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Tempting me by NATSNOTGAY
Tempting meby Nat
Natalie Wilson. Star Hockey Center and Captain for the WestHampton Warriors. She's had a crush on Scarlett Santoro since the 8th grade when she let her borrow her pencil...
Let Me Love | BxB by non-se-qui-tur
Let Me Love | BxBby nonsequitur
[Book 1 of the Teenagers series] "You have a girlfriend..." I say. "You do too..." He chuckled, showing his dimples. "Yeah, but I-" He shut...
Tempted To Touch (GirlxGirl)   by cold_french_fry
Tempted To Touch (GirlxGirl) by Sarah♥
"Do you want me?" "No" "Are you sure?" "No"
Only You (gXg){Intersex} by silverJmmm
Only You (gXg){Intersex}by silver J
Ana Frank a girl from another world who wakes up and is shocked to find that she is in some one else body! A useless princess's body, who everyone finds an eyesore. She...
A Walk In The Park (GirlxGirl)  by cold_french_fry
A Walk In The Park (GirlxGirl) by Sarah♥
"I didn't expect for this to happen" "Yet it was so worth it" "It was" "....i guess you could say-" "No, don'-" "I...
A Series of Mondays (girlxgirl / wlw) by blackandwhiteshadows
A Series of Mondays (girlxgirl / w...by b&ws
It's their last year of high school. Helen is convinced that her year will be perfect with her perfect grades, her perfect boyfriend, and the perfect plan for her futur...
We'll Be Lost To History by toasty_s0cks
We'll Be Lost To Historyby ...
When Belle's little sister, Scarlett, has questions about relationships she goes to her big sister. Who recounts the slow burn romance she had with her girlfriend, Georg...
Finding Her Again by NATSNOTGAY
Finding Her Againby Nat
(second book) After moving to New York to pursue her dreams of being a writer, Natalie quickly became popular online. Her first book, By My Side, was made into a movie...
A Guide to Our Love [gxg] by justxmads11
A Guide to Our Love [gxg]by mads
The story of how two childhood best friends fell in love... Alexia Archer, the captain of the girls' soccer team who has a love for books. Evelynne Ace, a softball playe...
Daughter of Dracula (GirlxGirl)  by cold_french_fry
Daughter of Dracula (GirlxGirl) by Sarah♥
"Kiss me" she whispered "I can't do that" "Why not" she asked, her brows furrowed as she looked at me. I could almost laugh at how cute sh...
minsung one shots ♡ by sunshinelouxx
minsung one shots ♡by alex
a collection of one shots I wrote because i was bored - updates will be inconsistent - (if you are a skz member or my irl pls don't read these ill kay em es)
The Consequences of Falling In Love by Fizaxbieber
The Consequences of Falling In Loveby fiza
"That's like inviting death with open arms. Why would you do that?" "Was hoping to get saved by someone." In which two sworn enemies bear the consequ...
Don't Let Go - Supergirl x Reader (f) - COMPLETED - by simpingscar
Don't Let Go - Supergirl x Reader...by Scar
You've always felt the urge to save people, but unlike Supergirl, you're only human or are you.... When secrets unfold about your past and present, all you can do is bri...
Otherworldly Redemption [Book 7] by chiskey56
Otherworldly Redemption [Book 7]by Chiskey
Horus needs redeeming but who will be the one to do it?
Rebound: Allison Argent✓ by WildFireHeartx
Rebound: Allison Argent✓by Mz.Hyde
"Let's be clear. There is no feelings behind this." GirlxGirl Season 3a Lone Book in the Sage Beaumont series Plot by: @AdoptedWinchester Started: February 20t...
- my pretty boss 🤍 (𝘄𝗹𝘄) by mellybk
- my pretty boss 🤍 (𝘄𝗹𝘄)by yo
[EDITING] - "We need to talk about what happened." - "Their is nothing to talk about I'm your boss, nothing else."
Darko [bxb] by mikelaangelo
Darko [bxb]by -ˏˋmikeˎˊ-
Thomas is about to step into his last year of high school and all he seems to care about is having fun, books and his best mates. Or at least he thought so, but little d...
Hold On I Still Need You... (Book 1) by RuneWrights
Hold On I Still Need You... (Book...by RuneWrights
Come back I still want you! Shit happens... And of course I'm not gonna be the asshat who leaves you with that! ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○● The Galra have noticed a pattern...
Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories by Psycho_Emz
Rising of the Shield Hero Short St...by Alexa Play This Is Hallloween...
This is a story containing many different AUs, Headcanons, and Short stories for the series The Rising of the Shield Hero. Many of these AUs are inspired and I've gotte...
 The Genocidal Demon by Gladecavalier_16
The Genocidal Demonby Gladecavalier_16
In the town of Beacon Hills there was a person named Felix. He is a sweet child but as he grow up he unlock the ability to take over demons. What will happens if he join...