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He With The Jewel Eyes // A Grey Harry Potter - Time Travel AU by shutiitt_real
He With The Jewel Eyes // A Grey H...by An Idiot Insomniac
There is nothing left in the future. Muggles kill all magical whether they be wizards or creatures. Hogwarts has fallen. Harry Potter is the only living magical left 10...
The Death Mission by WillowStarling
The Death Missionby Willow
Holly Potter is done, after defeating Voldemort she decides that it's her time and greets death like an old friend, only he has a different idea. She is sent back to t...
A Piece of My Soul (Fem!Harry x Tom Riddle) by FanonStar
A Piece of My Soul (Fem!Harry x To...by FanonStar
The war is over, but Lady Peony Potter finds she misses the part of Tom Riddle that was inside of her mind, more than she thought she would. She'll do anything to get hi...
Golden Wishes by Liza_Heart
Golden Wishesby Miss Eliza
Wishes are words of power. A Dying man's wish cannot be ignored even by the Goddess of the old Religion. When Arthur Pendragon let out his last breath on the way to the...
She Walks In Shadow by D3-ISeeFire
She Walks In Shadowby D3-ISeeFire
The Line of Durin fell, and Bilba Baggins felt as if she fell along with them. Unable to find peace upon returning to the Shire, she takes to the road and spends her lif...
Brave New World: Arrow by Lauriver1fanboy
Brave New World: Arrowby Lauriverfanboy1
My name is Oliver Queen. After I died to restore the multiverse, I found myself unexpectedly brought back to the day my journey began on this new world with the mission...
Burning Wildfires (Abandoned) by fateisinourhands
Burning Wildfires (Abandoned)by fateisinourhands
Carnage. War. Bloodshed. It surrounded the Mala Fire-Bringer's descendants. Their loved ones had fallen one by one and they were desperately trying to salvage anything...
WangXian - Like Father, Like Daughter by I_AM_H
WangXian - Like Father, Like Daugh...by Iman Malik
This story is NOT MINE. I'm only uploading it on here for me to have easier access to it. Original Author: luckymoonly Pairing: Lan Zhan(Lan WangJi)/Wei Ying(Wei WuXian)...
Book of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire Fanfiction by KalebCATHEDRAL
Book of Thrones - A Song of Ice an...by KalebCATHEDRAL
The atrocities that happened to the Stark Family since the death of King Robert are widely known. But, what if Jon Snow found a book that tells of all said atrocities, a...
Half-Forgotten Song by anyasancoeur
Half-Forgotten Songby FriendDates_andSalsa
Hevensday 27 Astron, Third Age 2941, Shire Reckoning. The day a company of thirteen dwarves and a wizard arrived at the home of one Bilbo Baggins. Hevensday 27 Astron, T...
The Pirate King Destiny (Abandoned)  by akishiina
The Pirate King Destiny (Abandoned...by akishiina
"We were so close," another lonely tears ran down his bloody cheeks. "Friends, I'm sorry I failed, I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to protect you."...
Old Soul - Naruto Time Travel  by naeutonamokaze
Old Soul - Naruto Time Travel by kagekage
Pain is not a stranger to Naruto Uzumaki. For all his life pain was what held him down and brought him back up. He learned from his experiences and mistakes. He grew up...
Harry Potter And His Second Chance by Gale_Rose_
Harry Potter And His Second Chanceby Gale
Harry Potter had lived happily despite all odds. He had fought with a passion for everything he believed in and he died peacefully, ready for his next great adventure, a...
Mistress of Mortem by srilxmi_bs
Mistress of Mortemby Sreelekshmi BS
She counted the steps until she was standing right in front of where Sirius had fallen through. She wondered, if only briefly, why she was standing there. The war was ov...
If I Fix Everything (Can I Rest?) by RJnonymous
If I Fix Everything (Can I Rest?)by ℝ𝕁
SPOILERS !!!!!! Just when the people from the multiverse break in, Dr. Stephen Strange suggests an idea. Going back in time to 2016. Now Peter and his friends need to ma...