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the little malfoy(tomarry) by isabellarose74
the little malfoy(tomarry)by ~yalex~
on harry 15th birthday harry get a letter from gringots about his account and find out comething that would change his life forever.
Still alive  by brendalovea
Still alive by Pink_panther
when Harry didn't want to fight for anyone. Broken, maybe even broken, he will still have to face the choices that are made for him. Everything Harry Potter belongs of c...
Cold Bodies, Warm Hearts by lordvoldewhore
Cold Bodies, Warm Heartsby ☠︎
Tom is a serial killer and Harry is the detective on his case. They make it work.
Harry Potter story Ideas by TheDarkestOfArt
Harry Potter story Ideasby Ven
random ideas for stories/comics I'm making with the ships: Severus Snape/Harry Potter Tom Marvolo Riddle/Harry Potter Voldemort/Harry Potter and maybe a couple more
Hogwarts... The worst and best school by anxiouslyBalanced
Hogwarts... The worst and best Dirk Strider
Crackfics No order Don't read these unless you are fully ready to bleach your eyes Tomarry Hedric(coming soon)
Unexpected Tomarry by lunalink564
Unexpected Tomarryby AnnaCipher#1
K first story so don't judge. Harry is not Harry Potter- Harry Snape! Yay. Soulmate AU- Whatever you draw or feel your mate feels and a replica is on their skin-same...
Tomarry Oneshots by TurquoiseTarrenPlayz
Tomarry Oneshotsby Tarren Rowlands
Kept getting Tomarry ideas and my fans wouldn't be nice if I put them in my Drarry Oneshot book.
𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗘𝗧𝗘𝗘𝗡 𝗙𝗢𝗥𝗧𝗬 𝗙𝗢𝗨𝗥 ୨୧ [ Hiatus '22 ] by alchemisery
Dusk Falls (A Harry Potter Fanfic) by Senka1313
Dusk Falls (A Harry Potter Fanfic)by Senka
Abused and beaten, Harry comes into a surprise inheritance and his world is changed forever. He finds out that Dumbledore is using him for his fame and fortune, the war...
Understand by lordvoldewhore
Understandby ☠︎
Tom just wants to show everyone that Harry is his. Even if he has to resort to bodyswaping potions to do it.
Wait...  {Discontinued} by 69Strawberry69
Wait... {Discontinued}by Hufflepuff💛
🤚I don't ship this anymore, it's completely discontinued as I've moved on from this fandom (I would not recommend reading as I started editing it but stopped and it wil...
Falling into Darkness by lordvoldewhore
Falling into Darknessby ☠︎
Tom and Harry meet for the first time in Hogwarts Asylum. *** previously titled "table for two" ***
Harry's Pet Snake (HP) by JangeloDrarry
Harry's Pet Snake (HP)by JangeloDrarry
What if, in Harry's second year while he was dueling Malfoy the snake he talked to became his pet. I had this idea where the snake from the dueling club thingy would be...
You Were There For Me Through Gifts by Nandhu_Author
You Were There For Me Through Giftsby Nandhu_Author
Harrison Potter is the third child of the Potter's. And he's neglected by family and mostly everyone throughout his life (Not the usual abusive story). He thrives to be...
The Death of Memories   by Wolfy2023
The Death of Memories by Wolfy2023
Whatever could be wrong with the world Lord Voldemort was ruling over the magical world, wizards and witches alike were safe from muggles even mudbloods were given a saf...
Stiles as Gemini Potter by tomarryshipper1
Stiles as Gemini Potterby Little Rose
Harry Potter name is Gemini Potter. He is a dark wizard but is pretending to be the lights golden boy. He goes to Beacon Hills with his mum James Potter (Pretending to b...
Tomarry by wink_wonk_im_gay
Tomarryby wink_wonk_im_gay
What happens when Voldemort, instead of dying, becomes his 18 year old self with a whole new personality? As if he had a loving family who brought him up to be caring an...
Back to the ¿wrong? side //Harry Potter x Tom Riddle// by StomIR
Back to the ¿wrong? side //Harry Tom
{!Enthält Sexuelle Inhalte!} {!Boy x Boy!} {!BDSM!} Voldemort? Gewonnen. Harrys Freunde, Hoffnung und Freude? Der Vergangenheit angehörig. Harry Potter wollte nur an d...