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The Father Of Deep Cut by Shiverfan
The Father Of Deep Cutby Shiverfan
You're a lonley man who has never had any Real experience with kids. But one night you stumble across three little kids. Shiver, Frye, and Big man. Will they open up you...
splatoon x reader (yeah i know its such an original title) by Funny_noise
splatoon x reader (yeah i know Funny_Noise
war... its what led humanity to its downfall, with only a couple humans surviving the mass extinction. one of those humans being none other than y/n, and after many MANY...
Splatoon: The Creatures by JustFrog2
Splatoon: The Creaturesby Just Frog 2
You wake up after a 12,000 year slumber in a cryopod. You barely remember anything from your past life. How has life changed? And who are these creatures you have with y...
A World Once Forgotten (Splatoon/Subnautica x Male Reader) by ASnazzyGuy
A World Once Forgotten (Splatoon/ Only The Snazziest
This is a sequel. While not required, it is recommended to read 'A World Once Familiar' before starting this story. Cover made by @Imitoni You were Y/n L/n. An Inkling...
fish out of water (human x splatoon) by zapstir
fish out of water (human x zap stir
Before the great flood wiped out humanity the scientists made a backup plan in case the human race was wiped out. that backup plan was Jeremy, follow Jeremy as he wakes...
The Suckling by zelkova49
The Sucklingby zelkova49
Shiver and Agent 3 find themselves in a rather awkward situation after a taboo Octarian ritual known as the 'Suckling' makes love between the two more complicated than i...
Deepest Depths by lovelypaintedrose
Deepest Depthsby 🥀 ♥️ 🥀
[SEQUEL OUT NOW!] Fires burn, waters rage as the Hohojiro Clan is wiped out one by one. The Octarians will take anything and destroy anyone who rebels. One Hohojiro fami...
Past Sorrows // (A Splatoon Human Story) by Certifiedstupid
Past Sorrows // (A Splatoon Certifiedstupid
A human had awoken in an underground facility, being fully unaware that his whole world has completely changed. The human, Aoi Namida, felt distraught when nobody was fo...
Ink and Beats (Splatoon 2 x Male Reader) [Rewritten] by Mr_Man1ac
Ink and Beats (Splatoon 2 x Male Mr_Man1ac
*Cover Art is Not Mine* (Y/N) is new to Inkopolis, has no money, no home, or no job. Him and his old friends had a band together and it was going well until something ha...
gxg / sapphic book filled with your favorite splatoon idols (reader) various oneshots/headcanons x reader ) cover artist: narasquid (platforms vary) ) character: shiver...
Miracle (A Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction) by damonismine
Miracle (A Vampire Diaries Fan damonismine
Nineteen-year-old Miracle Gilbert has gone on a very personal road trip. And we all know from movies that whenever someone is on a road trip, something interesting is bo...
The Ancients Return by GG-EZLOL1
The Ancients Returnby GG-EZLOL1
Set in the earlier times of Splatoon 3, Agent 3 explores the land of the once human-filled Alterna. Avoiding the Fuzzy Ooze, she then falls into an underground hallway...
you like me? (Frye x reader) by parb999999
you like me? (Frye x reader)by IMakeCrapStories
since I made a shiver x reader fanfic I thought of making one with Frye since she needs some love ^^ you've been living I splatsville for a while, a inkling named Frye h...
Shiver (A One Direction Adoption Story) by LittleBlueShoes
Shiver (A One Direction Adoption LittleBlueShoes
She's an orphan, she's epileptic, she's just a kid . Thirteen year old Emma meets a popstar from a world famous boy band- Louis Tomlinson- and he is willing to take her...
Four Kind by TMFOOLERY
Four Kindby Kawtow
Four idiots and their usual crazy, stupid & dumb adventures. It should be fun to see how much will be set on fire!
Paper Hearts (Book Five) by ConWeCallLove
Paper Hearts (Book Five)by Queen Connie
-| until the very end |- "Everything was fine yesterday... And now it feels like we're barely holding on again... I just don't get it Harry." "I don't get...
The Kids Aren't Alright (Shiver Spin-Off) by ConWeCallLove
The Kids Aren't Alright (Shiver Queen Connie
-| for the heroes who quit too late|- Cover by @ombre5sos
Splatoon x reader by soapyoranges87
Splatoon x readerby Soapy
Mainly for Splatoon 3 but it will have characters from the other two games and band characters too.(also no manga characters sorry but there are already a bunch of those...
After (Wolves of Mercy Falls Fan Fic) by MaesSecretLove
After (Wolves of Mercy Falls Fan MaesSecretLove
Grace and Sam have a story, Isabel and Cole have a story, but what happens when the next generation comes along? Koby is the treasured son of Sam and Grace. He has the k...
Feelings For You (Shiver x Reader) by parb999999
Feelings For You (Shiver x Reader)by IMakeCrapStories
when you move to splatsville you meet the three new idles shiver, Frye and big man they're deep cut. but when you get there shiver starts to fall for you, but will you f...