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Invincible // Superman by Geekasauruz
Invincible // Supermanby Geekasauruz
Silvia Stone was a vigilante with only one goal in mind, to give criminals a swift and painful death. As one could imagine, Superman didn't exactly appreciate the bodyco...
Second Coming...-Nate Heywood by saralancesbae
Second Coming...-Nate Heywoodby JJ
Alexa Saunders-Younger sister of legend Kendra Saunders. Alexa was asked to replace Kendra when her and Carter decided to leave the legends. How will her life change whe...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Steel Academy : School of CruEntsters [COMPLETED] by PURPLEALLY
Steel Academy : School of Shally Casteel
Vein Nicky Colt is a one heck pain in the ass back then in the America. "Bad Ass" ang tinaguriang tawag sakanya roon. Because of her one heck bad ass deeds she...
Another Take (A Naruto Fanfiction) (Complete) by Spirit_of_the_Wolf6
Another Take (A Naruto Fanfiction) Spirit
Kiyomi Himura has a rather large problem. A chakra beast with an earth nature, the wolf named Fenrir, sealed himself inside her at a young age. Originally from Yamagakur...
An Invulnerable Heart | Man of Steel by dolewhips
An Invulnerable Heart | Man of kathy
[ COMPLETED // UNEDITED ] Clark Kent was a boy not from this world. However, he was specifically sent here for a reason. To lead and provide hope for the human race. Ela...
Lotus (Legends Of Tomorrow - Sara Lance) by Providentia-
Lotus (Legends Of Tomorrow - Providentia
Now that the Time Masters are destroyed, it's up to Kate Rory and the Legends to guard the timeline. But new villains arrive, new friendships are made and reality is at...
Evolve - Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Being Rewritten) by AlexNeko_990
Evolve - Power Rangers Beast AlexNeko_990
Evolve (Being Rewritten) (Completed)💎 -Final Book of the Life Trilogy- --- A secret agency creates a new team of Power Rangers by combining a recently identified substa...
Only yours  by indianwriters13
Only yours by HAZEL
18+ Sejal Singha 22 years old, lives with her step family. Her parents died when she was 7years old, and she was adopted and now she graduated and is looking for a job...
An Invulnerable Heart | Man of Steel by CallmeUnbroken
An Invulnerable Heart | Man of CallmeUnbroken
| Book One | From the moment he was born Clark Kent wasn't just like any other ordinary boy. He was sent to earth from his dying planet Krypton to help and protect the p...
I Am The Turbo (Max Steel x Invincible crossover) by Dredagoat03
I Am The Turbo (Max Steel x Dredagoat03
Just like a certain family on the planet. The McGrath Family was a special family. The mother an ex-military specialist in a group that served a higher purpose than Ceci...
Craving (Steel Brothers Saga Book 1) by HelenHardt
Craving (Steel Brothers Saga HelenHardt
After being left at the altar, Jade Roberts seeks solace at her best friend's ranch on the Colorado western slope. Her humiliation still ripe, she doesn't expect to be a...
Fireman Sam: Poorly Penny 🥺🥺 by alya17000
Fireman Sam: Poorly Penny 🥺🥺by miraculous super fan
This is my own version of the fireman Sam episode Poorly Penny with season 15 characters. I don't own any of the fireman sam characters, but the story is mine.
Destiny (Legends of Tomorrow - Sara Lance) by Providentia-
Destiny (Legends of Tomorrow - Providentia
Now that Kate Rory has left the Legends, she's faced with a challange like none she's ever faced before. Parenting. But what happens when the Legends come back and she...
𝑮𝑯𝑶𝑺𝑻 |✔️  by Angelbreeze-
𝑮𝑯𝑶𝑺𝑻 |✔️ by ⚚ 𝘼𝙉𝙂𝙀𝙇 ⚚
Ghost is a wolf who lives in Nome, Alaska. She has feared the people of Nome and the dogs there. Balto meets her once and feels a strong bond with her. Can they be frie...
Windswept by wildgreenskittle
Windsweptby Gwen Cole
Reid has been homeless on the streets of New York for years now, fighting for cash in clubs and sleeping in empty buildings. With his special ability, Reid could have wh...
Secretly Famous by malin87
Secretly Famousby Malin
Darlene is a world famous singer, loved and adored by her fans and she loves the popstar life. She is used to hold concerts in front of thousands of people on world tour...
Pokémon: You Are The King by LordShinkenRed
Pokémon: You Are The Kingby Shiba Takeru
Brothers of three from the Hoenn Region and one travel to the Kalos Region to achieve his goals. The eldest son; Mondo aims to become the greatest Pokémon Coordinator. T...
Golden Fall by RaineXBlack
Golden Fallby
He was fire. He burned everywhere he touched. He was broken. No one could handle him. No one cared enough to do so. But her, she would take any shape the life threw her...
Kinder Than Love (Yandere Johnny Joestar x Reader) by BlissfulRampage
Kinder Than Love (Yandere Johnny BlissfulRampage
Johnny starts acting strangely after the death of Gyro Zeppeli. Now he has you trapped in a spooky old cabin where something bizarre is going on. Is there really somethi...