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2 New Members In One Year  PrestonxBrianna by Sunshinemisti209
2 New Members In One Year Preston...by Sunshinemisti209
Thank you for reading my story! Tbnrfrags- 1 out of 969 Prestonplayz- 4 out of 757
I'm his gamer, and hes my vlogger (nathan and preston love story) by AnimeFraud
I'm his gamer, and hes my vlogger...by DreamSMPIsLife
a love story of the two we all know, nathen and preston! Also MoosexShark and JamesxGabe... look I ship them, ok!?
That Smile (PrestonPlayz fanfic. Preston X ArtzyMinecraft by ArtzyAndKay
That Smile (PrestonPlayz fanfic. P...by ArtzyAndKay
Artzy has a crush on Preston but she's just a fan and Preston has no idea who Artzy is. She goes to Pax and meets Preston. What happens? Find out by reading BAI!
Sidemen And Pack Oneshots by user189289
Sidemen And Pack Oneshotsby .
Gay gAY GAy gaY GaY gAy gAyYyYyY all over again! Once again, nothing has changed since the last book! I may sneak in some Phan or Septiplier this time around but it will...
Starting Over// a miniminter FF by ssamanthagale
Starting Over// a miniminter FFby ❤️
Fleeing back home to escape her painful past, Sabrina Zerker is invited to live with her brother, Josh and his friends. Her painful memories of what happened before, goe...
The Pack and Friends One Shots by user189289
The Pack and Friends One Shotsby .
Gay gAY GAy gaY GaY gAy gAyYyYyY
The Pack/Sidemen Imagines and Preferences [COMPLETED] by bri_leon823
The Pack/Sidemen Imagines and Pref...by bri_leon823
The title kind of explains it haha. REQUESTS ARE FOREVER CLOSED Each imagine type will have like two parts so that I can do everybody so yeah. :) Hope you enjoy and fe...
My Gamer - Preston X Unspeakable  by unspeakablegabejames
My Gamer - Preston X Unspeakable by ❍︎ (っ◔◡◔)っ❍︎
That was the most fun I've ever had. I open the door and see Nathan with tears down his face. "PRESTON WHERE WERE YOU?!?! YOU WERE OUT FOR 7 FUCKING HOURS!!!"...
Not About Angels ➳ A TBNRFrags/PrestonPlayz Fanfiction by echoboo
Not About Angels ➳ A TBNRFrags/Pre...by ech • o
20 minutes ago I was exiting the movie theatre with Sara. 15 minutes ago I got into the driver's seat and Sara got into the passengers seat. 10 minutes ago we were drivi...
Baby Packmen by WaterPrincess97
Baby Packmenby The Water Princess
What happens when the Pack and the some of the Sidemen go to America? Well for one, several of them get turned into babies. Let's watch what happens! *No I'm don't hate...
New Family Addition PrestonxBrianna by Sunshinemisti209
New Family Addition PrestonxBriannaby Sunshinemisti209
Hi it's me your author This book is now finished Thanks for reading everyone the 600+ readers thank u Ranking Prestonplayz - #3 out of 810 stories Tbnrfrags - #6 out...
Prestonplayz fanfiction by stefania1276
Prestonplayz fanfictionby Stephanie
You are a teen girl living in Texas that has a huge crush on a youtuber named Preston but you have lost hope of ever meeting him. But suddenly...
The Hunger Games: Wroetostar, Merome, Pooflan & Minizerk by user189289
The Hunger Games: Wroetostar, Mero...by .
None of them ever expected to be reaped, none of them thought they were going to be forced into fragile alliances for their very survival. They never expected that they...
A lovely suprise (Brianna X Preston) by LaraDogo
A lovely suprise (Brianna X Presto...by DogoGirl RB
Brianna has a suprise for Preston....
My BabySitter's a Gamer? {A TBNRFrags FanFic} by MCGirl258
My BabySitter's a Gamer? {A TBNRFr...by Fandom Trash
A normal girl with a normal life and a busy mom. She's 16 and her mom still thinks she needs a babysitter. Well, she is a bit of a trouble-maker. And her life is twisted...
The Sidemen Stories by raexha_
The Sidemen Storiesby rey
17 year old Kelly has been an orphan for 13 year of her life. she wandered away from her parents at the park and never saw them again. Police found her but the parents n...
Life With You (Brianna and Preston) by AgeiPa
Life With You (Brianna and Preston)by Añgeĺiç Pĺaýş
Brianna and preston is married couple and there life is connected with youtube and more... Read to Know more
Preston And Brianna (AU) by GoldenJadeNinja
Preston And Brianna (AU)by llorumi_fangirl
FOR PRESTONPLAYZ FANS Y/N lost her parents in an accident and been brought to the orphanage. Preston and Brianna want to adopt a child because Brianna can't bear one. Wh...
They Made Us Different by AlliumCupcakes
They Made Us Differentby AlliumCupcakes
They were normal kids, raised in a normal homes. They went to normal schools, and lived in a normal communities. Until that one day in their lives when it changed. Kidna...
The Happiness Circle (A "Town of Salem" AU) by hopestar524
The Happiness Circle (A "Town of S...by Hope <3
Salem is the best place to live. You never become hungry, you never work, and you all carry out the same daily schedule. With small towns of up to 30 people, everyone gr...