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toxic relationships (male reader x fem venom/carnage/anti-venom/Toxin) by isaacdt
toxic relationships (male reader laughter
BEING REWRITTEN the symbiote powers are going to be from the original Marvel books (I don't own marvel or any other copywrite-able material) venom, Carnage, anti-venom a...
Toxin - The Deadly Hero (izumomo) by Cipher_301
Toxin - The Deadly Hero (izumomo)by CiphΞr
Izuku Midoriya was a struggling kid. His mom was dying, and his bullying continued to get worse. He was told as a little boy that he had a quirk because of his single jo...
Carnage X Reader by 8YellowPage
Carnage X Readerby 8YellowPage
*Just an experiment fan fiction to see what you guys like and don't like on a Carnage X Reader. Working on another Carnage X Reader but I wanted to see how this one work...
We are Venom y/n story (y/n x venom x Avengers) by FanfictionsMarvelll
We are Venom y/n story (y/n x FanfictionsMarvelll
You are just a normal girl getting abused in your personal hell aka orphanage. Your life changes completely after meeting the friendly alien Venom. Eddie on the other si...
Spiderman Back in Black Variant by SpiderSym
Spiderman Back in Black Variantby SpiderSym
This story follows the back in black storyline. It starts from where May has been shot and Peter is angry. His anger is what leads him to Venom, what does Peter want fro...
A Gymnast's Symbiote by manfiestbound
A Gymnast's Symbioteby manfiestbound
What can a college gymnasts do with her power hungry inky ooze?
Hero or Not I do the right thing by ErmaCrossover106
Hero or Not I do the right thingby CrazyCrossover053
Izuku Midoriya was a Quirkless boy, despite that he dreamed of being a hero just like his deceased father and idol All Might. One day he gets that chance by bonding with...
Veddie One shots~ by Iron_Ass
Veddie One shots~by Iron_Ass
So, I can take some requests, but I'm also going to just write random stuff.
The symbiote hero  by inkdy123
The symbiote hero by inkdy123
izuku was just your friendly and shy type of guy with amazing friend's great teacher's great mentor and goes to his dream school. but what happens when on one night when...
A Symbiotic Heart (Symbiote!Bendy x Reader) [Under Revamp] by KunstlerinAlora
A Symbiotic Heart (Symbiote! KunstlerinAlora
Joey Drew was a determined, yet curious man; was brilliant, yet manipulative; and an ex-biologist. He was fired from his position as a biologist - focused on the study o...
Spider Venom by soti190
Spider Venomby Sotonye West
Hey my name is experiment 561, the human Spider. I was grown in a lab and designed to by the perfect weapon. I'm what happens when you mix Spider DNA with human DNA. I m...
TMNT: Midnight by WickedlyTMNT
TMNT: Midnightby WickedlyTMNT
Set in an alternate universe at the start of The Croaking: Mikey got hurt by his brothers for unintentionally trashing the place but instead of running away, he cleans u...
RWBY: Symbiotic Relationship (Yang x Futa Carnage oc) by Zillaworld
RWBY: Symbiotic Relationship ( ZillaWorld
I do not own RWBY or any of the characters. They all belong to RoosterTeeth Yang x Futa Carnage oc
The loud symbiotes  (a loud house x marvel crossover) by omegacrow-nexus
The loud symbiotes (a loud omegacrow-nexus
When a space rock crash lands in the loud family's backyard, Lisa loud began to run some tests on it. disaster struck as the space rock cracks open and an alien slime ca...
Symbiotic hero: sick Venom by meliodasshinigumi
Symbiotic hero: sick Venomby Meliodas&Bon
Izuku was quirkless, useless, unwanted... He... was chosen? When izuku was born without a quirk he was forgotten because people cared for his two sisters Izumi and Iren...
✧ Symbrock Oneshots ✧ Bang. Bang. by benomu-kun
✧ Symbrock Oneshots ✧ Bang. benomu-kun
✧ Collection Of Oneshots. ✧ [ Will take requests. ] ✧ Language warning. ✧
The wolves (Male Cole D Walker reader x DC AU) by WalkingBiohazard
The wolves (Male Cole D Walker WalkingBiohazard
You are Y/n Walker. Proud solider of the US Military. Until recently, that is. As the world dies around you, you begin to realize the situation you are in
Izuku and Grin: Humanity's Monsters by EmanuelLucas236
Izuku and Grin: Humanity's Monstersby Emanuel Lucas
In an attempt to survive, a Symbiote named Grin is trying to find a host as soon as he escaped. After a day, he finally found someone great as a host, and that someone i...
Venomus Spell (Owl House Venom Male Reader) by Someotherrandomguy
Venomus Spell (Owl House Venom Somereader/writerforfun
I do not own owl house or venom. Those characters belong to Disney (What doesn't at this point) please enjoy (Y/N) Brock Noceda is the adopted brother of luz noceda. Hes...
We're both venom (Spiderman x venom) by Usecodeceedayy
We're both venom (Spiderman x UserNameNotAvailable
I don't know really Story I guess: Peter goes to a university after finishing school. He's faced a tragedy that resulted in Aunt Mays death. However, he doesn't know if...