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Izuku Yagi Angel Of Time by MeierTheTwistedFate
Izuku Yagi Angel Of Timeby MeierTheTwistedFate
Since it's still around let's see my take on the story izuku Yagi lived a normal life. that is till he turned 4 and was diagnosed as quirkless despite that he though his...
My Hero Academia: The Child of Infinity by AtomX994
My Hero Academia: The Child of Inf...by AtomX
Izuku Yagi was born without a quirk. But despite that, he alone was the only one to see beings that no other person could. Perhaps it was because of his shiny blue eyes...
I'm not worthless! by Tollimas
I'm not worthless!by Tollimas
izuku midoriya is the twin son on All Might and Inko. he wants to become a hero, but is found out to be quirkless. Due to this he is abducted and experimented on to beco...
MHA/Red Hood: Revenge (On Hold) Possible Rewrite  by RenegadeComics
MHA/Red Hood: Revenge (On Hold) Po...by Daimon Gidney
Izuku was a Yagi but his quirkless status made many in his family believe he could not be a hero as a result his father began to ignore him, his sister and her friends b...
The Eight Sin Deku by Castidian
The Eight Sin Dekuby Castidian
My second story Izuku had a wonderful life that is until he was four. After being told he was quirkless Izuku found himself being neglected by his parents bullied by his...
I AM ABSOLUTE by Zahir3212
They tell me I'm a god, I'm lost in the facade Six-feet off the ground at all times, I think I'm feelin' odd No matter what I make, they never see mistakes Makin' so muc...
Izuku Yagi: The next God of Thunder by kevondre14
Izuku Yagi: The next God of Thunderby kevondre14
Izuku Yagi was your typical everyday young man, he wanted to be a hero when he got older. But sadly one word can cause all those dreams to come crashing down..."I'm...
Izuku Yagi: King of The Underworld by kevondre14
Izuku Yagi: King of The Underworldby kevondre14
After the defeat of Hades he was greatly upset at himself for not being able to avenge his brother Poseidon. But what if it wasn't the end for him? What if he was brough...
Fuck you Nezu! I don't want to be a hero!! by 780010105145m
Fuck you Nezu! I don't want to be...by 780010105145m
After being told for years that he couldn't be a hero, he stoped wanting that when he was like 7. He finally finds something he's passionate about and wants to spend the...
Izuku Yagi - The Dragon Slayer by Alduin243
Izuku Yagi - The Dragon Slayerby Alduin243
Izuku Yagi is a quirkless boy in a world that defines worth through power. He grows up realising the unfair fact that 'not all men are created equal'. He is the son of A...
The Tragic Tale of the Late Bloomer by AtomX994
The Tragic Tale of the Late Bloomerby AtomX
You've all heard the tale of Izuku Yagi. The son of All Might and the brother of Izumi Yagi. A child who lost everything as a result of not bearing a quirk, and at some...
The Avenging Trio by Dekito12345
The Avenging Trioby Dekito
Izuku Yagi, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki once had great lives, but then they were diagnosed quirkless. Their parents completely neglected them, while their twin si...
The Jester is no fool (Hiatus) by Poppy_and_carnation
The Jester is no fool (Hiatus)by Poppy
In the bustling streets of Musutafu, five ambulances could be seen speeding towards the nearest hospital. Each one of them contained a student barely clinging to life. ...
The Last Salamander  by DestoryerGod91
The Last Salamander by Zoro_What If's
Izuku Yagi was never Treated as apart of his Own family. He was Mentally and psysically abused by his Parents, So much infant that it caused him to be frequently suicida...
King Of Quirks (SAMPLE) by 7thWrath
King Of Quirks (SAMPLE)by 7thWrath
Quirkless. The one word that led to Izuku Yagi's life turning into hell. Over a decade later he finds this to be far from the truth, and now he can become a hero in his...
Unbreakable Bond by ChilledEons
Unbreakable Bondby Kuper Brink
15 years ago, two children were brought into the world together. fraternal twins Izuku and Izumi Yagi. It was clear that from the moment they were born, they would be in...
The Yagi Twins, Book 2  by FizzyZY
The Yagi Twins, Book 2 by FizzyZY
read the first book, 'The Yagi Twins' before you read this one! [𝐎𝐍 𝐇𝐀𝐈𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐒] MHA is not mine, credits to Hokoroshi, and the art is not mine either! - UA, the...
circus baby by animalprincess1015
circus babyby Giveachickenacookie
when Deku was diagnosed Quirkless at age 4 his parents forgot hie existence. his sister and her friends bullied him at age 10 he had enough and ran away I do not own Mha...
The half demon hero by animalprincess1015
The half demon heroby Giveachickenacookie
Izuku and tanjiro kept their friendship on the low only tanjiro family knew when Izuku was diagnosed qruikless his twin sister and her friends stared bullying him. even...
Izuku Yagi the abused trio by 3409ppp
Izuku Yagi the abused trioby 3409ppp
izuku Yagi, Bakugo Katsuki and Shoto Todoroki went to the quirk doctors at four they were all announced quirkless and there female twins Izumi, Kazumi and shoko were giv...