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solo stanotte-holden by eravamonoi_
solo stanotte-holdenby eravamonoi_
"Mi hai portato al di là di ogni confine Sei stata il mio inizio e la mia fine Cerco di cantare ciò che non sono riuscito a dire Ho trovato nel tuo sguardo le rispo...
Love A Bad Boy (WWE The Shield love story) by Laylie_Love
Love A Bad Boy (WWE The Shield Layla Love
I skip down the hall with AJ Lee and Au'Bree. We were flipping around and just having fun period. I hit a cart wheel and when I landed on my feet I bump into a hard wal...
rich girl! MONEYHEIST by splitxlips
rich girl! MONEYHEISTby luca!
in which el profesor had made clear that personal relationships would be the downfall of his immaculate heist; no one seemed to care cairo went into the heist with the s...
Amores by Xandalphon1
Amoresby Xandalphon1
Raccolta di brevi lettere 'impossibili', scritte da personaggi storici o mitologici ai loro amati
My Cute Mer (Mer! Bee x Reader) by user54875512559
My Cute Mer (Mer! Bee x Reader)by Nobody
Y/N was a girl that loved to go surfing and swimming ever since she was a child. One day, she went surfing and met an actual Merformer stuck in a net with wounds. Once s...
How to Survive ♚ Money Heist  [2] by cxrlaroson
How to Survive ♚ Money Heist [2]by M
i won't let pain turn my heart into something ugly. i will show you that surviving can be beautiful Christy Ann Martine book two La Casa de Papel/Money Heist oc x oc s...
Victoria de Angelis One shots❤️ by allisonsmp
Victoria de Angelis One shots❤️by Allison🫶
Hi guys,these one shots are obviously are gonna be about Victoria de Angelis ,and I will put a disclaimer if anything bad ,or something inappropriate will happen.Anyways...
القدر by MaryamHossam18
القدرby Mariem Hossam
لكل منا قدره الخاص قد خط إليه قبل مولده حتي؛ هناك البعض من الناس: يؤمنون انها قد تكون صدف ولكن يا عزيزي دعني اخبرك انه لا يوجد ما يسمى بالصدف هي اقدار مكتوبة لنا قد تتغي...
Caffè amore : a mafia romance ڕۆمانسی یەتی مافیایەک  by nnunaaa
Caffè amore : a mafia romance ڕۆما ♡.﹀﹀.♡
لە دڵی ڕۆمای قەرەباڵغدا، کە بۆنی ئیسپرێسۆی تازە دروستکراو لەگەڵ چرپەی نهێنی چرپەکراو تێکەڵ دەبێت، شوێنی چیرۆکێکی سەرنجڕاکێشی خۆشەویستی و مەترسییە. لە نێوان شەقامە بەردی...
My new family / Måneskin fanfic by ercobraapprova
My new family / Måneskin fanficby ercobraapprova
Rosa, a young student, passionate about music, will meet 4 wonderful and authentic people who will change her life. They gonna create a rockband all 5, Måneskin Between...
the gladiator's love test ♡,, kookmin by leeuwhyo
the gladiator's love test ♡,, dayito ♡ゞ
❝ 剣闘士 : En una época donde el valor y el honor eran la esencia de la vida, Jungkook, un valiente gladiador romano, se ve enfrentado al desafío más grande de su vida. No...
ask the footballers by PhelpsFeels
ask the footballersby PhelpsFeels
because why not ask your football hotties some questions. ©PhelpsFeels, 2017 highest ranking #714 in random
||سەمـای قەدەغەکراو|| ✔️ by sama-jj1
||سەمـای قەدەغەکراو|| ✔️by سـەمــ'ـا
"سـەمـا گفتووگۆی نێوان ڕۆح و جەستەیـە" "گشـت نوسیـن و وشـە و بیرۆکەکـان بەرهەمـهاتووی خەیاڵی نووسەرن " ڕازی نیـم بە بردنی تەنهـا وشەیەکیـش ..
لوحة بجوار الشجر  by Florence_pjm
لوحة بجوار الشجر by رونا✨
كان عاشقين وجد كليهما الأخر عن طريق الإلهام مشاعر الحُب بين مُغني و رسامة جيون جونغكوك ابريلين ادوارد كُتبت:28/7/2021 انتهت:1/8/2021 تم التنزيل:2/8/2021 قصيرة الفصول...
El Poder del Norte. by SonOfHestia9922
El Poder del SonOfHestia9922
Los Dioses del Olimpo, temerosos del Poder del Hijo de Poseidon y dos veces Salvador de Olimpo, urden un plan que lo conducirá a las profundidades de la tierra, y sin sa...
I Meet One Direction (FINISHED) by dizzy_directioner_
I Meet One Direction (FINISHED)by Dizzy Styles
On Kaitlyns 17th birthday she gets one direction tickets ! But things don't go so well after the concert, she gets the boys numbers and they soon all become best friends...
Descendance by MariSteffa
Descendanceby Mari Steffa
Completed on July 13, 2023 Highest Ranking: Number 4 in roma as of July 7, 2023 Hey, can y'all see me?" The TV started to show Amanda in her office with her readin...
There Was Once A Dream That Was Rome ... || Gladiator by Alidemtirane
There Was Once A Dream That Was Alidem tirane
"On my signal, unleash hell!" "Have I missed it? Have I missed the battle?" "You have missed te war." "Galleria, is it really you?&quo...
Copper Heart Mechanisms by LilMissYandere
Copper Heart Mechanismsby LilMissYandere
A mans heart can steel over from many things, it can be from pain, it can be from terror that he's had to endure , but it could also be from something entirely different...