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The Misfits and The Idols (KD/A X Male Reader) by Theguythateatsbread
The Misfits and The Idols (KD/A Simon Marquez
Y/N is a boy who has a real talent for singing, but sadly his family abused of him using him as a stress reliever, one day he has a chance to escape from hell, but what...
True Self (KDA x [Y/N] male reader) by SazaMutsuhiro
True Self (KDA x [Y/N] male reader)by SazaMutsu
In a world filled with magic and people with all kinds of extraordinary[Y/N] is an 25 year old that had a hard childhood which causes him to be a serious introvert. But...
K/DA: Fortunate (KDA x Malereader)  by rg808guy
K/DA: Fortunate (KDA x Malereader) by Clayton Kuhlmann
Note: This is a K/DA x male reader Summery/Description: Due to a series of unfortunate events, some would call bad luck, 23 year old (Y/n) ends up in a situation that tu...
You Are My Voice (Seraphine x male reader) by CeoOfDreams
You Are My Voice (Seraphine x CeoOfDreams
Seraphine isn't quite popular yet, she has a few covers and a few singles, with only about a thousand followers. But you have taken a liking to her, not because of her m...
All eyes on me (K/DA harem x male!reader) by thatthrowaway
All eyes on me (K/DA harem x That throwaway
Excitement was high as the girls of K/DA were ready for their first concert with their new recruit, Seraphine. That excitement turned into a whirlwind of emotions as the...
A unexpected turn in life by Xander-Ghost
A unexpected turn in lifeby Xander-Ghost
Just living your life as a slave then something impossible happens and now you have to live with it and it seems they are willing to help
Seraphine Live in Demacia! by DazzlingAmy
Seraphine Live in Demacia!by Amy Anderson
Seraphine has done many awesome concerts but this one is really important. It could mean peace for all of Runeterra. Also, she wrote a new song! These characters belong...
Their little Dragon (KDA x Malereader) by NeDrawyxd
Their little Dragon (KDA x ᗪ᙭Ƴᗯᗩᖇᗪᗴᑎ
Y/N, your regular senior high school student. A lone person that lives in a apartment not far from his school. One day, the school host a raffle of prize. 3 random stude...
Enter the Exorcist Ft K/DA by EsKepalJengkol
Enter the Exorcist Ft K/DAby
3 years after the incident of "Surabaya Inferno", Jin arrived at Neo-Piltover City after his wandering from various mythical countries and cities. Here, Jin re...
KDA by Lurdifer14
KDAby Lurdifer14
Esta historia se trata de KDA, y es en perspectiva de Akali, Evelynn, Kaisa, Ahri. Va a tener yuri
My Mute Life (Fred x OC) Book 1 by Loki_Is_MARVELous
My Mute Life (Fred x OC) Book 1by Loki_Is_MARVELous
Seraphine is an orphan. Her mother was murdered when she was a child, and no one knows who her father was. She was given to Sebastian Malfoy and his son Eric, and they...
The Manager OVAs by IvanBullock
The Manager OVAsby Nerd Herd
A collection of short stories set during, before, and after the Manager series.
UTTER HELL by Imp_group
Hi, and welcome to hell Everyone's chat name John: human uno reverse card Arlo: chop stick Blyke: goku Isen: pe...
So this is love?...- [Akalynn Fanfic] by Unknown_Eeroare
So this is love?...- [Akalynn Eeroare
In a penthouse of four girls, one stuck out, Evelynn. She is known as the lead singer and a Diva. Evelynn is a demon, a threat to some of runeterra. But one day she stum...
Arcane incorrect quotes♡ by jinxsbeloved
Arcane incorrect quotes♡by Evee ☆
Just some Arcane headcannons and incorrect quotes (;'∀`) 🍓🎧 And maybe some oneshots
DBS Broly: The Guardian Of Gremory Clan  by LegendarySaiyan9576
DBS Broly: The Guardian Of Broly
Season 1: As he was betrayed and being love to hate by everyone in Kuoh Academy. Broly started to being a rebellious and self-aware person as he made his guilt trip, him...
Defenders Vs Attackers (K/DA X Valorant)[DISCONTINUED]  by WestVisconti
Defenders Vs Attackers (K/DA X RedWest
K/DA had a soaring status and attention, It was a huge accomplishment for them. Furthermore, K/DA created such elegant and influential music that can make their devotees...
K/DA scenarios & HCs by xlovelyliesxxx
K/DA scenarios & HCsby Aphrodite
Not for the faintest of heart. Here we explore the daily lives of our favorite music group and their S/Os. Whether it be as something as innocent as cuddling, to possib...
THE NEW GHOST RIDER (k/da x male reader) by TheForestMonarch
you were just nobody but somehow someone or something chose you to be the next spirit of vengeance the GHOST RIDER I DON'T OWN ANY ARTWORK USE IN THIS FANFIC
Machine Love by JDBWhite
Machine Loveby JDB
A girl and a boy were taken from their families when they were just little kids, and they were transferred to a non-locational place in the world. #Warning# The story i...