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Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader REMAKE: The Definitive Edition by BSGNetwork
Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader REMA...by BSGNetwork
In Age 759, Son Goku and Chi-Chi had their second child, a boy they named Son Y/N. Unlike his brother, Y/N trains with Goku, growing stronger than Gohan or even Goku. Af...
DBS Reacts to DBZA by Newdawn57
DBS Reacts to DBZAby Newdawn57
After the tournament of power, a black robed being arrives at the stadium. Declaring the timeline corrupted, he resolves that watching the true course of events will hea...
Dragon Ball Oneshots by Titanarmor1
Dragon Ball Oneshotsby Titanarmor1
A book of Oneshots featuring your favorite Dragon Ball boys. A/N: I will do any boy from any saga. I just won't do the Moro and Merus. I will also not do Character X Cha...
The Saiyan Priestess by HeavenOfNirvana
The Saiyan Priestessby Tarynn Ball
Kagome Higurashi died in the final battle. Expecting to move on to the afterlife, but she was contacted by Midoriko who decided to give her a second chance at life. Acce...
The Crane Emperor (Dragon Ball x Male Arcosian Reader) by Beanyboy2002
The Crane Emperor (Dragon Ball x M...by Beanyboy2002
At the exact same time that Goku was sent to Earth, another space pod was launched. This pod contained the infant Arcosian Y/N. While Goku was found by the kind and gent...
Female Goku & Female Vegeta | ~Dragon's Fury~ by ShawnCoolFnia
Female Goku & Female Vegeta | ~Dra...by ShawnCoolFnia
Most of the art used in this story come from Twitter user, and Amazing Artist kkkkkirrier! Check them out! In this story you follow a small town, farm raised human male...
How Do I Get Away From This World? by weird_shy_girl
How Do I Get Away From This World?by Mimi
Yandere? Dragon Ball! Various x Fem! Krillin!Reader [Y/N] woke up after wishing on her Shenron Action Figure to see the blurry blue sky. The more clear her vision gets...
Dragonball X Reader Short Oneshots by creativemindinspo
Dragonball X Reader Short Oneshotsby creativemindinspo
{Completed but Open for Requests } Reader x Dragon Ball Characters Dive into a collection of short stories featuring beloved Dragon Ball characters in unexpected and exp...
My Inner Demons  by StoryTimeVellichor
My Inner Demons by Vellichor
A Dragon Ball Z fanfiction. This story is from after the Cell Games and during the Buu Saga. After the Cell Games, Gohan struggles with his guilt and makes the biggest...
The Recovery by IAmKIM97
The Recoveryby IAmKIM97
Betrayed, broken and alone, Scott McCall and Lydia Martin enroll at Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted with hopes of recovering away from home after Teen...
Alternate Timeline- Bardock's Earthly Adventures by KryMeARiva
Alternate Timeline- Bardock's Eart...by KryMeARiva
What if instead of fighting Frieza until the end, Bardock had one last vision that convinced him to follow his younger son to Earth? Would he kill all life as we know it...
DBZ: Ascending by JAzure21
DBZ: Ascendingby JAzure21
A child found from a crater he unknowingly created. The Namekian having thought and believed to have found the most suitable being to be by his side as his desire to co...
Dragon Ball Fighter Z Soul Warrior by GhostRedding
Dragon Ball Fighter Z Soul Warriorby Ruby Redding
You were once just an ordinary young person (Non-binary) from our earth living a decent life you have going on. At one point, you were a Dragon Ball Z enjoyer as a kid...
The Super Saiyan Girl by _Alex-san_
The Super Saiyan Girlby Alex-san
[*BOOK 1*] After three years from the events of Namek, Freeza arrives to Earth, but is surprisingly stopped by two new faces -- both Super Saiyains. One is a young man...
BH - Giá Tiền 1 Trái Tim... by meomunngoan
BH - Giá Tiền 1 Trái Tim...by meomunngoan
Giá Tiền 1 Trái Tim
Dragon Ball Kakarot by Imcosmicklaw
Dragon Ball Kakarotby Imcosmicklaw
One decision would change the fate of universe. From the benevolent Saiyan born on Earth, Goku would be just another low class warrior on Planet Vegeta. Or would he? May...
Perfect Match ~ Dragon Ball Fanfic ~ by CatsLoveDisney11
Perfect Match ~ Dragon Ball Fanfic...by Cat Cassell
It was unknown to Aki who was a strange girl Master Roshi had meet one day when he had gone to get food on the main land. He was left amazed at how such a small child co...
Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Light Mission by Cosmic66
Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Lig...by BlueRainbowSky66
Different warriors from different Timeline and Universe Meet! And among them is a strange Half-Breed Saiyan with a great potential. Together with the Z-Fighter and the T...
Transcending Time ~Book 1~ (A DBZ Story) by CatsLoveDisney11
Transcending Time ~Book 1~ (A DBZ...by Cat Cassell
Years after the fight on Namek the Z warriors and others have been living peaceful on planet Earth. Freeze back but Goku is still gone! Who are the two strangers that se...
DBZ x Reader One Shots!  by Warrior-Rose
DBZ x Reader One Shots! by DBZ+TMNT=LIFE