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Springlocked Deku by The_Nocturnal_Raven
Springlocked Dekuby Noctis Corvus
After a dangerous accusation, Izuku is branded a traitor by all who he knows. Beaten to the point of near-death, he makes a terrible mistake. Is this twist of fate his s...
Predacon Outcast by SpringlockSFM
Predacon Outcastby Springlock
Springlock is a young Predacon, once a happy and kind spirit, now a shy and fearful shell of what she once was. After having a healing component injected into her spark...
The hunt by Bricknoob
The huntby Brickdanoob
Jonas is an ordinary boy who found himself lost in the mysteries of a tragedy that happened long ago in a local pizzeria in Hurricane, Utah as a new girl in school was a...
Springtrap X Reader by TheGREATPapyrus234
Springtrap X Readerby TheGREATPapyrus234
Not one of my best ones, but I tried, right?
Springtrap x Puppet FnafYB (Original) AU by YeseBreak
Springtrap x Puppet FnafYB (Origin...by Erilo
Esta es una historia de amor y tragedia, la cual los dos salen adelante junto a los niños...todo es posible en esta historia. Pasaran los años y se revelara la verdad de...
Five nights at rabbits: white eyes by matthewLevi2004
Five nights at rabbits: white eyesby m2004ew studios
After Fredbear's Family Diner closed, tom benson went and got a job as a security guard at White Rabbits Pizzeria, one of three sister locations of Fredbear's. However...
Welcome to Freddys by Thegamincentral
Welcome to Freddysby Alex Buttery
hope you like it guys comment what you want next...
Fredbear's Family Diner (Chapter 2) by Kimitheus
Fredbear's Family Diner (Chapter 2)by Kimitheus
I wanted to retell the story of William Afton in a way that makes sense, and I want to improve my writing skills, and well, I like Five Nights At Freddy's and it's story...
Just gold by Gameboy0809
Just goldby Gameboy0809
Spring trap , golden Freddy ,nightmare fredbear what could go wrong?!
Demon hunter!Springtrap x Demon hunter!Reader by -kennysama-
Demon hunter!Springtrap x Demon hu...by Green Space Dorito
You start a new job as the night guard at the new horror attraction, Fazbears Fright. You fall in love with an animatronic rabbit named springtrap. Little did you know a...
In the Dead of Night |Book 2 to The Rise of Springlock| by ShadowMaster93
In the Dead of Night |Book 2 to Th...by ShadowStar
Haven has been freed from Megatrons rule and Springlock has taken his place as the Decepticon leader. Meanwhile, NightShade struggles with flashbacks of her past and vis...
A soul behind springlocks by SamuelTownsend8
A soul behind springlocksby Samuel Townsend
My imagination taking it away with my all time favorite FNAF character - Springtrap. I hope you enjoy!
The origin of BB's friendly pizzeria by s931276
The origin of BB's friendly pizzer...by 🦙💜Jax💜🦙
One day at Fazbear entertainment, three girls were killed by the names of Rose, Brianna, and Apollo. They were found dead behind the stage. The next day of the investiga...
Springle (story 2) by ThatTiny
Springle (story 2)by ~That one Tiny~
story one is being redone. sorry i havent been here but here we go this is my my own character Springtraps brother SPringlock. Idk why but yep lol have fun reading.
EMG: Spring Lock Animatronic suit by MentoInSpace
EMG: Spring Lock Animatronic suitby Montgomery Lester
Employee Maintenance Guide (my first wattpad hope you like it)
(On hiatus until further notice) Reunion of friends by awesomestofgods30
(On hiatus until further notice) R...by Ironfury
join Samuel the son of Henry Fredbear in finding his friends and why he looks sixteen but is 27 (takes place in 2005)and as secrets of his past are revealed and where hi...
~Sequel to Five nights at jackieboys~ Mark walked into his new job, smiling as he saw his old friends. But everything isn't as it seems
Strange Nights To Investigate (Chapter One : Project Ver.) by KahYiiYap
Strange Nights To Investigate (Cha...by Kayoto
This story is inspired by the greatest horror game, " Five Nights at Freddy's" and the Korean drama " The Miracle We Met". Please don't report me as...
FNAF The full story by Darkerizeh
FNAF The full storyby Darkerizeh
This is created to experience the fnaf lore more in depth, such as what characters did over the years in their daily life holidays etc. It is however edited in alot of w...
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