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Xiaolumi Oneshots by MomsKitchenKnife
Xiaolumi Oneshotsby YourMom'sKitchenKnife
A bunch of Xiaolumi short stories that I've written and compiled together. The stories may be related in some ways but can be read as standalones. If any of them are OO...
World of Fiction  by FantasyWorldForest
World of Fiction by Dawn
His life was torturous, he wanted to escape his own life. He was jealous of fictional characters, they always meet the end of their sufferings, but his sufferings of lif...
Never Said by warm_cuppa
Never Saidby warm_cuppa
A fictional series of OffGun inspired one-shots and ficlets featuring thoughts and internal monologues about love, lust, friendship, and trust. Each chapter is a short s...
Soul Songs by TheWoodstockFae
Soul Songsby Child of Snow
A collection of flash fiction, poetry, lyrics that are self-reflections and processings of thoughts and emotions that I'm wanting to explore.
Caffeine and Me by italygirl89
Caffeine and Meby Idalis Wood
A collection of short and long poems ranging from brain farts to exploring why I bother to get up in the morning. Most times, it's an assortment of thoughts brewing as I...
starling nest by moonlid
starling nestby ♰
when i look at you, i see what i imagine the inside of a bone might look like 2022 © moonlid
transmission errors by midwinterspring
transmission errorsby halogen
flesh and stars in a jar of morphine.
Torn by firebreather65
Tornby Linda C.
Main character Rose Rivera finally graduates high school along with her long term boyfriend Adolfo Burke and best friend Anthony Reynolds. Rose, not having the most fort...
the life of a rose [version 3.0] by WhovianHorseLover
the life of a rose [version 3.0]by Rose
rose is back!! again!! not really, because she's never on wattpad anyways. but here's the place she'll write down her thoughts when she feels like it. so enjoy...i guess...
Thoughts of an Awkward Teenage Girl by xJustABookwormx
Thoughts of an Awkward Teenage Girlby Ella
A book full of mind vomit and incomprehensible rants written when I either: a) Am pretending to be texting my many, MANY non-existant friends b) Am on public transport...
cacophony by midwinterspring
cacophonyby halogen
a trail of poetry drawn between inward glances because i gave up on shouting myself down. | voice one: 01-13 | voice two: 16-29 | voice three: 30-36 | voice four: 37-4...
Last Notes of a Symphony || Song of Achilles Oneshots by BookObsessorSupreme
Last Notes of a Symphony || Song Blue <3
'But you, Patroclus,' Achilles' voice drops to a mere whisper, as his body tilts nearer to my own. I smile softly at the way he speaks my name- unchanged, after all this...
In Your Journal Program by zindagikilikhavatein
In Your Journal Programby Zindagi
After I published A little book of journaling I got a few personal messages asking to help them do journaling or say prompting them so I've now decided to start a challe...
edge of the mattress ✓ by heartworms
edge of the mattress ✓by abi
tugging at the seams 2020
Her Tender Kisses by mathspook777
Her Tender Kissesby mathspook777
Elsa is desperately in love with Anna, but Anna has rejected her. As thoughts swirl inside her head, Elsa decides on a terrifying way out. (Elsanna, post-canon, stream o...
Sidetracked by crash_bandicoochie
Sidetrackedby crash_bandicoochie
This is a compilation of short stories written by me, each new chapter a different story. The ideas behind these stories come from dreams and nightmares I've had through...
Glaring Shadow - A stream of consciousness novel by BSMurthy
Glaring Shadow - A stream of BSMurthy
In a stream of consciousness mode, Glaring Shadow is the self-account of the life and times of a man, who liquidates his immense wealth only to consign it to the flames...
The Philosophy of Life, the Universe, and Everything by NicoAkira
The Philosophy of Life, the Akira
Every now and then I get into a philosophical mood and start wondering about such things as our purpose here and what might be beyond death. This is the result of such...
Crepidice by kbtzrlzr
Crepidiceby Kibitzer Lozer
A mixture and collection of poems, verses and prose that goes against the typical normative literature
Watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) ~ HD Movies online English Sub by sultonmumah6
Watch Once Upon a Time in ROBY DAE
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