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A new life for a new problem by skdbhdnz
A new life for a new problemby skdbhdnz
kim Rok Soo becomes Cale henituse and if his illness on earth continues him in his new life -- inspired by Trash of school with permission of the author
someone to be protected  by Poets_Dead
someone to be protected by Neptune
Cale dies after stabbing himself in the heart, but instead of him transmitting it, his companions are the ones who receive this gift. or when original Cale Hanituse has...
Good luck ^^ by skdbhdnz
Good luck ^^by skdbhdnz
Cale's family's reaction to all the crazy things he did during the two-year war. will he survive his overprotective family ?
Cold Little Eyes by MemorySucker
Cold Little Eyesby VIVI
After the death of Countess Jour Thames Henituse Deruth didn't only mourn his beloved wife's death, he did too. mourn his son who he didn't even know now. Ever since t...
Pipe Dream (The King's Men from Andrew's POV) ✔️ by seasy33
Pipe Dream (The King's Men from Sydney
~COMPLETE~ "You were supposed to be a side effect of the drugs." "I'm not a hallucination." "You are a pipe dream." A/N: After two weeks of...
Overcoming The Past by UnknownWriterFan
Overcoming The Pastby UnknownWriterFan
[Completed] <Was there ever a point where you were at your weakest?> <Have you overcome that weakness?> <Do you want to find out?> *Spoilers Ahead for...
A Chaotic Camping Trip! (Hermitcraft 8 Highschool AU) by ThatOneWaterCat
A Chaotic Camping Trip! ( ThatOneWaterCat
This is a camping trip story with the Hermits in Season 8 of Hermitcraft, with all of them being high schoolers aside from TFC, the really cool bus driver. Not much more...
✨Newtmas Oneshots✨ by ShutUpItsNotFunny
✨Newtmas Oneshots✨by Evie is a witch
Some one shots of my otp! I will take requests. There will be some song based one shots, you can request songs if you wish. All characters belong to James dashner, all r...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Anon1909
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby Weeb ‘shit’ Jones
Hello! Welcome to my hermitcraft oneshot book. Most of these were written around season 7, and I haven't kept up with season 8, so more recent uploads will just use the...
Legacies || Hermitcraft by starlit_voids
Legacies || Hermitcraftby Xan
In a found family of 26, you're bound to get a couple of interesting stories. The Hermits are no exception. Brought together through tragedy and hardships, each person's...
One-Shots // Book Compilation by jolikesgames
One-Shots // Book Compilationby « Jo »
One-Shot's written about any book title I feel like including; yet, know I shouldn't make a one-shot book for strictly that universe. So, since I still want to put the w...
A possible path by Hellllooooz
A possible pathby Hellloooo.
Cale's family's reaction to one of my stories. It's up to you to find out which one~ of course, in any case, it's one where Cale can't help but have a good time~.
Maze Runner Preferences ✓ by PiperRunner
Maze Runner Preferences ✓by PiperRunner
The new and improved Maze Runner Preference book! Because, I have to admit, the last one was as crappy as shuck. (I unpublished it, btw) So, I hope you Gladers enjoy thi...
Hermitcraft Stories by UnknownAlicia
Hermitcraft Storiesby Alicia
everyone is doing it, and I also have a lot of ideas in my head. I'll try to write about everyone, but probably will stick to a few hermits since they are probably who I...
✅Superior // HOT ROD X SOUNDWAVE // CYBERVERSE AU✅ by NotMyMainSadly
✅Superior // HOT ROD X 🎶✝️HELL IS FOREVER👹🎶
After Soundwave disappeared, Hot Rod gave up on all his hopes of ever having a chance with him... But what happens when Soundwave comes back? Read to find out. Started:...
Mine Forever Newt x reader fanfic by MKENZIEJYL
Mine Forever Newt x reader fanficby ♔ kenzie
Y/n. The only girl in the Glade. Meets this blonde boy called, Newt. Good things and bad things happens to this couple. Soon, in the scorch, something tragic happens. B...
Hermitcraft Season 7 Oneshots! by starlit_voids
Hermitcraft Season 7 Oneshots!by Xan
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Hermitcraft Season 6finity OneShots by I_love_Polar_Bears
Hermitcraft Season 6finity OneShotsby Bear
Season 6finity One-shots just some oneshots from your favorite hermits; if you want to suggest anything or want to see something specifically, just comment on the first...
Hermitcraft Camping Trip! (High school AU) by ThatOneWaterCat
Hermitcraft Camping Trip! (High ThatOneWaterCat
This is a Hermitcraft High school (Camping Trip) AU. Shipping included, no smut, chaos I guess?? There will probably not be too many parts to this story because it ain't...
Are You. . . by UnknownWriterFan
Are You. . .by UnknownWriterFan
"Oh my, you don't look very well. L-let me help you!" Transported to a modern world like his old one, Cale bumps into someone while looking for his comrades. H...