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A Certain Misfortunate Spider by Komigakuo
A Certain Misfortunate Spiderby W. Perry
(THIS BOOK IS PUBLISHED ONLY ON FANFICTION AND WATTPAD) A single bite from a spider will drastically alter the course of History, Fate and Destiny. And give a certain un...
A Certain Misfortune Boy: Male reader x Toaru (Slow updates) by patrickthehedgehog21
A Certain Misfortune Boy: Male Master Pie
"Opportunities and success come only to those who do not fear to stand in the batter's box..." A certain Magical Index or Toaru Majutsu No Index/Railgun/Accele...
A Certain Fairy Tail: The Illusion Slayer by thedoctorgonepale
A Certain Fairy Tail: The Thedoctorgonepale
In a magical world filled with mages of all kinds, there are guilds to give jobs to the mages. And the strongest guild of them all is called "Fairy Tail". Rumo...
Misaka 10000 (Toaru fanfiction) by MZ-Games-77
Misaka 10000 (Toaru fanfiction)by Light
sleep, wake up, eat 3 meals of the day, school, gaming, watching anime, and sleep late. The monotonous pattern had become his life ever since he left his parents' house...
Dark Matter Academia by unkownperson12345
Dark Matter Academiaby A certain Lazy Writer
"I will redefine this world!?" Kakine shouts to the skies, as he enter the world of My hero Academia. "This is the one who touched the territory of god!&q...
the number 1 comeback by kraffsole
the number 1 comebackby kraffsole
following the battle of Russia, accelerator and last order disappeared for 2 months, how the city will react to the return of the number 1 who looks very different from...
A  Certain Scientific Omnitrix. Book 1. Alien Science by Misaka_Omnitrix
A Certain Scientific Omnitrix. Mikoto Misaka
Academy City. A large city in Japan that is comprised completely of research centers, colleges, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. 81 percent of it's...
Re:ZERO ⋮ Dark Matter IF by GunXBun
Re:ZERO ⋮ Dark Matter IFby 🅖🅤🅝×🅑🅤🅝
【Status: Hiatus】⌞ To Aru × Re:ZERO Crossover ⌝‎ ‎ ‎Kakine Teitoku finds himself in a world unknown to him.
A Certain Scientific Shadow Crafter by IlPrincipePapero
A Certain Scientific Shadow Crafterby A Certain Scientific Shadow C...
After the Daihasei festival and the difficult challenge it brought to Misaka Mikoto and her friends, Gakuen Toshi welcomes a new mysterious guest from aboard. Shirai Kur...
A Certain Modern Magician by OMEGA_DRIVE
A Certain Modern Magicianby I Like Amine
A certain Ringed magician's adventures in academy city. What will the future bring? Hope? Despair?...Love?
Kamen rider Decade X Animeverse by Doctmar123
Kamen rider Decade X Animeverseby Rider Anime Lover
The young man loses all his memory doesn't known his parents. After 10 years later, he worked the photographer living his adoptive grandfather and sister. But there is a...
When two genius clashes (CoteXToaru)  by Darthitaka
When two genius clashes ( Masatuo(loli) lol
This is a cross over between classroom of the elite and to aru majutsu no index the story take place in the universe of Cote where the Level 5 cross path with the greate...
A Certain Scientific Omnitrix, Book 7: Saints of Destruction by Misaka_Omnitrix
A Certain Scientific Omnitrix, Mikoto Misaka
After the defeats of Terra of the Left and Vento of The Front by Ben Tennyson, Acqua of the Back sends out a warning that he intends to destroy the Omnitrix and the one...
A Certain Scientific Capacitor (Toaru X OC/Male reader) by Corrupted839
A Certain Scientific Capacitor ( Cørrūptêd_839
Out of all 2.3 million people who lives in Academy City, 80% of them are students, many of whom are Espers, individuals who possess unique powers through science. Espers...
(Discontinued) Accelerator in Mushoku Tensei (Jobless Reincarnation) by battleaxe01
(Discontinued) Accelerator in Battleaxe
As soon as accelerator activated his platinum wings in his fight against coronzon he falls unconscious only to find himself in a new and unfamiliar world. What will he d...
A Certain Scientific Time-Master (Cancelled) by ArmoredBattleToaster
A Certain Scientific Time-Master ( ArmoredBattletoaster
Not everyone who comes to academy city has their dreams and aspirations come true. But what if someone destined for weakness fought to rule it all? Will you break away f...
A Certain Scientific Omnitrix: New Testament. Vol. 1. by Misaka_Omnitrix
A Certain Scientific Omnitrix: Mikoto Misaka
After being presumed dead... the chaos left in the wake of Ben Tennyson and Mikoto Misaka's absence have proved to be a little more than people expected. Now that it's...
A Certain Scientific Omnitrix, New Testament: Volume 2. by Misaka_Omnitrix
A Certain Scientific Omnitrix, Mikoto Misaka
Is Ben British? Maybe? It isn't as if Ben ever took an ancestry test in his life. It isn't as if it was ever something he really considered. However, he considers it no...
A Certain Magical Keyblade Wielder by KHVSFF
A Certain Magical Keyblade Wielderby KHVSFF
Waking up in an unfamiliar city, Sora has no idea where he is now. After saving Kairi and bringing her back home, Sora was told that he would vanish from his world and c...
Annihilate (Accelerator x OC) [UNDER HEAVY RECONSTRUCTION] by Kuroneko_01
Annihilate (Accelerator x OC) [ Miyaki Naoka
~[UNDER HEAVY RECONSTRUCTION]~ A forgotten memory of the past was all she was to him, but to her, he is the most important thing she holds dear. On one unfateful night...