diavola1235
Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps Shivanshi Rathore
(NOTE:- THIS WORK IS NOT MINE. Credits to the author, editor and translator. For offline purposes only!) The youngest daughter of the famous Sheng Family who has been lo...
Real Rich Daughter's Path Of Counterattack by ChristenIceDejesus
Real Rich Daughter's Path Of @chrisss
Xie Chaochao was originally the daughter of a wealthy family who was supposed to grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth. Yet, her good fortune ended when she met her...