Hello! I see that you've found my page and I'm glad that you did! The stories, shorts and everything I create, I do it all because I love doing it! There is a lot that I am doing and aim to do besides the stories. I'm talking bios on each character, lore of each universe that I create, among many other things that I have in mind! *rubs hands while chuckling evilly*

By the way, I just one guy, who is doing all of this, in whatever spare time I can manage. Anyone and everyone who does pledge to my Patreon or my Subscribestar.adult pages will be helping me out big-time! How, you ask? When I gather enough support, I will quit my job and write full time! Once that happens, I will be getting more content out there for everyone, much sooner! And I know how we all like things coming out sooner rather than later, lol!

It was when I started doing this that I realized, this is what I want to do with my life. Being a writer was what I was truly meant to do! I pour much of myself into what I write(and a few personal experiences), that it feels as though I am actually living these adventures! To feel that, with every chapter of every story that I create, is beyond amazing! I can only hope that anyone who reads them, will somehow feel the same way! Cheers!


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