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Sanji's Secret-two years of hell. by ViperGrim
Sanji's Secret-two years of hell.by Viper Grim
continued from Sanji's Secret. The crew was spilt up and Luffy decided that they'd met in two years. Sanji decides to go ahead to watch the ship for everyone for both ye...
M.S.S.L sequel ᵖʳⁱˢᵒⁿ ᵇʳᵉᵃᵏ by nightlylucille
M.S.S.L sequel ᵖʳⁱˢᵒⁿ ᵇʳᵉᵃᵏby @nighlylucille
People in your life come and go, but they mainly go it's like a universal pattern. "you gain some, you lose some." Nothing new. What if that people you thought...
C.M.C.T.N.G  Daughter of discord by Bakudekuladynoir
C.M.C.T.N.G Daughter of discordby Bakudekuladynoir
A series of one-shots detailing the adventures of five fillies on a quest to find what makes them special and earn their cutie marks. Prism: the flightless pegasus overs...
Dear victim (Dear Bully's squeal)  by LTomlinson06
Dear victim (Dear Bully's squeal) by Louise_Tomlinson
Dear victim, I'm sorry... I miss you -Bully
Toni's Diary by iwas13okay
Toni's Diaryby I regret everything
Kinda like a squel to @spainxengland Arthur's journals. Just now Antonio side not Arthur's.
Dallas kid sister sequel (outsider fan fiction) by the_potato_who_flew
Dallas kid sister sequel (outsider...by the_potato_who_flew
This is the long waited sequel i promise you it was worth the wait
princess 🌸boyxboy by Povxnasty_b
princess 🌸boyxboyby supernatural 👻💕
the continuation of the strawberries this fall
The Shaw's by Enn0114
The Shaw'sby Grinch Pie
The Second book guys!!!!
Chocolate flavored death   by Fresh_cupcake
Chocolate flavored death by ༺Cupcake ●♡
Kai is a sheep playing with a wolf only the wolf is in sheep clothing Kai is in trouble she has found herself right in the middle of dark romance with a dangerous lead...
up's & down's // cameron dallas little sister by alliespinosa
up's & down's // cameron dallas li...by alliespinosa
*sequel to "summer trips // with magcon"* more drama, more problems. (story does not contain any continuous chapters but does contain cuss words.)
I hope you feel the same by SweetSilence2
I hope you feel the sameby ~Sweet Sympathy~
This story is dark and has many build-ups. Zelda cared for her knight as did he. In his most desperate moment of need, he still tended to her. As he was sent a...
Book 2! (Baby Don't Cry) On Going by polarstars
Book 2! (Baby Don't Cry) On Goingby mejo
Book 1 Memories (Complete) pls read the book 1 storys before you read this,this is the squel of memories. Description It only came out as a bet but they grew serious wit...
Ravens Destiny by Izzybella342
Ravens Destinyby Brianna Savage
Squel to my bad little boy
wish I never cheated on you by GeorgiaWhite760
wish I never cheated on youby Georgia White
welcome to the squel of letters to my ex and daughter
KnockOut (sequel to Dark) by RedneckxAngel
KnockOut (sequel to Dark)by Tiffany
He was dangerous while she was innocent both helped each other in ways they can never understand. #8 on sequel as of 6/21/2018 #992 on innocent as of 6/21/2018 #280 on...
A Runaway Girl Named Penny by Diedie1
A Runaway Girl Named Pennyby xXLonerXx
Penny has had a rough thirteen years. Then she runs away. Where will her new life take her? Will she finally find a family? Will she finally find love? Or will poor Penn...
Avengers And Demigods: Sword And Guns by daughter_of_posei
Avengers And Demigods: Sword And G...by Trisha Athena Camile Dei Star...
All is well Trisha goes to her uncle but if one of their mission is get her brother and gang to help the world's finest hero What if the evil was in the weakest place f...