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Candlemaiden: The Stranger Shore by StormlitFain
Candlemaiden: The Stranger Shoreby Kit
Evil spirits. A cursed prince. Death itself in disarray. Iris just wants to go home, but fate has other plans for this young priestess and her odd companions. /// ...
Moonlit by sparrowed
Moonlitby Mia
These are thoughts born under the moon's glow; when sheep has run out, and sleep's a child playing hide and seek with the mind. Some moonlit verses from a pillow-huggi...
the book of whimsy ✓ by scarlettlantsov
the book of whimsy ✓by arlo, maybe
[poetry collection] whimsical poetry i wrote to keep you believing in fairy tales! #1 in poembook! #2 in mypoetry! #3 in poetry?! #2 in poetrycollection!! #10 in deepth...
Isabella's Choice by RoseAdelaide2020
Isabella's Choiceby Adelaide Marianarose
"Upon my words, Isabella! They mean nothing to me." he enclosed the distance between them by covering her in his arms. At her ear, his lips almost touched her...
Fantastic Mr. Fox Part two by Finnegan12010385719
Fantastic Mr. Fox Part twoby Finnegan12010385719
When I was 10 I Read Fantastic Mr. Fox and Saw the Movie Back in 2009 by West Anderson I Love the Movie I consider One for My favourite Movies of all time but I...
here comes the sun by riverlikeastream
here comes the sunby river jade<3
mature poetry i wrote through freshman and sophomore year of high school.
Gaia by SophiaDelphine92
Gaiaby SophiaDelphine92
A [single] short Poem on Nature.
The Mortifying Ordeal of Being Known by x_A_Bookish_Brit_x
The Mortifying Ordeal of Being Kno...by lavenderandpeppermint
I write poetry and use writing prompts and start stories, chances are they'll be one of three things: simple, artsy, pretentious. All of them will be pretty bad. Bad art...
Happy Hearth's Warming Eve by TurtleDrive94
Happy Hearth's Warming Eveby Tori Siyaka
The holiday story, Spotted Turtle and her adopted daughter Whimsy come and visit Tyler's and Mist's family clan. Bringing along homemade sweets and presents for her frie...
Harold and his Quest for Strawberry Fields by VanessaDoerpinghaus
Harold and his Quest for Strawberr...by Vanessa Doerpinghaus
At the request of a dear friend...enjoy this nonsensical tale of whimsy about a duck and his love of strawberries.
An absurd venture into lame witticism. Short stories and thoughts that often contain extreme silliness, childishness, as well as, a dash of convoluted thinking beneath t...
Death's Life by MrWhimsy
Death's Lifeby Andrew F.
In which the Grim Reaper has a mid-life crisis and the Four Roommates of The Apocalypse get into arguments.
Barcarolle by MsWhimsyFix
Barcarolleby Isis Rideout
In a world darkened after the loss of her parents, June had little reason to smile. So it was only natural for Barcarolle to prey on the girl, for spiders feed off just...
It's 3:00AM and I Need a Title by MrWhimsy
It's 3:00AM and I Need a Titleby Andrew F.
In which an energy-drink powered writer looses his mind over a writing assignment as the twin spectres of Anxiety and Writer's Block loom overhead.
A Ready Reflection by C0untercl0ckwise
A Ready Reflectionby C0untercl0ckwise
Heavily inspired by @thevictoriamisu on TikTok. A whimsical poem about a painting preparing itself in the morning.