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The Master Of Death Returns (Might Be Discontinued/Rewritten) by Nyx_Aster
The Master Of Death Returns (Might...by Arius Asteria
Harry thought he lived a great life, he killed Voldemort, married Ginny, and now has a family. Little did he know something was wrong, but he couldn't place a finger on...
Hold On Shinichiro x Y/n(ON HOLD DUE TO EXAMS) by BungeeGumconsistsof
Hold On Shinichiro x Y/n(ON HOLD D...by 𝒱𝒶𝓃𝒾
"Hey Shin, didn't I tell you to stop smoking" "Who's smoking! I'm not smoking" "......." "......." "GIVE ME THAT CIGARET...
The Tyrant Emperor's Wife by dumbothefatlion
The Tyrant Emperor's Wifeby your idiot son
"I never should have married you." I swallowed down another mouthful of blood. "I never should have loved you." My eyes glistened with tears. If only...
Turn Back Time by cyber4rool
Turn Back Timeby 𝘾𝙔𝘽𝙀𝙍☂︎
Five Hargreeves X Reader I didn't know umbrella's had names? They don't. But you said they did?
Turn Back Time: The Heart of a Prankster [F.W] by Joey_H1911
Turn Back Time: The Heart of a Pra...by Joey Han
Wynter June Diggory did something she never thought was possible - Turning back time. She never wanted to believe that every event is already determined. Until one day...
Turn Back Time •A YoonMin ff• by 7elsasnow
Turn Back Time •A YoonMin ff•by Joonie⁷
All Yoongi wanted was to turn back time and change all his mistakes. Will he get what he want?
Our time: Karl Jacobs x reader by fallrainnn
Our time: Karl Jacobs x readerby fallrainnn
"W-where am i?" "You're in the in between my dear!" "Uh... cool?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Karl Jacobs, the time traveling goof ba...
Lost in Time (Harry Potter and Dream SMP crossover)  by d3vilbaby6969
Lost in Time (Harry Potter and Dre...by d3vilbaby6969
The chaos duo somehow finds their way into the HP universe right when Voldemort rises to power (cover temporary)
Turn Back Time {Shisui x OC} by frog_with_a_top_hat
Turn Back Time {Shisui x OC}by :]
Good morning Shisui, same as usual? . . Good morning Ami, yes thats fine . . This is a short Shisui x oc story (NOT AU) . . I do not own Naruto, just Ami and her story
This time...( part 2 ) by Pax_Treasures
This time...( part 2 )by Paxy
PHOTO IS NOT MINE this is a book 2 to my book do I like you...? (ranboo x tubbo) if you dont wanna read that first though I will put a summary before this book starts A...
I want to turn back time  (Logan paul fanfic) by Jiminjams2
I want to turn back time (Logan p...by Jiminjams2
Ivy aguas is a strong , kind , beautiful person..she is in love with Logan in her grade 6...but when ivy saw Logan in YouTube will she move on?? that Logan broke her hea...
Empress takes the Kings' crown by Baeyoongi23
Empress takes the Kings' crownby Rayamei
certain efforts of becoming a queen should handle all the hard works and A queen will have both great wisdom and become brave. but by the owners of cruelty and greedin...
Turn Back Time | DSMP fanfic | by quackagnf
Turn Back Time | DSMP fanfic |by you don’t know me
At first he thought he was dreaming. Maybe he was an accidental extra on a movie set. But usually special effects was done during editing and not during the main shoot...
Destiny's Pursuit - Short Story by EliesaL
Destiny's Pursuit - Short Storyby EliesaL
Nellie regrets that she was not brave enough to date Levi in High School. But would life really be better could she turn back time? What other aspects of her life would...
Before the Teardrops Fall by Jesbelieve
Before the Teardrops Fallby Ribbons and Tornadoes
Ron woke up in the same room, with the same sound of rain pitter-pattering against the window, and the same throbbing ache on his head. As he scanned the room, the scene...
Młodośc jest piekna . Lecz co jeżeli ktoś ci Ja skradnie. Przemieni najlepsze Lata w piekło. Historia naiwnej dziewczyny ktora zakochana popelniła wiele błedów. Błędów k...
Being the best  by tosiaaltman
Being the best by Tosia
Vesper thought that her life was all planned out for her. She thought that Nathan and her were meant to be "End game." However in reality life is not like that...