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horror movie killers x reader Scenarios And Imagines! by SamV73
horror movie killers x reader Samael V
already explained on the title, feel free to request killers or senarios! Most of the start off killers are well known, but theres also some that arent known by many peo...
𝘛𝘏𝘌 𝘚𝘖𝘜𝘕𝘋 𝘖𝘍  𝘏𝘌𝘈𝘙𝘛𝘉𝘌𝘈𝘛 ✔️ by itzfoamy
[mori x deaf! reader] Y/N Fujioka is your name and you're sadly deaf in your game. You're homeschooled because of your condition, but you always get information about t...
Limerence ➪ Enoch O'Connor [mphfpc] by celestialcalista
Limerence ➪ Enoch O'Connor [mphfpc]by cosmic sans*~” * ; .
Limerence » lim·er·ence - ˈlimərəns/ : (n) the state of being infatuated with another person. - Juliet Blackwood. Juliet Blackwood is the reason Enoch is the way he is...
Dragon Hunters Hunting their Lover's Dragon Soul by AlphaShadow2m
Dragon Hunters Hunting their AlphaShadow
Sequel to RTTE(Race to The Edge*On NETFLIX*) watches HTTYD(How to Train Your Dragon). (Previously) "And before anyone could even throw out a protest they disappeare...
|| The Engagement || Abyss Aether x F!Reader || /!\ Royal AU /!\ || by Aisaki_Official_
|| The Engagement || Abyss Bachira's Wife
y/n is the princess of mondstadt and she never was allowed to go outside of her castle , that was before something un-expected happened that didn't really please her. #7...
demons » e.o'c x reader by melancholic-ana
demons » e.o'c x readerby 💜
❝ i'll never stop blaming myself for what was happening. ❞ ~ started: 4/12/17 completed:
Engaged To The Host [Hikaru × Kaoru × Reader] OHSHC by XxB-POTATOxX
Engaged To The Host [Hikaru × ↬ოια
"You have to kiss me", Hikaru said. I sighed and reconsidered my options. Nope, there is no way getting out of this. I sat up straight again slightly startling...
Ghosts - Millard Nullings by Thesoundoflightning
Ghosts - Millard Nullingsby Thunderstormies
A girl with little hope finds her way to Mrs.Perigrenes loop. After running away from her old loop in 1956 when it was attacked by hollows. There she finds a boy like he...
the broken ward by widowswife00
the broken wardby mimi <3
(one-shots) based on the film version of MPHFPC --- Y/N Adley is one of Miss Peregrine's wards in her home for peculiar children. Y/N's powers contain power manipulation...
Future Us? by PassionWriterHJH
Future Us?by PassionWriterHJH
(@Speedbreak Could you do a HTTYD time travel fanfic where the characters from HTTYD 1 meet their selves from HTTYD2?) This was a comment on my HTTYD One-Shots Volume I...
No Hope {Outlast} by succyakamaizono
No Hope {Outlast}by succyakamaizono
You weren't one for bright ideas, so when someone came up with the idea to follow Miles Upshur to Mount Massive Asylum, you were all for it, that was, until you climbed...
A New Me by Mystic_Nightmare
A New Meby Mystic_Nightmare
Hiccup is hated and bullied by everyone because he is, to them, weak. One day as Hiccup was training Toothless, the villagers and his dad got word that he was a traitor...
You're Mine (Scissac) by LucyxNatsu101
You're Mine (Scissac)by LucyxNatsu101
This all starts when Issac has feelings for Scott. Will Scott return the feelings or will he stay with Alison.
The Adventures Of Pack Mom (Sequel To Cousin Miguel) by Bobbylein
The Adventures Of Pack Mom ( Bobbylein
This is a sequel to my story Cousin Miguel. The stories are connected so you should read Cousin Miguel first :) Derek searches a place to live for him and Stiles has a...
eternity » j.p x reader {completed✔} by melancholic-ana
eternity » j.p x reader { 💜
❝ no matter what happens, my love for you will last an eternity. ❞ ~ started: 3/23/17 completed: 4/2/17
Candy N' Honey (Ohshc) by andrea_liss
Candy N' Honey (Ohshc)by 100% Cuteness
Candy Mellows is a top notch kuudere. But what happens if she met the Host club? And fall in love with their one and only boy-lolita?
Reunion | Aether and Lumine by _Adeptus-Aries_
Reunion | Aether and Lumineby Никс Зефир
Aether and Lumine have been traveling worlds for an eternity searching for something sent from their mother, a home, the time they came back, their mother was long gone...
Descent To Madness (Outlast Fanfic) by darboh-
Descent To Madness (Outlast Fanfic)by Raven
"What the fuck are you doing?" "...that's all you have to say after all these years?" Korbyn Messorem was assigned to become an undercover patient in...
Don't Blush by StoryMind_4you
Don't Blushby StoryMind_4you
Het is een verhaal over de twee grappenmakers, Fred en George zijn nooit bang om met meisjes te praten, totdat George verliefd word op Lucinda, Lucinda is een mooi, slim...