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Her Stories Left Untold.  by Zdmnfanfic
Her Stories Left Untold. by zdmn
There are many secrets to a person's life that only a few know. What if people find secrets of a person who seems to be okay but is suffering from the Past.
Alenna by Jangthy1201
Alennaby RikaThalia
***** Alenna Keylovita, gadis cantik, pintar, dan pendiam, kesayangannya Arga Pramudya. Itu harapannya. Namun balik lagi bahwa, hayalan tidak seindah kenyataan. Begitul...
Photon by jssstplaying
Photonby jssstplaying
"I'm just their debutante. I don't think they really care for me." She shuffled her foot and kept her head hung low. "Sure they do! They put you in the ac...
Royalty Alert! (Bright Vachirawit)  by Neonarin
Royalty Alert! (Bright Vachirawit) by Neo Rin
"There! There she is!" the queen mother pointed out. The royal family looked at the pointed direction. They saw a girl, wearing thick glasses. Her clothes wer...
This princess will not back down by aria-sh
This princess will not back downby aria-sh
Acacia Eva Bellridge was the only lady of bellridge dukedom, until her father, Harald Angus Bellridge married a former baroness, Antaura. Acacia who was despised by her...
Anne girl- an AWAE fan fiction  by Lolasharkymlg
Anne girl- an AWAE fan fiction by Lola eve
This is an AWAE fanfiction The characters are not mine (most of them) they belong to L.M Montgomery. The story lines do however belong to me. Description: Gilbert's be...
Natalie Lifts Weights by EmmaLuvsUxoxo
Natalie Lifts Weightsby Emma
A 12-year-old girl named Natalie starts lifting weights. She wants to get stronger and grow muscles. Her friends are skeptical at first. She has a nerdy older brother.
Tripping and falling... in love by PamelaBraggLarocque
Tripping and falling... in loveby PJ~BL
Evangeline is as clumsy as a person can get and still function as a human in society. She is Funny and Sassy and Accident prone. Vani is surrounded by cute boys on all s...
The Bridge|| Completed✓ by _mothawriter_
The Bridge|| Completed✓by MO🌟🌟
"Can I help you ma?" He asked. His voice was scratchy and low and his tone rang out as sarcastic. "What do you mean by 'Can I help you ma?'" she aske...
TS : Hero (Completed ) by JoeArshi
TS : Hero (Completed )by Joe Arshi
Standalone : I'm just borrowing the names of the character from IPKKND We consider film stars as our heroes. Are they really heroes? If not, then who is the real hero? *...
The Girl From The Mountain Hut by Maroon3YEGirl
The Girl From The Mountain Hutby Leena 😊
Leaving behind her old home, a young maiden tries to escape her dreadful past and keeps a low profile. The truth she hid behind the wall about the war between her people...
The Alpha's broken Angel #Watttys2018 by shontaya1216
The Alpha's broken Angel Taya
Highest Ranking: 5/4/18 - #336 werewolf He circled me, bigger than me and a lot stronger. He tries to come closer I bare my teeth at him and snarl. He growls at me, my...
The girl in a hustle by Itz_meTomboy
The girl in a hustleby Itz_me Tomboy
success story of a Tomboy, this is based on a true story.
The RunAway Bride [under construction] by astrophilicgirl
The RunAway Bride [under @_bibliophile
"you should go Kunwarsaa, people need you there, you are a crowned prince and have many responsibilities to fulfill, they are waiting to see their prince becoming a...
Shen Yi Di Nu | နတ်ဆေးသမားတော် မိန်းမပျို |နတ္ေဆးသမားေတာ္ မိန္းမပ်ိဳ | by Hululu61
Shen Yi Di Nu | နတ်ဆေးသမားတော် မိန Zero Two
Divine Doctor ကို ဘာသာပြန်ထားခြင်း ဖြစ်ပါသည်။ Divine Doctor ကို ဘာသာျပန္ထားျခင္း ျဖစ္ပါသည္။ #SecondTranslation
No Feeling For Bullsh*ts (System) by _Osylvia
No Feeling For Bullsh*ts (System)by Chauveron Osylvia
I don't have feeling for nonsense things. (Not a Translation!!!!)
THE RUNAWAY QUEEN.  by elsieallen13
THE RUNAWAY QUEEN. by Elsieallen13
IT'S A BTS FAN FICTION. They saw few people have a red string attached to them. Which ties them together and bring you to them no matter what. Well this is what happene...
Romance with Blood and Guns. by stuckwithbooks
Romance with Blood and stuckwithbooks
I pushed myself more into the metal walls hoping to get adsorbed in it. I was so nervous of moving at all because it might disclose my dainty doubt of him being breath t...
Revenge Is....SWEET?! by nahggirl101
Revenge Is....SWEET?!by nahggirl_101
Meet Sweetlyn Heavens. A beautiful girl that talks and even walks with personality. So it's not shocking to know that she has a bunch of admirers. "The hell if I'm...