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The Gang Leader's Angel {Completed} by chub_panda98
The Gang Leader's Angel {Completed}by chub_panda98
In Jacob Hunters world there is no place for innocence. Becoming a gang leader at the age of 19 he was forced into a position he never wanted in the first place but a ye...
Alpha and Me by True_Potato
Alpha and Meby Call Me Potato
COMPLETED I ran frantically hoping to elude my pursuer. My arms were scraped form the surrounding shrubs. I heard him growl "Mine" and I ran further. His foll...
✔️"دونیایەک پەشیمانی" by viktorya_raz
✔️"دونیایەک پەشیمانی"by «ڤیکتۆریا»
"پـــــــەشـــــیـــــمـــــانــــــــم" ئـەمـە قـسـەی کەسێک و دوو کەس نییە...!! ئەمە جارێک و دووجار نەوتراوە...!!
The CEO's Kryptonite (boyxboy) ✓ by wambuimuiruriii
The CEO's Kryptonite (boyxboy) ✓by Wambui Muiruri
"Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" •• Christian Ivonov, CEO of Ivonov enterprises, had always been the best at fucking things up. Whether it be...
ily more - matt sturniolo by sturniolosstories
ily more - matt sturnioloby sturniolo stories
Friends to lovers Another short basic love story.🤷🏼‍♀️ no smut bc thats weird and gross😐
Uulan, Titila, Tutula by dugoangSusi
Uulan, Titila, Tutulaby abcde
Kompaylasyon ng mga orihinal at mga matatalinhagang mga katha. Mayro'n ding talasalitaan ng mga malalalim na katagang Filipino, mga salawikain at iba pa. -ds
wires, steve harrington by hollywillow-
wires, steve harringtonby brianna ˎˊ˗
❝ the wires got the best of him ❞ s. harrington x henderson!oc stranger things seasons two, three, and four lowercase intended © hollywillow- - awarded best steve harrin...
LEANDRO (untuk Nara)  by silessly
LEANDRO (untuk Nara) by Lessly
"NARA CUMAN PUNYA GUE ANJING!" Sentak Bara. "BACOT BANGSAT!" Mereka tetap saling pukul satu sama lain, wajah mereka juga sudah babak belur, hingga...
~ Freak ~ steddie! Stranger things by strangertings96
~ Freak ~ steddie! Stranger thingsby Travis <3
the AMAZING fanart on the cover is from @Charliem00n I literally love you thank you so much for making fan art I love it more then I love myself <33333 (Also if you w...
Ruthless Billionaire by Sushe007
Ruthless Billionaireby Sushmita Rai
Alessandro Romano, a ruthless billionaire. For him money is everything. He is clever, cunning, and time-oriented person. Even if he was born with a silver spoon in his m...
Love and Baseball | Bruce Yamada x Fem Reader by cha3youngg
Love and Baseball | Bruce Yamada cha3youngg
A new friendship between you and Bruce is flourishing, you gain feelings first but he falls way harder. This story takes place a couple months (??) before the whole...
Tattoos and Scars | Completed, Unedited by brookelilac
Tattoos and Scars | Completed, 𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐜.
Broken, bruised and scarred, Bailey Willow trusts no one but herself. Living in a house she doesn't like with her abusive and drunk dad, she waits for the day when she c...
already gone , derek shepherd by uglyem
already gone , derek shepherdby em
' now all our memories, they're haunted. ' grey's anatomy she fell first but...
automatic stop, bradley bradshaw by hollywillow-
automatic stop, bradley bradshawby brianna ˎˊ˗
❝ i wanted you, you wanted me ❞ b. bradshaw x mitchell!oc top gun: maverick (2022) 🛩 lowercase intended © hollywillow-
The Killer Duo// Mattheo Riddle by Howdy07
The Killer Duo// Mattheo Riddleby Howdy
Emerald Blackwood was the girl who had nothing. Mattheo Riddle was the boy who had something just not what he wanted. Together they made the killer duo. Will it all end...
Bitter Sweet.     BILLY SHOWALTER X OC by Ilovetwd44
Bitter Sweet. BILLY Ilovetwd44
When the local paperboys dog runs off meeting a certain red head girl.
Everlasting 2 (Draco Malfoy x Reader) by lcky101
Everlasting 2 (Draco Malfoy x lcky101
To debate between hatred, friendship, love - with a foe, a friend, or a lover.
Chaos (Colby Brock)  by heartlessbrock
Chaos (Colby Brock) by heartlessbrock
The world can be a dangerous place with dangerous people. Julia White would soon learn to not trust people so much. It's a gang/crime book idk. Just read it lol THIS BOO...
Yandere mha oneshots by BisexualBeany
Yandere mha oneshotsby Simping for the Octatrio
Started: September 14th, 2020 Ended: June 5th, 2021 These are just for fun, and I try to update every day! Mostly female/gender neutral reader Most of these will be pret...
Eddie Munson one shots <3 by mxltifan_stories
Eddie Munson one shots <3by multifandom.stories
!!!NO SMUT!!! Just some one shots for our fav boy Some sad stuff so beware