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Spy Story by DownShadoWorld
Spy Storyby Starkxholland
Alec and Magnus are two agents of the secret services, Alec of those of America while Magnus of those of England. Alec has always been a very smiling person since childh...
Let Me Love You by ashleystagram
Let Me Love Youby ash
When tensions rise after a stressful mission, Tony decides to throw one of his infamous parties in attempt to help the others let loose. What he doesn't plan is for a su...
Spy School: Life After School by UnknownAuthor31
Spy School: Life After Schoolby Not Me
An entertaining twist on Stuart Gibbs' Spy School Series, placed after both Erica and Ben graduate from Spy School. This will involve lots of action and romance. Thanks...
Mysterious Wife by Zoooii
Mysterious Wifeby Zooi
The Indian intelligence is on high alert as one of the poweful businessmen in the country is undertaking a rather doubtful business. With that, arises a need to find out...
Agent 001 by -taera-
Agent 001by 𝐍𝐎𝐑𝐀
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Living a double life isn't so easy, especially when you work as a spy for your country. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jeon Jungkook #1 on Fanfiction (14.10.2...
CODE PATRICIA 2 || Rosekook  by inksandyanggki02
CODE PATRICIA 2 || Rosekook by Yuki
This is the Book 2 of CODE PATRICIA. Roseanne Park is a very exceptional top agent from the North. But to her dismay, she is assigned to a mission with the very best- To...
Revival by ms_writer_ac
Revivalby ~ac~
"Why is she so hard to let go of?" I close my eyes and shake my head, thousands of memories of us were whispering, telling me exactly why it was hard to let h...
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Operation Red Star by Leomantic
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War...by Leomantic
After saving europe from nuclear annihalation, "Bell" was forced to kill Adler and escape the CIA. He's now living in Yugoslavia as a tourist guide, figuring o...
Mafia Reloaded | BTS FF ft. Blackpink by Ynfanfics0613
Mafia Reloaded | BTS FF ft. Blackp...by Y/n Fanfics
" 'The marksman hired to murder the famous celebrity, loses his aim, and accidentally shoots down university student' Do you realise how lame that sounds?" 20...
My Secret Gambler: Kakegurui x Male reader by Slexien
My Secret Gambler: Kakegurui x Mal...by SLAIN IS READING
You are an undercover F.B.I agent sent to Japan to take down the infamous Monobami clan along with it's head Kirari Monobami. A certain past that both of you share comes...
Spy Squad  by summerlovez
Spy Squad by summerlovez
It's all about 4 guys on a mission........ Here's a story of friendship,love,betrayal and more
The Grey Man by Author_000
The Grey Manby Walker
Humans and Furries had been living together since the beginning but it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. in 2015 a revolution happened that shocked the world, lots of hu...
Delightful Desire | kanemoto yoshinori by cocoyonori
Delightful Desire | kanemoto yoshi...by JY '_'
- " You are Not doing me any good" _________________ the day she met this boy she faced the reality , All her troubles and travails left her path clean and c...
The Agency (Slow Updates) by Panda12panda12
The Agency (Slow Updates)by Panda12panda12
Don't go // Anya x Damian  by Brooksxxi
Don't go // Anya x Damian by Brooke ⛈️
Please don't go. There's so much to say. So much to show you. This is an Anya x Damian fanfic! This is AU with the same original spyxfamily plotline but in the future!
Spy School Reunion by smh204
Spy School Reunionby SMH204 *INACTIVE*
"In conclusion, the Academy of Espionage will be closed forever, effective immediately." Those words changed Ben Ripley, Erica Hale, Audrey Hale and the whole...
The Good-For-Nothing Society | Completed by ErinTink
The Good-For-Nothing Society | Com...by Erin L Reags
When sixteen-year-old Amelia Warbur's father suddenly dies, her life is upheaved and her mum wastes no time in sending her off to boarding school. With a mysterious redh...
Until I Find You by TaraRianaD
Until I Find Youby Tara M Reid
When two girls have been professionally trained to be spies and for any mission. They have been trained; how to lie, get out of dangerous situations, fake their feelings...
[ ✓ ] rivals - k.sw by 1-800-JEALOUSY
[ ✓ ] rivals - k.swby 🤍
❝you make me wanna kiss you.❞ ❝shut up.❞ ___ ❝you make me wanna kiss you.❞ ❝then do it.❞ ( unedited. ) ➤you as choi soohae ➤choi seungcheol as your brother ➤choi chanhe...
AGENT RED ; apply fic  by -staysxnny-
AGENT RED ; apply fic by sunny bunny ♡
✎ ❛ IN WHICH ❜ ♡ ꒦꒷ a team of spies , their leader agent red , set off on a mission that could determine the earth's future . . . . . .