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Apothecary by TypeCastWriter
Apothecaryby PlayingAgainstTypeWriter
Twilight Princess Link X Reader (Post-Game) The reader runs a small apothecary in Castle Town two years after the Twilit Crisis. One day she stumbles upon a mysteriou...
The Twilight Veil (Link X Reader) by catfishhamsterlady
The Twilight Veil (Link X Reader)by catfishhamsterlady
COMPLETED- 2018 "Where did you come from?" Ilia asked and that's when everything stopped. Where did I come from? I tried to remember, I thought really hard bu...
The twilight curse  by SethDragon
The twilight curse by Sammy Olsson
The story is around a hundred years later after the calamity Ganon took over hyrule. Hyrule is in great danger! Not only that, humans and other beings are turned to sto...
Hypnotic | {Master Kohga x Fem! Reader!} by Artsyrogue
Hypnotic | {Master Kohga x Fem! Artsyrogue
⚠️WARNING: There will be slight smut/sexual scenes _________________________________________ Have you ever wondered how deathly beautiful a single voice can be? How a si...
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Desperation by Din_Nayru_Farore
The Legend of Zelda: Link's ramiel
After Link's quest in Twilight Princess, he could no longer relate to those he sacrificed his sanity for. After the things he has seen, he knows there's only two people...
The Princess and the Wolf by Sunshinehappygirl81
The Princess and the Wolfby Sunshinehappygirl81
If a princess kisses a frog; the frog will turn into a prince. But what happens if a hero falls in love with a princess? (I do not own the cover picture(s), all credit t...
Throughout the Ages || (Link x Reader) by TheBlueBassoon
Throughout the Ages || (Link x Attracted to Lamps
Whether it is skyward bound, adrift in time, steeped in the glowing embers of twilight, or avenging the rotting ruins of a once prosperous kingdom, there is always the s...
Visions of Twilight  by NaughtyCat9
Visions of Twilight by Luna
Luna has always lived in Orden Village for as long as she could remember. However, after having strange dreams of an eternal twilight, Luna goes to see Princess Zelda fo...
The Queen and the King (Continuing the story of "The Princess And The Wolf") by Sunshinehappygirl81
The Queen and the King ( Sunshinehappygirl81
It has been five wonderful years after the Twilight Invasion, four years after Ganondorf's second reign of terror. Link and Zelda lead their normal lives, and Midna visi...
The Princess of Darkness by Yukino-Somha
The Princess of Darknessby Yukino-Somha
Once long ago in the kingdom of Hyrule twin princesses were born. One was blonde and bubbly blue eyes, the other with dark brown hair and red eyes. Their names were Zeld...
Eclipse Love by NagisaShiota11
Eclipse Loveby Shiota Stardust
It has been months since the end of Ganon and our Hero has fallen into a deep depression. He is a shell of his formally self. The cause? The cause goes by the name of Mi...
Your my Heart Container (Hyrule Warriors x Reader) by XAlicesDemonsX
Your my Heart Container (Hyrule XAliceX
You are the little sister of Zelda and just figured out battle was breaking out. Yet zelda orders you to stay in the castle and sit and watch. So you totally disobey her...
Team Villain is on the loose. by pompomwrites
Team Villain is on the ya boi
A long battle in Gerudo desert takes a surprising turn. Ganondorf x Link There will be Lemon/NSFW in the next chapter. This is my first time writing a fanfiction.
Twilight Princess: The Real Legend {A Zelda FanFic} by BrittneySixx
Twilight Princess: The Real Brittney Solomon-Harris
Disturbed from his peaceful forest life, Link of Ordon, has to find his friend for a favor but ends up in a turn of events. Next thing he knows, he's in a cell with fur...
Legend of Zelda Scenarios by Inferno_Fox
Legend of Zelda Scenariosby Nohbdy Kearz
Who wouldn't want to date one of the wonderful and amazingly created characters from legend of Zelda? Come on?
Black Butler: Twilight Princess by spooky_kidds_2_0
Black Butler: Twilight Princessby spooky_kidds 2.0
When parts of England start to fall into darkness, engulfed in literal walls of twilight, Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michealis team up with a deranged gra...
Tied to you | ZELINK AU by Kitty073
Tied to you | ZELINK AUby C_Wxsteri
"There is always a constant tightness on your pinky finger or thumb, it doesn't ever go away or loosen... That is, until you're near your soulmate." A zelink s...
What If... Midna was a Wolf Too? by Metal-17
What If... Midna was a Wolf Too?by Metal-17
(The plot is basically the same as how the game itself was, with only the changes of Midna becoming a wolf as well.) When Link, a humble and quiet goat herder is turned...
A New Darkness (Sonic meets Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) by Metal-17
A New Darkness (Sonic meets Metal-17
Dr. Eggman makes a fatal mistake of resurrecting the tyrant Zant from the dead, and Midna must aid the providence of Mobius to cleanse it from taking over the entire pla...
Dawn of a New Era. by DynamicDragonite
Dawn of a New DynamicDragonite
*AU where Ganondorf and Zant aren't evil, Zelda, Link and Ganondorf are all rulers and defeated enemies are sent to a prison* '"Why?"' ''Why what?'' '"Wh...