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Forever an Apprentice by Cutecookie7
Forever an Apprenticeby 🖤
Slade has his eye set on Robin, but this time, how far will he go to have Robin by his side? "Robin!" Starfire called out in fright. "Star, did you find...
Forgotten Bonds by Anthezar
Forgotten Bondsby Anthezar
Robin is kidnapped by Slade after the Red X incident. Unable to escape, Robin must endure the hardship under Slade's capture. After Robin is nearly beaten to death, Slad...
Regressing For The Enemy by Aphibibabe475
Regressing For The Enemyby Your Average Reader
This is a Teen Titans Fanfiction. Robin is set as our mc, desperately trying to come to terms with his coping mechanisms. While at the same time, fighting one of the dar...
Missing Hope by SebastainMichaelis55
Missing Hopeby AuthorChan
{COMPLETED} Trigon had risen and slade had once again given robin a reason to comply, with trigon now defeated what was robin's reason? Where will robin's path lead him...
Songbird by Josuke_Macaque
Songbirdby Lloyd
-sladin ship -no hate pls this is my first story I do not own teen titans or Young justice and one character is an oc. Is this the start of a new love between enemies...
Winging Death by onlyloveisloyal
Winging Deathby Onlyloveisloyal
Deathstroke had been patient, he had learned and now he made his move. With Nightwing removed from the scene secrets come to light, new relationships are formed, old one...
Copper Heart Mechanisms by LilMissYandere
Copper Heart Mechanismsby LilMissYandere
A mans heart can steel over from many things, it can be from pain, it can be from terror that he's had to endure , but it could also be from something entirely different...
Gala Gone Wrong by Caustic_Corgi
Gala Gone Wrongby Caustic_Corgi
At a gala, a friend of the bat-family, Matt Murdock, becomes the target of an assassination.
Teen Titans: Nomad by TheCayde
Teen Titans: Nomadby TheCayde
(This is a rewrite of my first Teen Titans book) - The Teen Titans were formed to protect Earth. The founding members being Robin, formerly Batman's sidekick. He has no...
The Lost Hero (A MHA x Teen Titans crossover) by Firerider56
The Lost Hero (A MHA x Teen Firerider56
After finally beating Shigaraki, Deku can finally look back at what has happened. His friends, colleagues, family, all of them had died by the hands of All for One and h...
DISCONTINUED - Teen Titans X Reader (Male) by Nivado111
DISCONTINUED - Teen Titans X Nivado
Ranked - NUMBER 1 in #teentitans (2020-2021) A new hero has joined the Teen Titans, and his name is Y/N (Your Name). He is a great hero with great capabilities, we can o...
The Assistant (Nightwing x Starfire)  by CatieKat225
The Assistant (Nightwing x Cat
Kori Anders just got a new job as Dick Grayson's assistant. Too bad he's a crappy boss.....or is he? Finding new friendships and learning about secrets is gonna prove to...
What's Up With Nightwing by UnluckyPsychic
What's Up With Nightwingby UnluckyPsychic
Somethings the matter with Dick Grayson and Jason Todd will stop at nothing to find out what, but will Jason's involvement just push Dick away? Disclaimer I definitely d...
The Cry of a Robin (Damian Wayne) by theshipper101
The Cry of a Robin (Damian Wayne)by Fanfiction Addiction
Damian Wayne is on a quest to find the respect he deserves. He goes on solo missions, making a name for himself. Batman isn't too happy about it, but decides to let his...
The Ghoul by DarkOneTAS
The Ghoulby Dixon_FanZ
To continue this story Read book Two "The Ghoulish King." Kaneki was fighting Jason till he blacked out appearing somewhere else. Gotham. Batman notices people...
Off the Deep End by walkerofthestars
Off the Deep Endby Jab
A mission goes South and Robin is in the firing line from Batman- literally. In the face of Tony Zucco being let out of jail early, Dick seems distracted. Batman tries...
Let Me Be Your Wings》Arrow  by lovethebreeze
Let Me Be Your Wings》Arrow by lovethebreeze
My name is Ashley Merlyn. For five years me and my best friend, Oliver Queen, were stranded on an island with only one goal: survive. Now we will fulfill his father's dy...
The Apprentice by Mira-Image
The Apprenticeby Mira-Image
What if Robin stays Slade's apprentice? What if the Titans don't find the nano-bugs? Robin is alone. No one can save him from the situation he's in. It's up to him to so...
New Recruit | Robin X Reader Fanfiction by majesticfivehead
New Recruit | Robin X Reader woAh GErArd WaY
(Y/N) is a teen superhero, that has the power to control weather elements. She finds herself auditioning for the Titans. When she is recruited, she fits in perfectly. Bu...
Starfire and Robin: Trust is everything by trickksta1075
Starfire and Robin: Trust is Sarah Grayson
Robin and Starfire are growing closer every day. But when Slade plants a probe into her system, enabling him to do whatever he wants to her, Robin is faced with a dilemm...